Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Outfit} Minimal Anubis

I don't actually think there is an Anubis on this outfit. Which is surprising given the amount of Egyptian awesome going on in the skirt. Sure.. the fox bracelet kind of looks similar, if you squint a lot, but not really. Thanks to Grimm, its the first word the popped into my head when I was thinking of a title for this post.

This outfit is fairly interesting to me. I feel like its the perfect combination of my love for prints and this minimalist trend thats been infecting my brain. I don't really do minimalism. That's been quite obvious from my blog. Yes, done correctly, it looks uber chic and effortless, but it also feels like I'm cheating. And yet, because I am fairly certain there is some sort chip in my head that auto tunes me to whatever current trend is happening, I find myself wanting to be nothing but minimal. Which means a whole lot of pattern neglect--unfortunately, a good chunk of my closet is patterns. Lots and lots of patterns. So what does a girl do? Lots and lots of shopping.


There is a part of me that is quite relieved, however. Stacking patterns on patterns is difficult and my brain has been so tired lately, I don't mind being simple. It makes getting to work on time a bit more manageable. My inability to wake up without my alarm going off 10 times is another story.

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading.

Le Tote Matilida V-Neck Top
AMI Clubwear Egyptian Print Skirt (c/o)
Le Tote Jeweled Station Necklace
Le Tote Fox Stud Bracelet (can purchase similar here)
Target Merona Clutch with Crossbody
Prabal Gurung for Target Pointed Toe Heels (old - similar)