Thursday, January 30, 2014

{Outfit} Faux Fur and Some Blush

Words cannot express how much I am loving the weather in California lately. I know I should be concerned that the lack of rain and clouds and all things that typically make my winters miserable is causing a drought issue, but I can't. I'm enjoying baring my legs in January all too much. The funny thing is that my brain, my behaviors haven't totally adapted to this endless stream of sunshine. I forget to shave. I forget to moisturize. I run all over town in patchy, ashy legs, totally enjoying life.

But hey, at least I remember the armpits? :P

This post was originally about sunshines and what not. But then the sun decided to disappear and it started to rain and turned me into a liar. Oh wells, I guess three weeks of sunshine in the middle of winter should satisfy the Californian in me.

Plus, it means I can continue not shaving my legs for another month or two.

Happy Thursday everyone! I promise the next blog post will not be so.. erhm, graphic (or whiny).

P.S. Me complaining about the rain is like Kanye complaining about Kim not making the cover of some magazine. Its not even that cold. Its actually oddly humid. Thank you for putting up with my petty little whine. :)

Express Embroidered Top
Uniqlo Kid's Fur Vest (Tan sold out - Brown Available)
H&M Faux Leather Skirt (old - similar)
Michael by Michael Kors Lesly Boots
NY&Co Necklace (old - similar)
Target Bag + La Mer Wanderlust Watch


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Shopping} Peter Som for DesigNation (Kohl's)

I don't typically cover designer collaborations with Kohl's (aka DesigNation). In general, they don't perk my interest too much. Sure, there's always at least one item that I like, possibly love, but never enough to warrant doing the full mile review. To be honest, I'm not even sure there is in this case either, but out of the past three, the Peter Som for DesigNation line has interested me the most (I'm guessing this has a lot to do with the floral prints and pastel colors :P). So in the least, I'd like to do a lookbook coverage. Whether or not I make it out to the store yet, we shall see. There's a lot going on in my life right now and its slowly sucking away at whatever spare energy I have. Plus, if Derek Lam is any indication.. the line will most likely launch in the beginning of April, right around FH's birthday, which means a definate no-go.

Strangely enough, while the lookbook is available at Kohl's for any one to view, there's been no official announcement or even a date set. The project launch time for this collection is in April, which will put almost a month between this and Peter Pilotto for Target. In the past, Target and Kohl's collabs have only been a few weeks apart and, in my opinion, to the determent of Kohl's. I know one of the reasons why I don't pay as much attention to DesigNation is that I simply cannot afford to. Target has a way of really sucking up all of my money and I need more than a few weeks to recover.

In any case, on to the lookbook! I've showcased my favorites below, along with my general thoughts. You can see the rest of the lookbook below that (minus pricing info).

Peter Som is an American designer, born and raised in San Francisco (w00t Bay Area~!). His design style has been influenced by his parents (who were both architects) and the laid-back hippie-ish fashion of the Bay Area. For DesigNation, Som drew his inspiration from beaches and lifestyle of St. Barths.

One of the things that I really like about this collection is that the size range goes from XXS-XXL. However, judging by how some of these items fit on the model, I am concerned that this line may run large and cause vanity sizing issues. I'm also curious to see how the material will be. Kohl's collab lines seem to be very hit or miss in regards to material. Its either really nice quality, like the Derek Lam dress, or super cheap like the Catherine Maladrino laser cut dress.

Tank Maxi Dress - $78; Haltered Maxi Dress - $78

I adore the Tank Maxi dress. I have since I first saw the sketch of it. It looks like its going to come in two other colors, so if you're not crazy about the rainbow print (but why wouldn't you be?!) then there will be other options. I do hope this dress is cut well. Depending on the material it could hang really nicely or make you look 10 lbs heavier. I have high hopes, however, because this dress actually looks pretty slimming on the model. Unlike the Haltered Maxi dress which looks like sizing down will be necessary. The Haltered Maxi is a very pretty dress, though. Its hard to go wrong with any shade of purple right now since Pantone declared Radiant Orchid is going to the color of the year.

Romper in Palm Banane print and Villa Striped Coral Combo - $64

These rompers are beyond adorable and a great representative of Som's style. The cut looks well structured (though the shine on the floral print worries me a bit) and the prints speak to his love of the Bay and architecture. The one thing I am not crazy about is the crew neck collar. Between this and Target (oh, and ModCloth), I'm really quite tired of crew neck collars. I want an open neckline! Though I do think it works well for this particular item.

