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{Review} Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Its easy to say that Lilly Pulitzer for Target was a smashing success. The collection almost crashed the Target website, almost. The Target dog became the new pin wheel of death. Tons of people ended up with accidental orders of the same thing, because, well damn that refresh button. But according to Target, the website did not crash. It did, however, make it one of the most frustrating collaboration experiences to date, Phillip Lim being the worst because posting bags at like 2 AM PST is just cruel (No, I did not participate in Missoni). Even in this land of non-Lilly lovers (no really, see photo after the jump), most of my Targets had scraps left by the end of the day, and a lot of umbrella stands. One Target took down all of their signage up and any returns are integrated with the regular clothing (can't tell you how much fun that is when you're looking for a singular romper).

So yes, Lilly Pulitzer for Target was a success. Except, I've finished this post like three times, but with the amount of Lilly returns pouring in, I keep adding to it! On the day of launch I only managed to grab a few things in my size, but now there seems to be plenty (minus the darn Happy Place romper anyways). You have to wonder how much of it was eBay and how much of it were real purchases. In any case, I'm cutting myself and just hitting publish. If I come across more things, I'll update. ;) But this is also good news! If you missed out on something, now is the time to go look. I don't know whether to love or hate Target for this 14 day return policy, but if it helps against the eBay vultures, I'm all for it.

Seriously, it was a ghost town up until 10 minutes to opening.

I was really impressed with this collaboration. The quality and pricing were really on point. In some cases, I felt like the items were worth above retail cost. It really makes you wonder about previous lines, though. Why was I paying $39.99 for a polyester dress from Jason Wu, when I could get a linen dress from Lilly for less (not much less, but still less!). In any case, I started off as someone who wasn't very interested in the line to owning... 6 items? Well played Target, well played.

I do apologize for this not being a more comprehensive review. By the time I decided I wanted to do this review, there wasn't much stock left, and things that I have seen, I didn't always take pictures of. Like I said above, I'll keep adding to this if I find more things, so hopefully this post will grow to be a more comprehensive review.

Random thoughts about the collection:

- I feel like this has been one of Target's youngest collections in terms of silhouettes. Both the dresses and the shorts were a lot shorter/lower in rise.
- I was not impressed with the nail polishes. There was no special packaging, minus a tag that is easily removable. The colors issued weren't even limited edition colors, or offered at a lower price point. I honestly didn't see any incentive to purchase them.
- Why do Lilly and Target hate Android? Yes, iPhone is popular, but so is the Samsung Galaxy. Most case companies make for both now-a-days, but I guess Target didn't think there were enough Samsung users to warrant production. My poor phone will just have to go without orange and pink giraffes.
- Beach Chairs: Cute, decently priced.. however, the slots to adjust for height are incredibly cheap, so I do recommend being very careful when adjusting the height of the chair. I also suggest tying a head pillow to the top. Both Mr. Pandippo and I managed to smack our heads sitting in them. I've also seen cases where the chair frame broke after just once use, so please make sure to test out your furniture before the return period is up!
- I friggin' loved the houseware and wish I could have filled our kitchen with the printed glasses. SIGH.

And with that... on to the reviews (Quotes in italic are from Mr. Pandippo. We couldn't forget him now could we?):

$38.00, Size 2

"I like the giraffes, but the material looks cheap."

I really loved this dress. I knew in my heart I would never wear it, or I would maybe wear it once and never wear it again, so I decided not to pick it up. Though, if it had been sans applique, I don't know if I would've resisted! The fabric and fit are really on point. I'm a huge fan of dresses that look fitted but aren't so tight you feel like you need to suck in all the time. There isn't a lot of give, so if you have any kind of curves, I do recommend sizing up. In terms of Target collab sizing, I would say this runs small. Normally a size 2 at Target is a touch big in the waist, but I felt like this fit perfectly. Comparatively, I'd say the sizing ran close to Altuzarra. Length wise, this is definitely short. Its the perfect length for me, which means trouble for any one average height or higher.

$38.00, Size 2

"It looks like an overgrown zipper."

