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{Review} Milly for Kohl's (DesigNation)

After Lilly, there came Milly. Though technically Milly came before Lilly in the form of Banana Republic. But comparing Kohl's Milly to BR's Milly would be like comparing apples to lemons (ha! see what I did there), so we won't be comparing this line to Banana's at all.

There is this part of me that wishes Kohl's would not try to compete so heavily with Target when it comes to these designer collabs. I always feel like Kohl's doesn't get the attention it deserves because everyone is still scrambling (or crying) over Target. And Kohl's collaborations have been getting better and better. I almost feel like the collections are worth the price points they're set it. Almost. Kohl's is known for over pricing so that they can make you feel like you're getting a discount. Since the discount isn't always the same, I'm reviewing based on whatever they believe the base price should be.

I found this to be the least petite friendly line in Kohl's history. In general, the silhouettes are long and narrow. I don't normally have chest fit issues with Kohl's, but I had it a lot with this line.

Quotes in italics are my dear husband's "opinions." :)

$68.00, Size 2

Oh! Thats cute.

Oh hi favorite dress of this entire collection! Black and white with pops of yellow is one of my favorite color combos. How that hasn't appeared in lemon form until now is beyond me. The scuba material in this line was not my favorite, but I thought it worked well with this sheath dress. Then again, I'm beginning to believe the only way I'll ever wear a sheath dress is if its in scuba form (ie Alexander Wang :P). Its so much more forgiving than any knit. I worry less about lines, headlights and food babies. The scuba material here is a lot less plush than my Alexander Wang x H&M, but then again, so is the price point. I found this dress to mostly fit TTS, meaning I could've taken a 0 in this, but I like the skim fit of the 2 better. The chest fits like a 2 normally fits my chest, but there's a bit of extra fabric in the waist (story of my life~). Its a really comfortable dress (in fact, I'm wearing it right now). My only real complaint (aside from the fact that it isn't lined and you can feel the seams) is that the lemon print doesn't line up. The stripes do match all the way around, and considering this is a ready made line, thats pretty darn impressive. I think asking for the lemons to line up is probably a bit too much, but hey, I would've actually bought this at full price if they had.

$68.00, Size 2

That's cute, but really a pocket? (Me: Pockets on dresses are the best!) That's what a purse is for.

Second favorite! I love almost everything about this dress. The print, the silhouette, the neckline (seriously tired of high necklines ^.^*), the material (cotton), etc. The only thing I don't love is.. well the torso. Damn you short torso. There is a lot of extra length going on here. And unfortunately the dress reminds me too much of my Prabal Gurung for Target one to justify alterations. Maybe I get lucky and it goes on super sale later? I think this dress will be great for any one with an average length torso or longer. In terms of fit,it is very TTS, with very little stretch. The overall length isn't bad and I think will work for most heights. I would prefer it to be a couple inches shorter, but at least taller folks can wear this. The dress isn't lined, but I don't think it needs it. Despite being mostly white, I feel like the material is thick enough that you don't have to worry about any see through.

$68.00, Size 2

A-Line dress barf. (Me: The other dress was an A-Line too) Maybe its the pattern then.

I liked this dress, but it didn't do too much for me. It just sorta seemed like your basic floral a-line. The material is nice, it feels like there's more stretch in this dress than the one above. Also, unlike the dress above, this one runs large. The chest fits OK, though I think I could've gone down a size, and there's definitely some room in the waist. There could also be some short torso issues with this as well. Its not an issue with the 2 since the waist runs big, but I think with a more fitted waist I would have extra fabric on top.

$68.00, Size 2


I think this is one of those "Its just not for me" kind of moments. Fit runs large, and long. The torso is too long for me and there's wrinkling on the shoulder. While I still love this print, I really didn't like the overall look of this dress. It lacks a lot in cut. It almost feels like they chose a scuba material so that they could get away with a less refined silhouette. I can see this looking amazing if it fits your body well, but if it doesn't the lack of tailoring really shows through. This dress is also unlined. You can actually see the seam sticking out around the waist because it doesn't lie flat.

$54.00, Size XS

It looks slimming. That's nice!

I got super excited by this when I tried it on. I like simple dresses that you can just throw on. I also love the tiny lattice detailing on the sleeve. The material is nicer than other T-shirt dresses I've seen. More of a cotton knit vs jersey. It doesn't cling, which is nice, but it also doesn't drape very well either. The dress looked decent from the front, but when I turned to the side I could see where it was hugging (or not hugging) my curves all wrong. I don't believe going down a size would help either. The sleeves already feel a bit short in the XXS. I wish they had put a little more shape into it. I think it could've been a real winner if they had.

$70.00, Size 2

The f*k is that bow? And the top looks loose.

