Thursday, December 4, 2014

{Outfit} Fuzzy Pinks and Almost Thigh High Boots

NY&Co Coat (old - similar)
H&M Tuxedo Vest (similar)
Kohl's Takeout Lace Tunic (sized up to L)
Vince Camuto Baldwin Over the Knee Boots in Mouse Grey

Boots are a pain in the butt. I know everyone talks about how difficult it is to find a pair of jeans that fit (which I don't disagree), but boots? Especially a good pair of not just over the knee, but thigh high boots?


Seriously. I've been trying for years now. I have thin calves and even thinner ankles. Most boots tend to be too wide and wrinkle like crazy around my ankles. I even went as far as purchasing a pair of Stuart Weitzman's Lowland boots (giving the mister quite a heart attack) and even those didn't work out. I didn't believe it could be possible for my ankles to be too skinny for a pair of stretch boots, but apparently they are.

That's why we're at almost here. Almost thigh high, but one hundred percent happy. These Vince Camuto Baldwin boots are the perfect thing if you have skinny calves like me. The grey is really the perfect shade of taupe to go with all the things. The shaft height could be taller, but truth be told, once I tried both boots on, there was only about half an inch of height difference between the Baldwin and the Lowlands. I'm guessing the Lowlands lose some shaft height (they measure at 25" while the Baldwins are 23") because they're a stretch boot and conform to every curve where as the Baldwins just go straight up. There is a small strip of stretch on the back of the Baldwins - which I love. I hate boots that are half stretch in the back. It feels like a design cheat (kind of like those shirts that only have half the design in the front :P).

I will add that, while I love this suede version, I hated the black leather one. The leather was too stiff and shiny for my taste. I prefer my leathers to be more muted. I found these to fit true to size length wise, and run a bit wide in the toe (yay for me).

AND.. if any one has ANY thigh high boot recommendations, please leave me a comment below. ;)

Happy Thursday! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Live the boots! Looks so cute on. How tall are you may I ask? I'm a petite asian gal about 5'2" so wonder how high these will hit on my legs.
    Thanks! -Lynn