Thursday, November 20, 2014

{Outfit} TOMS for Target + Review

TOMS for Target Crewneck Sweater in Grey
Zara Slip Dress (similar)
Michael Kors Lesly Boot (similar)
TOMS for Target Arrow Zippered Clutch
H&M Blanket Scarf (similar here and here)

Phew! I think this may be the last of the collaborations for a while. The big ones anyways. There's always some collaboration going on, but now the focus is going to be on Thanksgiving and Christmas (though lets be real here, fashion blog.. that really translates to Black Friday and after Christmas sales ;). Initially, I wasn't too excited for this collab. I don't own a pair of TOMS and I've never really had an interest to, so I haven't fallen into the "love" factor that so many people have. After seeing the lookbook, however, I was really pretty excited by the clothing items and price points. And of course TOMS has always had a great mission statement that still stands true for this line.

Straight from the Target website:

For each item purchased from TOMS x Target collection from 11.16.2014 – 03.12.2015 in US Target stores and, one of the following will be donated or given: (I) by Target: $3 (the monetary equivalent of one week of meals for someone in need; $1 = 9 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local food banks) to Feeding America; or $5 (the monetary equivalent of one blanket) to American Red Cross Disaster Relief; or (II) by TOMS: TOMS will give one pair of new shoes (which may differ in value from the shoes purchased) to a child in need. See product packaging for details of which donation or giving will occur with purchase. Donations are not tax deductible for guests. The Target and TOMS programs/donations/giving are being administered independently. Each party is solely responsible for its program/donations/giving. For more information on TOMS, how it provides shoes, sight, and clean water to people in need, and its giving partners, visit

Unfortunately, I did feel that the collection fell a bit short. I guess you couldn't expect too much given the price points, but I still think they could've done better. Of course there are still some winners--like this crew neck sweater. I almost gave up on this piece. Almost. I tried it on my usual size and it was seriously all wrong. I had to go up two sizes to get a happy fit. I'm super glad I did though. It lays fantastically and is very comfortable and warm. There is wool mixed into the fabric so it is slightly itchy, but not too bothersome against my skin. You can see the difference in each size below (XSmall to Small to Medium):

Its like they tried to make a fitted sweater with high slits and it just didn't really work. The end of the slits hit my body in all the wrong places. I look short in the XSmall and Small versions until I the Medium. The slits hit below my hips and make my torso look long and lean. I found that the collar and sleeves didn't change too much with each size.. and now I can wear it comfortably with leggings and jeans!

In general, sizing was a bit all over the place. I'll go more into detail below. I wanted to mention the blankets/throws real quick, even though they're not pictured here. They are amazingly soft and priced fairly at $30. The throws are either a mix of acrylic and cotton or acrylic and polyester. Both yield great results. The only reason I haven't taken one home yet is because we have 20 million blankets in the house and the dogs have claimed more than half. I don't think the pups need any more plush. :P

Ruana Poncho in Cream - $28.00

This was my must have item.. well the grey version was. I don't care so much for the cream, to be honest. Unfortunately, thanks to Vicodin I woke up late and missed the grey poncho by 10 minutes. I was actually, pretty disappointed with the poncho. I also don't know why Target called this a poncho. It's clearly a blanket scarf. The "poncho" is 100% acrylic and wasn't as soft as I hoped it would be. I wish (especially given how close the price points are) that the fabric was more like the throws - blended with cotton. I would've gladly paid an extra $10 and been happy with my purchase. Functionally, it semi-well in the ways a blanket scarf would work. Because the material is a bit stiffer, it doesn't drape as well when you try to wear it as a scarf, but its decent. It is best worn as in the cape/poncho style.

Denim Button Down - Size XS; $26.00

When I first tried this on I really liked it. Its a great throw over your head walk out the door kind of top and it looks fantastic from the front. Where it it lost me was in the side view. I wish the back tapered in more and didn't just fall straight. It would've allowed for a flattering front and side view! The material is a stiffer kind of cotton, not soft really. It has good structure because of that, but I've gotten use to my chambray like shirts being soft and comfortable. This ended up being a pass for me. Sizing is TTS with no stretch.

Crewneck Sweatshirt in Grey - Size XS (left) and S (right); $22.00

Sweatshirt? Did someone say sweatshirt? How do I not own this already? Possibly because it is cut strangely and I didn't feel it was worth the closet space. It is a thin sweatshirt, no where near the usual plushness I've come to expect from Target. Its almost more like a thick t-shirt material instead. Its also not soft and a very little stretch. As you can see in the photos above, it can't decide if it wants to be cropped or regular length. I highly suggest sizing up 1 or 2 sizes - especially if you want to layer it.

Arrow T-Shirt - Size XS; $16.00

Love this. The fit on this is amazing. Fitting without being clinging - very flattering. And soft. Yay Target. The tee runs true to size and really the only down size is that it didn't come in more prints. If it washes well, I'd say it is worth the $16.

Shoes - Size Women's 6; $
Shoes - Size Boy's 4Y; $

Last but not least - SHOES. Can't do a TOMS review without talking about the shoes right? Like I said before, I don't own a pair of TOMS, nor have I tried a pair before. I've asked a bunch of friends who have and they said that the Target version is pretty darn similar in quality - especially in the women's. That's good to know considering the price point is just about the same as regular TOMS. The shoes are nicely cushioned, though when I tried on the women's version it squeaked a bit. Bad glue maybe? I loved the chambray look on the boys, but hated how they looked on my feet. Since its a children's cut, it is much wider/boxy than the women's. If they had made a women's version of chambray I would have my very first pair of TOMS right now. I felt like the women's ran TTS, where as the boys ran half a size big. Its not obviously in the photo, but the shoe gaped on the sides and at the heel. I went down to a 3.5 and it only gaped on the side versus the women's 6 that fit perfectly.

That's it! Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading.


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