This is another size in-betweener. I really need to try a 0, but I think the 0 will not fit my chest. Unfortunately, I'm swimming in the size 2 waist and hips. I super love the idea of this dress, but it ended up being overwhelming for my short frame. The material is a nice crisp cotton with a bit of stretch. The overall construction is decent as well. There's a hidden side zip to help you get in and out, but doesn't add weird bumps tot he side. I found the pleats to be a bit fussy, though. It took some arranging to get them to lie straight, but I will note that the skirt portion of the dress was fairly wrinkled.

$84.00, Size 2

Too many lines!

I don't really know how I feel about this dress. I like the idea of it, and I love it from the side, but totally hate it from the front. With an $84 price tag, the stripes on top should line up better. Judging by the stock photo, this arrangement was done on purpose, but I personally think it looks sloppy. Especially with the floating stipe above the waist. On the plus side, this dress is lined (apparently lining cost an extra $14 :P). Regarding fit, I'd say this runs large, particularly in the waist.

$78.00, Size S

Hurts my eyes. But the purple one is nicer.

Things I love about this dress: The defined waist, length (hello, no alterations), comfortable knit material, and the neckline. Basically everything.. but any of the prints it comes in. Ugh. I wish this came in the watercolor or the abstract floral (or both, I would've taken home if that happened). I'm wearing a small here since there were no XS left to try on. Surprisingly, the S fits well. Or it doesn't feel too big. There's a bit of room in the waist, but since its a jersey material the overall shape still looks fitted. I'd say overall fit is TTS to small. Manufacturer note: the small in the Navy Combo actually fit better than in the Multi Combo. I think any one over 5'4" will have some issues with the length though. This is literally the perfect length for me and I'm only 5'2". I can easily wear sandals with this and not worry about the hem dragging on the floor.

$78.00, Size Small

I like it, but I wish there was less material on the shoulders.

Why couldn't the dress above also have come in this gorgeous blue? Sighs. I do think this is a beautiful dress (just not my style). Material is the same as the one above. Comfortable, good drape, not too clingy. In terms of sizing, I'd say this runs TTS. I'm swimming in the small, which more or less lines up with previous Kohl's sizing. The length also seems to be longer. You can see in the photo that the hem is dragging in front by at least half an inch, and I believe this would still be an issue even in the XS. Its not horrible though. I've definitely worn maxi dresses that were a lot longer (like I wore 4" wedges and the length was still too long).

$78.00, Size XS

Ummm...... No. Not flattering.

I'll be honest, sometimes I think I shouldn't show you guys any of the drop waist items I try on. Its really not fair to the garments that I have a short torso, but I guess its always good to know right? In case, here it is. The chest in this dress runs small while the rest fits TTS. You can see how high its cutting up under my arm pits. Since the material is stretchy its not uncomfortable, but it doesn't look right either. Like the other maxi dresses, the length is good for petites, but the drop waist silhouettes allows adjustment for taller folks. Also, the jersey is thick enough where there was no show through from my undergarments.

$68.00, Size XS

The f*k! No. (Me: /dirtylook)

Every collection has a heartbreaker no? This here romper is mine. I was so excited for this. I love the print. I should've known by how low the waist sat on the model that this would not work, but I wanted to hope. Hope dammit. I do want to try this again in a smaller size, though I'm pretty sure the chest portion will be too small. It already fits a bit funky in the XS. I'm going to hope for clearance and think about sinking money I shouldn't into alterations. :P In any case, this does fit TTS, but if you have a short torso this will go from a defined waist to a drop waist. The material is jersey - light and comfortable. The print is not consistently and placement of colors will vary from each garment. I love how the print looks on the product page, more than the one I am wearing.

$78.00, Size XS

What am I looking at? The shirt or the pants? (Me: Its one thing.) What?!

I was pretty sure I was going to hate this jumpsuit, and surprisingly I do not. I don't love it however. The drop waist isn't bad. I don't look like I've gained 10 lbs or lost 5 inches of height, though I've totally lost whatever little backside curves I did have. For me the issue is in the chest. I feel like it runs small in comparison to the rest of the garment and isn't fitting right. It felt tight and wide. If you compare it to the model, the straps start much closer to her arm pits. Other wise, this is fairly TTS. The length is nice (I'd say the inseam is average), and the drop waist makes it adjustable for different heights. If the chest had fit me better, I definitely would've taken this home and the husband would've hated me for it. :D

$54.00, Size Small

Don't like. I don't like the band.

I'm really tempted to try Kohl's non-collab maxi items. The lengths all seem so darn perfect! I hate the stripes on this waistband though, it makes me look so much more wider in the hips. An XS probably would've been a better fit, at least in getting the stripes off my hips, but else I think fit is TTS-small. The skirt pretty much looks like they just chopped off the top of the maxi dress, so if you like this print, but hated the top on the maxi dress this is a good alternative.