One thing I want to point out is that it doesn't look like the two rompers are made of the same material. The Palm Banane one seems thinner (note way it wrinkles) and mostly likely a polyester/nylon blend judging by the shine. The Villa Striped Coral Combo looks to be heavier, almost crepe the way it falls on the model. Then again, its hard to say, since we don't know how much photoshop was applied to either photo.

V-Neck Sweatshirt - $50; Bermuda Shorts - $44; Mermaid Dress - $64

I should really stop buying sweatshirts. Really should. But this one has a v-neck and looks drapey instead of boxy like the Target ones. I normally don't care for short sleeves on a sweatshirt. I think that its an older look, but I really like it here. And of course, I love the print. I may consider getting this if the Halter Maxi ends up not working out.

The Mermaid dress looks more like it belongs in the Catherine Maladrino line. Its very cute and chic, with just a touch of sass. However adorable it is, its not the most unique dress and possibly I don't think its really worth paying the designer premium. Once it goes on sale though? Hehe.

So what do you think readers? Is this collab better than the last few? Still in the meh category? Or will you be hitting up Kohl's once a launch date is announced?

Rest of the lookbook (Click to enlarge). For pricing information, please visit Kohls website:


Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Outfit} A bit of late sparkle

I can explain.

Before you give me the evil eye, I swear there is a reason that I am posting sparkles in the middle of January. I know, I know. Sparkles are a holiday thing. New Year and Christmas and all that jazz.

But let me explain...

This is a ThrowbackThursday post? OK not really. I just sort of forgot to post this look in December. I'm not actually wearing sparkles in January, but the sweater is just so darn cute (and still available) that I felt like I had to post! We can just throw a #TBT on it and pretend like I did this purpose yes? Although, according to Seychelle's Instagram, you can still wear sparkles in January and considering my Christmas decorations are still up (I swear I will pack them up before February :X), I say why not!

Old Navy Dog Sweater
Express Portofino Shirt
Forever 21 Jeans (old - latest version)
Zigi Soho Lala Heels


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{Shopping} Peter Pilotto x Target Lookbook

Does any one else feel like this collaboration just snuck up on them? Cause I do. Either that or I've spent way too much of my time buried in holiday and after-holiday sales. Which.. is entirely possible (/hides the giant pile of new shoes). And of course the official lookbook would launch while I was in LA, unable to get to a computer. Of course it would.

But that didn't stop me from furiously swiping away on my phone! Sand be damned (though seriously guys, it was all sorts of amazingly beautiful in Santa Monica. I wish I could move there).

What I love most about this collection (aside from the obvious awesome prints) is that most of the items come in two sets of colors. This means being able to pick a shade/tone thats more flattering for your skin color and, well, less stuff to buy! Which is so important right now because I think my wallet is planning on murdering me in my sleep. Or possible FH. He won't even talk to me about this! He started ranting about white and yellow shoe boxes. Um, hello. That was sooo two collaborations ago! ;)

Jacquard Dress in Red Iris Print - $79.99; Belted Dress in Green Floral Print - $49.99

Lets talk about how much I need this Jacquard Dress in my life. Like, I may actually feel forever empty inside if I do not obtain it (OK, no, not really but at this moment, yes). Its absolutely gorgeous and the fabric looks like it may actually be decent quality. I anticipate this selling out quite quickly.

The Belted Dress looks crazy awesome, especially the cut outs at the top shoulder. We'll have to see how the multi print ends up looking on though, could be overwhelming. I am also a bit worried that this is going to be another "Belt All the Dresses" collection, as you'll see below.

Sweatshirt in Blue Floral/Check Print and Red Floral/Check Print - $29.99; Peplum Tank in Red/White and Blue/White - $24.99

Being able to decide between colors is sort of a double edged sword. In some cases, like the Belted Dress (which also comes in a Red Floral Print), the choice is easy. In other cases, like the Sweatshirt and the Peplum Top (omg, especially in the Peplum Top), the choice is well.. a bit difficult. I am pretty sure I am going to end up with both colors, assuming it fits well.