For the most part this fits exactly like the Giraffeey Linen dress does, however, the fabric is totally different (think Pilotto jacquard). It is very soft and stretchy and more forgiving than the linen material. I would say to take your normal size in this one (unless you need to size up for length). Because the fabric is softer, this dress is a lot more comfortable, but also easier to see stomach bloat in.

The Upstream print was possibly my favorite out of the entire line - mostly because I felt like it was the most neutral and therefor had the most wearability. I mean, if I'm being honest, I friggin' love the Giraffeeey print, but the pink and orange combo is very seasonal.

$40.00, Size S


Disclaimer: 1) I am very short waisted and anything with a drop waist looks horrible on me, 2) This is one size too big, 3) The issues of 1 and 2 lead to the top elastic being folded over for a better fit.

So despite all of that, I wanted to like this jumpsuit very much. Or I like the idea of it a lot. The material is super light and airy and the inseam seemed to be a good length. There's a little bit of wrinkling at the bottom, but not enough to drag or to alter. Not really suited for any one short waisted (but hey, at least we have the Girl's sizes for that? ;) The elastic waist didn't pinch. I haven't tried washing my shorts yet, so I don't know what the quality of the rayon is really like. Assuming this doesn't get all warped in the wash (I'm looking at you H&M), I'd say this is well worth the value if it fits you well. I like rompers and jumpsuits because they're great stand alone items, but also great layering pieces. I can easily see this jumpsuit look amazing with a blazer thrown on top.

$32.00, Size XS

(Worn with a white slip underneath because, well its the internet and I'm not that brave.)

"It looks like that art project where you fold a piece of paper a bunch of times, cut it up and then unfold it."

When I first saw this, I didn't really care for it. Gold embellishments just aren't me thing even though I love all things eyelet. I tried it on for the review, had a moment of "Oh! This is actually really cute!" and immediately started thinking of ways I could layer this up for non-swim attire use. And then.. I turned to the side. While I appreciate the semi-fitted bottom so that your cover up doesn't fly up, I mean, I feel like something could've been done to make the top lie better? I don't know, is it just me and my overly broad chest? In any case, that pretty much dashed all my tunic dreams. Overall, its a cute cover up, very true to size. I'm itching for a back zip to make this more flattering, but I think that defeats the purpose of it being a cover-up. I don't really feel like its fully worth the $32, however. The crochet tank is the same price and was a lot more flattering in the long run. I'd almost feel like it be better to buy one of the very cute scarves from this collection and use that as a cover up instead. Cheaper and more versatile!

$32.00, Size XS

"Not bad."

Ugh. This broke my heart. I took this home, because I loved it. It does run big, and not just because its a boxy cut. The crochet is superb and goes all the way around. I love how thick the material is too, it really makes it feel like a high quality top. The lining is slightly sheer, but easily fixed with a nude colored bra (and not a teal one :). The fit and cut remind me a lot of the Lela Rose lace top from the Neiman Marcus collaboration. Because of that, I decided to test exactly how big this top photographed. Unfortunately, I had the same issues with it as I did the Lela Rose one. Once the camera was out of my hands, it looked like I'd gained 10 pounds. This is probably not a deal breaker for a lot of people, but considering I spend 50% of my time behind a camera now, I knew it would end up falling to the back of my closet. Alas, I ended up returning it, though I still find myself thinking about it here and there. In any case, I highly recommend getting this top if it fits you well. I've seen it look superb on so many people!

$26.00, Size S

"Good maternity shirt!" (We're not pregnant.)

I don't know if the This-is-one-size-too-big disclaimer is needed here, but there it is any ways. That said, I don't know if finding my regular size would've helped with the way this top drapes. I think, if anything, it would've puffed out more. Maybe if I taped down my chest it'll lie more flat? Ahah. The polyester is nice, its feels almost silky and soft. Its a shame really because I love this shade of yellow and the top is actually lined so there are no sheer issues. Maybe I'll get luck, find it on clearance and only wear it tucked in? :D

$24.00, Size XS

"Too much pink."