$54.00, Size XS

No way, dude. Are you kidding me? (Me: What? What's wrong with it?) You look like a pear.

TTS, though runs a teeny tiny bit large in the waist. Not super bother some, but I found the waist would slide down a bit as I was moving around. This is a cute A-line skirt, not really much to say. It is unlined, but not see through. I don't really care for the solid band at the bottom. The skirt is long enough where I would probably just cut that part off if I wanted to take this home. I did try this on with the matching crop top. It didn't work out so well. Given the length of the crop top, I think you need to have a rather long torso to make it work right. I even tried to tuck it in, but the top wasn't long enough and the waist on the skirt wasn't tight enough to make it stay put (plus it doesn't look very pretty tucked in!).

$40.00, Size XS

It's OK. Doesn't really do anything for me.

I'm on the fence with this crop top. I may need to go up a size to get the look I want. The length is too short to wear on its own (with pants or shorts), but too long to be worn with a high waisted skirt. I think if I go up to a small I'll get the length I want, but I don't know if it'll be too boxy everywhere else. On the flip side I could always hem it, but then why am I hemming a $40 top right? In any case, I do like it. I like the structure the sateen gives it. Fits TTS, but will not really be a crop top in you're petite or have a short torso.

Slubbed Graphic Tee and Midi Scuba Skirt in Umbrella, Nero and Abstract Floral
$40.00, Size XS and $50.00, Size XS

Acid trip! (pause) I don't like these skirts.

I love this slub tee. Its super comfortable and easy to tie up or tuck in. It is sheer, so a nude colored bra is required if you don't want show through. However, I think the shirt totally overpriced. I don't mind paying $20 for a t-shirt, but I don't even pay $20 for my Aritzia or Madewell tees, and those are a much higher quality. I'll be stalking for a $10 price point instead. Fit is meant to be relaxed and I found it be flattering at my normal size, so I'd say this is TTS. Size down if you want a more fitted look. The material is thin enough that you could size up and not feel bulky.

Now the skirts, are another story. These are not meant for petites in any way shape for form. Even though these are suppose to be midi pencil skirts, that do not fit that way for petites. The bottoms flare out way too much and I think I've turned into a munchkin. This is extremely TTS. I recommend sizing up if you feel at all subconscious about your body. As I've mentioned before the scuba material in this line is very thin and not as forgiving as I'd like. This is why I don't have any of the shirts tucked in here. Every wrinkle showed up against the material. I'm wearing the T-Shirt dress in the bottom right photo which is the only reasons it looks so smooth. Also, again, none of these are lined so you will feel the seams against your skin. Oddly the black scuba skirt felt thicker (though it is still on the thin side) than the printed ones.

P.S. Am I the only one that has an issue with these giant circle like prints right on your uterus? Designers seem to love to do this.

$40.00, Size XS (left); M (right)


Second heartbreak of the collection. Out of everything, this shirt is what I wanted the most. Graphic text over blue stripes? Done! Except the fit and the material was all off (for me). This shirt is more like a thick cotton and better worn in a more fitted style. That didn't really work for me. I couldn't see myself wearing the XS was it was, so I tried sizing up to a medium so I could knot it. From the front I love this so much more, but from the side there was too much material bulking out. On the plus side, since the cotton is so thick, you can pretty much wear any colored bra with it.

$40.00, Size XS

Not as cute. Looks like some old design you'd see in China.

I did not expect to love this, but I do. I love the material, fit and print. I especially love how the sequined detailing is done. I'm not gonna pay $40 for this shirt, but if I can get it a $25, I may consider it. The material is the same to the other slub graphic tee, so it has a better drape than the striped ones. I prefer this cut over all of the other tee shirts. Between that and the tastefully done sequins, I'm willing to pay a bit more compared to the other tees in this line. Like the slubbed tee, fit is meant to be relaxed so take your normal size.

In random news.. While I was looking at Milly I found me some Minnie, who isn't scheduled to be out until May 10th. Kohl's has never been very good about waiting, so here's a mini review on Minnie. ;)

$68.00, Size 4

I like this cut a lot.. I don't like whatever this print is. (Me: Minnie's feelings are hurt.)

I adore this. The material is rayon so its so perfect to take to Disneyland and deal with So Cal's warmer temperatures. I'd say the fit is TTS, however, there is some wiggle room. I am wearing a size 4 here and aside from the straps being too long, it works. The reason why I say there's wiggle room in sizing is because the back is completely adjustable. The back of the waist is elastic and the chest is closed by ties. I still say to take your normal size, but if its not available and you really want this, you could easily go a size up.


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