Tuesday, January 13, 2015

{Outfit} The perks of Athleisure + Fabletics mini review

Fabletics Boston Jacket
Fabletics Cambria Top in Black
Fabletics Nadi Legging in Camo/Dark Gray
Candie's Sneaker Wedge (similar)

Things that I've learned working from home:

❤ I don't like wearing dresses as much as I thought I did. I know. I was shocked to learn this as well. In fact, given a choice, I will choose take a pair of shorts and tee over a dress... Now what to do with that massive dress closet I have?
❤ I really, really like soft boiled eggs. And peanut butter. Not together, obviously. But both are eaten for breakfast or lunch several times a week. This might also be because I'm a really lazy cook and both of these take less than 5 minutes to make.
❤ I really like staying at home. I go out of my way to only leave the house once, maybe twice a week, which means I only have to do my make up once or twice a week (win!). I've yet to feel restless or bored. Though, I do go to the gym almost every day so I suppose that counts as leaving the house. And more recently, there's this thing called Dragon Age that has caused my butt to leave a permanent impression upon the couch.
❤ I've finally learned what my dogs do all day when we're at work. Sleep. No, really. All day, everyday. Occasionally there's a squirrel that catches their attention, but Kaylee is pretty much my lap buddy from 9-5.
❤ I've developed a new best friend and its name is Athleisure.

Which has also made Fabletics my new best friend. And no, this isn't a sponsored post. I really, really do love Fabletics and its more of a coincidence that today's outfit is almost a 100% Fab.

This all started with a pair of black yoga leggings from Victoria's Secret PINK collection. They were meant to be for climbing, because climbing gyms get cold. And I do use them for climbing. But they were so comfortable that I started wearing them around the house, and then to bed, and then, one day, I left the house with them on.

There was no going back after that.

At last count, I think I had 10+ pairs of yoga leggings. Of which, at least 6 are solid black. If you're going to invest money in anything invest in a pair of good solid black yoga leggings. And I say yoga leggings over normal leggings because the material tends to be thicker, more comfortable, and well.. multi-purposeful! None of this would be possible if athleisure wasn't trending so hard right now. And the great thing about trends is that sooner or later, finding products that are both affordable and great quality is realistic. Lululemon was creating cute athletic clothing before athleisure was even an idea. But it wasn't affordable. On flip side, you had places like Forever 21, but how long would those garments really last? One, maybe two wears? But now, everyone's doing it. Nike, Under Armour, etc. And while at full price Nike and Under Armour like brands aren't super cheap, its easy to find them on sale at a decent price. Even better, companies like Fabletics started to develop. Good, affordable, athletic garments that can easily double to normal, every day wear.

And now.. a quick review on Fabletics. The clothing, for the most part, is great quality. Every now and then I come across a dud or random defect, but they have a great return/exchange system and customer service. They reward writing reviews so there's tons of data available if you're in between sizes. All of the leggings and capris that I've owned have been super soft and comfortable. They mostly do flat waistbands so there is no extra bulk and do not stretch out with repeated wear. I've tried 2 of their work out jackets and they fit my body type like a dream. Really nice for short waisted gals. Also, shipping is a bit slow, but hey its free at $49.95 (easily done since their outfits start at $49.95).

Sizing is pretty consistent. I am an XS in almost all the tops and jackets, minus anything that is made out of sweatshirt material, then I need to size down. I'm a small in all of their yoga-like bottoms, though I could do an XS if I'm desperate. I ended up taking an XS in their Suva Run Shorts, but I don't know if that is the case with all of their loose running bottoms.

Things to be aware of: If you return for money back, you will be charged a $5.96 restocking fee. If you return for store credit or are exchanging for another size, then there is no restocking fee and shipping for your exchange is free. Their referral system is a bit dodgy. If you refer a friend, they have to sign up for an account immediately after clicking on your link. They cannot view any other part of the website. This is beyond stupid in my opinion. Who signs up for something without reviewing it first? The first time I referred someone, I had to fight with tooth and nail to get my credit. Inventory is low and tends to go quickly at the beginning of each month. It seems like they're starting to stock more, but if you really like something, I don't recommend waiting.

Things that I'm wearing in this post: As mentioned above, I needed to go down a size in the Boston Jacket. Aside from that, I seriously love this jacket and am beyond happy that I got it. Its oddly structured and not at the same time. The Cambria Top is amazing for the girls. If push up bras were this comfortable, Mister Pandippo would get to see cleavage more often. I've worn the Cambria for 10+ hours running errands and hanging out with friends and I've also worn it during low-impact cardio. Its comfortable either way and the halter strap doesn't irritate the back of my neck. This one fit TTS and comes with removable pads. The Nadi Leggings is my favorite item from Fabletics. I get loads of compliments from randoms whenever I wear them. They run a touch big, and I think I could've comfortable done an XS in these, but ended up sticking with the Small cause, well, food.

If you're interested in trying out Fabletics, you can get your first outfit for $25 by clicking here (referral link).

Thanks for reading! Happy Tuesday.


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  1. Thanks for the awesome review. I'm trying to force myself to get back into the habit of working out. Cute, comfy clothes can sure motivate one to get back to it. :-)