Thursday, December 11, 2014

{Outfit} Up up and away!

Sheinside Black Lapel Blazer Cape (c/o)
Target Sequined Shirt
Express Quilted Zipper Scuba Legging
Altuzarra for Target Ankle Boots (similar)
DSW Lucite Bow Clutch (similar)

BaubleBar Trident Ear Jacket (similar)

I have been dying for a cape like this, but the Nasty Gal version is pretty darn expensive. I've been holding off hoping for it to go on sale (and man, it has been a long hold off. The closest I've gotten is during the 30% Black Friday promo). So imagine my (wary) surprise when I stumbled across this Sheinside dupe! Despite being a courtesy of item, I still had a lot of reservations. I don't like filling up my closet with regrets and for that reason, I've been shying away from Asian retailers. Its always a gamble. Sometimes the gambling pays off, and sometimes, its really, really doesn't. There use to be a hard fast rule of you get what you pay for, but now-a-days not so much. Its so easy to open up an e-retailer now that Asian boutiques are popping up left and right. They almost never use their own product photos. If anything, I'd say 95% of them are "borrowed" from other retailers. So you're not always getting what is pictured. My moral grounds on the subject really waiver because I know a lot of "independent" brands out there really just purchase from overseas factory and rebrand (meaning they sew their own labels on it). Fair to say that the Asian factories should be allowed to sell the same products as well no?

In any case, I've taken the stance of, if they're not parading it around with false labels (ahem ADOS or PRODA), then I'm OK taking a risk. But not without a lot of research. After half a day of Googling and image searching, I finally decided to roll the dice.

And for once, my gambling paid off. If this was a slot machine, I would have hit jackpot. This is a nice cape. Its not a $68 nice cape, but it is very much worth the $26 price tag. Its actually lined, which I almost never come across and the polyester fabric is heavy. It doesn't feel cheap. And, surprisingly, doesn't look cheap either. In fact, this ended up being such a success that I ordered the white version as well.

If you decide you want to try this out as well, I ordered a size small and found that it fit perfectly on my shoulders. I would suggest ordering your normal US size. There is a bit of padding to structure the drape, but its not so much that you feel like a line backer. Those of you with broad shoulders (like myself) don't have to worry about this making you look wide.

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading.


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