Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{Beauty} Julep Phyllis Swatch & Review

Julep Phyllis

I've forgotten what it's like to paint my nails so frequently. Its kind of nice. Nice for all those nail polishes I barely use any ways. Not so nice for my lack of climbing. I've moved my work out concentration over to yoga recently, so hopefully I'll have more swatches to put up! I love the color of Phyllis, but I'm not crazy about the formula. It goes on very thick and goopy and doesn't level out well. I needed at two coats to get a nice even go. And because it went on thick and because I need two coats, it took forever to dry. Sigh, and three hours later, I still managed to get a dent in it. Bah. In terms of longevity... it was only a few days before the side of a nail chipped. Oddly enough my tips are still perfectly fine. I think this was due to, again, the thickness. I honestly tried doing lighter coats but it just globbed on. Maybe I'm just out of practice? Either or, I'm hoping the majority of it lasts until this weekend. Baby pink is my favorite shade to wear for Valentine's day.


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