about the panda

is a blog containing the ramblings of me, Pamada, and my inability to finish an art piece.

Actually no (although I do admit, I have trouble finishing my paintings), its a blog that focuses mainly on fashion and my personal style (and scary shopping habits). Originally, it started off as an art blog, and continues to do so every now and then when I manage to pick up a pencil instead of sleeping or shopping.

And in case you are wondering.. what exactly is a pandippo? Well, a pandippo is some where between a panda and a hippo. Or at least thats what I've decided it is. :P

But on to other things that make even less sense.. Things about me:
The most important thing about me (as it concerns this blog) is that I love to shop. tThis blog would not exist if I didn't love to shop. I'm pretty sure I have a problem, but if I don't actually want to do anything to fix it.. is it really a problem? I don't think so! The only real problem I have is I need a bigger closet! or possible a black hole to store everything in.

Although i'm technically considered a petite, I rarely shop petite sizes. Most of the time they don't fit me right, and I tend to gravitate toward regular sizes and lengths. I normally wear sizes between an XS - S or 0-2. On occasions I can sometimes fit XXS or 00, but thats more on the rare side. I try not to restrict myself to any brand or store (but of course I have my favorites) and give everything a fair chance at my wallet!

Measurements for Review Posts
height: 5'2.5" (the extra half inch is important, i swear)
bust: 32"
waist: 26"
hips: 32.5"
inseam: 30"

Aside from shopping, I also love to eat, workout (see how the two go hand in hand there), draw and read. I don't get to do that latter two as much because work and gym tend to suck up all of my creative energy, but this blog is helping revamp it.

Aside from blogging and the BF, the gym probably takes up most of my time (oh and that pesky thing called work). I really do love to work out though. On a weekly basis I like to run and rock climb, and take cardio kickboxing, abs & core, and yoga classes.

me in all my climbing awesomeness. :P

Of course there are friends in between all that, but lucky me, most of my friends (BF included) are rock climbers! and are boys who don't understand my fashion-y ways. But thats why i have you guys right?

Questions or Comments? Email me at just.pandippo@gmail.com