There isn't much to say about the sweatshirt. I need another designer sweatshirt like I need a hole in my head, but I can't stop buying them. Which is probably why Target won't stop making them. Sweatshirts for every day of the week! (That means I can buy both right?)

Dress in Red Floral/Stripe Print (also in Green Floral/Stripe) - $39.99; Dress in Purple Floral Print, - $69.99;
Shirt Dress in Red Floral/Check Print (also in Blue Floral/Check Print) - $34.99; Belted Dress in Blue Floral/Check Print (also in Red Floral/Check Print) - $44.99

This group of dresses is going to be known as the deja-vu-collection. I am 99% sure the cuts of these dresses are similar to the cuts in the Prabal Gurung line. Which, really, Target, would it kill you to open up a neck line or two? The plus to this is that I can almost predicted how these will end up fitting.

The first dress, looks quite similar to the First Date Drop Waist Dress, sans sleeves. Which means, more than likely it will be super comfortable.. and need a belt. The second dress in the Purple Floral looks a lot like the sleeveless dress that came in the Meet the Parents print and Dresden Blue color block. Chances of this dress fitting well is high, but also means I may need to rethink this purchase considering I hate the collar on the PG versions.

The cut of the shirt dress is similar to the Nolita one, and unfortunately means there's a chance it will be too big for me. However, I won't give up without trying it with a belt first! I don't know why I didn't try the Nolita one with a belt, I'm sure my wallet thanks me, but my closet wishes I had. Last but not least, the Belted Dress looks a lot like the color block dress that came in the First Date print and Calyso Coral. I will be staying far, far away from this dress. The PG version had horrible torso issues for my petite body.

Skirt in Light Blue Floral/Check Print and Green Floral Stripe Print - $34.99; Skirt in Black/White Print and Red Floral/Check - $34.99

The skirts in this collection have really caught my eye. I'm half praying the material is nice and half praying its all cheap and horrible so I don't buy them. All four of these skirts are really going to come down to fit and material. The pattern on each is gorgeous, but I can see the shapes going badly if they do not fit well.

Moto Jacket in Blue Netting Print - $59.99; Blazer in Blue/Black/White Colorblock - $49.99

Previously Target collaborations tell me I should not want these. They will more than likely be a bit too big. But you know I'll be trying them any ways right? I have a theory that the moto jacket will look better left open than belted/closed.

Romper in Red Iris Print in $49.99; Pant in Green Floral/Stripe Print, $39.99

There is a huge part of me that hopes that this romper will fit horribly. There is no world that exists that I can justify keeping a dress and romper in the same print. None. Yet.. It may happen? :X While I'm not a fan of how the striped pants fit on the model (just say no to highwater!), I'm hoping the inseam will fit a shorty like me better.

Rash Guard in Black/Green Floral Stripe Print (also in Black/White) - $29.99; Bikini Top in Black/White Print (also in Black/Green Floral Stripe) - $22.99; Bikini Bottom in Black/White Print - $16.99
Sunglasses in Red Iris Print - $16.99; Slip-On Shoe in Green Floral Print (also in Black/White) - $29.99

I do wonder how well this collection will do. The prints are fantastic, but much like Prabal, not everyone is going to be comfortable in such loud items. Plus, a good chunk of the line is resort/swimwear. The shirt above is actually a rashguard. My heart totally broke once I realized that. Can you imagine how fantastic it would've been if Target had made it into a regular long sleeve? I would wear it everyday! The swimsuits (especially the corset ones) are really adorable, but I don't feel compelled to own every single one like I do the clothing. Swimsuits are hard, fits and self confidence will really dictate how well they sell. However, there are tons of accessories in this line. There are beach towels and bags that aren't pictured here, but I can honestly see selling out over some of the clothing. A beach towel is easy to buy and will most definitely be used. A cute pair of sunnies (I will own those sunglasses) or nice tote? Those are easier to coordinate and remove from your body (if you feel uncomfortable) than a dress.

Regardless, I am more than able and willing to do the 6 AM line up. I cannot wait for review time. :) Nothing makes me happier than trying on tons and tons of cute clothing. Well.. maybe shoes?

You can view the rest of the collection here.

Oh.. and P.S... I totally reserve the right to change my mind about all of this once collaboration panic sets in. :D

Photos from Target