Its taken Target three years, but for once their XS button down shirt actually fits like an XS button down shirt should. TTS, unless you're comparing to previous collabs, then I would say it runs small. I really liked the fit and fabric of this shirt. Flattering semi-fitted, but also quite light and layerable. Highly susceptible to wrinkles, but thats cotton for you. I don't know if I would risk throwing this one in the dryer though. I feel like you'll get a lot more life out of it treating it like a delicate item and hang drying.

$24.00, Size XS

"It looks like a kindergartner project, again." (Me: Kindergarters' don't handle scissors!) "I just don't like it."

Out of everything, the shorts ended up being the surprise item for me. I tend to dislike the fit of Target's pants or shorts, and despite how cute these looked I didn't have hopes of them fitting me properly. I'm quite happy to report how wrong I was. These shorts are rather perfect, for me anyways. Most of the Target's collaboration bottoms tend to be high waisted or mid-waisted. I would say these are more like mid-to-low waisted and the inseam is definitely one of the shorter inseams Target has had. The elastic waist was also a concern, but its nice and relaxed, and doesn't pinch the skin in (in other words no muffin top huzzah!). The lining of the shorts is similar to the crochet top. Its just slightly see through, so you'll still need to wear a lighter shade of underwear underneath. Fit is mostly TTS, but I would say runs a little small in the hips. Definitely worth the money as eyelet items never go out of style. ;)

$24.00, Size XS

"Ooh! These look like a Ming Dynasty vase." (Me: wtf) "But not bad."

Another happy surprise! This style of short has been around for a while. You can find them in loads of fashion boutiques, or even in Target's junior section. Because of that I wasn't super excited about these. I just tried them on to try them on and well, rather fell in love. Like I said before, the Upstream is my favorite print of the line and I thought it went well with this style of short. I have high hopes that this will manage to stay in my closet for a while. The rayon fabric is nice and airy and I love how tiny the pom poms are. Its not over the top, just enough to break up the pattern. The waistband is even more comfortable than the eyelet shorts. Fit is TTS, but these are short and the overlap is now sewn together. I would suggest sizing up to get more coverage if your bottom is on the curvier side (or if you want to be more conservative).

$28.00, Size XS

"Do those pants belong to Austin Powers?"

I wish these pants were cheaper, like more in the $20 range. I would've been able to justify keeping them at that price, but at almost $30, I couldn't do it. They are super comfortable and super long. I have them pulled up pretty high here and there's still tons of length left over. Heels would definitely not be enough for me. Overall these run big everywhere, so I would suggest sizing down. I could easily see myself going to sleep in them more vs wearing them out, but they'd also be cute to throw over a pair of bikini bottoms.

$22.00, Size XL (Girl's)

"Ew. Please tell me you're not keeping those."

Huzzah for Girl's sized rompers. They almost fit my ridiculously short torso right. The drop waist is still a bit too much to be super flattering, but I've found this romper layers up really well, so I've taken it home with me. In terms of fit, I'd say the bottom/waist is more like a Women's size Small but the top is like an XS. The elastic on the back is tighter than the one on the waist, so it barely fits me comfortably. I may look into removing it all together. The waist is not adjustable aside from the elastic. There isn't an addition tie to tighten it up, so this is one of those it needs to fit off the hanger kind of items. I super love this romper and this print with it. It is very comfortable (rayon woot!) and I find myself just lounging around the house in it. Mr. Pandippo hates it. I mean really hates it, but my love will overcome his hate. Or just flat out ignore it. One or the other. :)

I knew I needed to remove the applique before really adding this to my closet. Its one thing to buy children's clothing, but its another to buy items that actually look like children's clothing. ^.^* Luckily this was super easy and clean to do. There's light stitching on the back that can easily be undone with a seam ripper (seriously what collection have I not taken a seam ripper to?) and the glue holding down the applique is really light. The flowers peeled off quite nicely. I steamed out the thread holes and ta-da. Adult-ish like romper.

Oh, another thing to be aware of.. for whatever reason this romper is $4 more on the Target website than it is in-store. I paid $22 for mine. That's just how it rung up and I didn't notice the difference until I started writing this post. Oh Target, you are forever consistent in your inconsistency.

$14.00, Size XL (Girl's)

"I really don't like this paper... thing..." (Me: ITS CALLED EYELET!!)

Ahh. I wish this was just a tiny bit longer. I really loved this and, unlike the pineapple tank, I loved the volume that went with it. It was unfortunately, just a little too short, so the proportions were off. I'm wearing it here with high-rise jeans. I tried it with low rise and there was an awkward amount of skin that showed through. I don't mind showing skin, this just didn't seem right. Other than that, I'd say this fits like a Women's XS. The arm pits actually fit too. Normally with kid's tank tops the arm holes are too small for my massive shoulders, but this fit well. The buttons are the back are my absolute favorite (sorry forgot to take a photo). Again, great eyelet material and lining. This is a steal at $14.00 so if it fits you well, keep it!

$16.00, Size L (Girl's)

"The least offensive so far." (Me: Seriously?) "Yes, blinded you are."

Unlike the previous items, the disclaimer here is that these are seriously one size too small. The Girl's Large is more like an XXS in Women's. Also the length is super short and not recommended for any one with an inseam longer than 29". I have the pants pulled down to crack level in this photo just to get the length right. At normal height these sit at that not-so-cute high water look. I go back and forth on these and the Women's version. Part of me feels like they're just a bit too PJ like to really be worth keeping, but at the same time... Giraffes! Oh, and they're incredibly see through, so if please make sure to wear nude undies.


"Really badly made."

This was my number one must have item, and I tell you it did not disappoint. Well, only a little. But it wasn't really the clutch's fault. It was Target's shipping department fault. But its OK. Because I'm a paranoid creature and I almost always buy back ups of my must have items. In any case, the good before the bad: This clutch is really nice and really well done. The embroidery is gorgeous and the weight is substantial so it gives the illusion of a higher quality item. I'm personally not crazy about the chain strap, which is nice, but way too long for my height. I'll probably use this more as a hand clutch than anything else. The inside is a beautiful shade of pink. Though there was a part of me that wished for an inside print, but given the price point I'm not complaining too much. The clutch can easily fit my Samsung Galaxy S5 without its case, so iPhone users should have no issues (minus the plus of course).

Now for the bad. Keep in mind this is a $24.00 clutch and if you compare it to previous collabs, clutches were priced at $39.99. The metal used for the hinge is not the best. It is rather weak and seem so warm easily. Unfortunately, Target decided it was best to ship these beautiful clutches in nothing but a plastic sleeve so a good chunk of them arrived defective. Mr. Pandippo was able to get it sorta aligned again, but the clutch wouldn't stay closed. Thankfully I had picked up an back up in-store and this one was pristine. I'm really disappointed that Target didn't think to ship these in a small box. My flask came that way, and I feel like the clutch deserved the same kind of treatment.

$15.00, $20.00, $15.00

"No. Just no. Those animals look creepy."

Of these three, I only ended up keeping the flask because well... equal opportunity household and what. I would've totally kept all three if 1) we actually needed a juicer, or I wanted to add to my absurdly large jewelry holder collection or 2) the wine toppers weren't "super creepy" per MP.

Ironically, I found the flask to be least impressive. Don't get me wrong, it is super, super cute. But it seems to pick up finger print and scratches really easily. I also don't know when we are ever going to use a flask, but hey if Mr. Pandippo says we can keep it, I'm not going to disagree! The pineapple juicer and the wine toppers are really nice. The wine toppers are surprsingly heavy. I can't comment on function on either since I didn't keep, but I'll let you know if the flask ends up being a total disaster.



Last, but not least, scarves! Well a scarf. The only scarf that really stood out to me and caused me to stay up until 1 AM PST trying to order, but then to have to wake up at 7 AM the next day because I didn't think my Target order went through, only to "SURPRISE" have it go through any ways, and end up with two. Ha. Totally worth it. The print is gorgeous. Like seriously. I initially fell in love with it online when I thought it was a light blue scarf (seriously Target, what kind of photoshop?). I actually didnt recognize it in-store because, well, I was looking for light blue and picked up white thinking it was a totally different scarf. So you could say I feel in love with this twice. The material is similar to other Target fabric scarves, or more so comparably to the Very Bradley line. Super soft, light weight weave - very spring.


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