Thursday, November 6, 2014

{Outfit} Kate and Jack Spade x GapKids + Mini Review

Jack Spade x GapKids Camo Tree Sweater (size XL)
Express Portofino Shirt in Plaid (old - this season)
Topshop Moto Baxter Jeans (on sale 40% off!)
Altuzarra for Target Ankle Boot in Black
MICHAEL Michael Kors Medium Sutton Tote (past season - this season)

Oh hi there.

To answer a few questions... Yes, I still exist. Yes, I did abandon the blog, though not intentionally. Yes, I realized I am not superhuman and I could not plan a wedding, honeymoon, epic Target review, AND keep up with my blog at the same time.

And yes, I am really, really, really sorry.

But I'm back now! And offer a mini review as compensation for my absence. I hope you can forgive me dear readers, but in a way it was good. As much as I love fashion and shopping and blogging, I could feel myself getting burned out. But now that I am back, I am ready and rawr-ing to go! All those changes I keep talking about, they'll be happening now. I mean shoot. What else am I suppose to do now that I don't have a million paper flowers to make? ;)

In any case, as it happens. I left during a hail storm of collaborations (as it goes this time of year) and came back just in time for the clearance (which btw.. Altuzarra for Target is at various sale points and Target is having free ship no min on all orders right now). I also came back in time for the launch of Kate Spade New York/Jack Spade x GapKids line. Which I realize not everyone will be able to play with, but its Kate Spade. How could I resist?

As it were, my favorite piece ended up being this camo sweater from the Jack Spade side. Its cozy, warm, and fits well. The fabric is a cotton/nylon/wool blend and does not itch one bit. I found that I could easily fit into the XL and did not need to go up to the XXL. Apparently Gap thinks of have the body of a 12 year old boy. Which given my straight lack of torso, isn't too far off. I'll review more of the Kate Spade/Jack Spade items below.

I'm also a huge fan of these Altuzarra ankle boots. If I'd written my review, I would have written quite positive things about them. They are well balanced and I feel like I could stomp my way across a football field in them. No, really. I don't know what it is about these boots, but I feel pretty kick ass when I wear them. I didn't feel like they were totally worth the $60 price tag, but considering I got them at 70% off, I'm very, very satisfied. Plus, they are one of the few ankle boots I've come across that I can wear with shorts and not truncate my legs. Win.

Overall, I wasn't very impressed by the collection, even from a I realize this is suppose to be for little kids point of view. I felt like most things were over-priced and not up to quality standards. This camo sweater being an exception, though only time will tell on how well it will wash/pill. I tried on a bunch of different things, but will mostly focus on the bags below. If you have questions on something I didn't review here, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email (but to answer frequently asked questions in advance, no I did not get a chance to try on the bow dress).

Satchel in Poster Red - $100; Bow Print Super Skinny Jeans - $49.95

I love - LOVE - this little bag. But it is very much, a little bag. The width is about the length of my cell phone and could probably fit that, plus a card wallet... maybe a tube of lip gloss. I personally don't mind the size. I think the overall construction is almost worth the $100 price tag. Almost. I do love the red and pink versions of this bag. The red is the right kind of red to go with pretty much everything. The bag itself feels sturdy and could probably endure being banged up by a little girl. The only reason I didn't pick it up was because it's a tad too short to be a cross body for me (and I do not know how to function without a cross body). This can easily be remedied by punching an extra hole in the strap, but I'm hoping to get this on sale later instead. I can't see myself purchasing for full price because with a bit of patience, I can purchase an actual Kate Spade bag in a similar size for the same price.

Pencil Case in Pink Glo Neon - $49.95

THIS. Ugh. This was a huge disappointment. Of all things, I was really wanting to take one of these home. I love this shade of pink. I love the "Play Hooky" slogan, but seriously this is a crappy product. The edging is sloppy and cheaply done. It looks like someone melted a plastic bag and dipped the sides into it. The actual slogan is crooked (seriously?), and most of the cases I picked up the leather had black marks all over it. Unfortunately these didn't photograph well so I can't show you, but trust me they were obvious in person.

On a side note, the Poster Red color in the pencil case is not the same as the satchel. The dye on this type of leather came out more orangey than red, while the red on the satchel is a true red.

Totes in Antique White - $60 & $50 (Sold out online)

This tote was on my must have list when I first saw it in the look book. Unfortunately the toddler sized one is seriously sized for a toddler, but the girl's version is just right. Its honestly not worth the $60, but damn Kate Spade and her slogans. Add that to the fact that its sold out online, I may hold onto to this longer before reaching a real to keep or not to keep decision. The handles are leather, but a very thin layer of leather. While they feel sturdy, I think they will wear down or tear after a while. The tote itself is not bad. Its a heavy coated canvas, but the actual dip part feels a bit plastic-y. I'm not sure how well it will hold up long term. I also think its a bit ridiculous that there is only a $10 difference between the girl's size tote and the toddler one. There's obviously a huge size difference that should account to more than just $10. Mr. Pandippo hates the inside lining, but I actually love it. It feels almost velvety and thick.

My absolute favorite thing about this line is the gift packaging (which is free when you purchase in-store). The gift boxes are thick and sturdy. I'm using the smaller one to house my wallets and clutches, while the bigger one is perfect size to store the tote. The bag you get to take your purchases is also freaking adorable and the only reason I even bothered buying anything in-store. (Problems, I know.)

Statement Sweatshirt - $39.95, Size XL (Sold out online)

And of course you know I had to pick up the sweatshirt. This one is definitely a keeper. The price is reasonable and the sweatshirt itself is soft and very comfortable. I like the foil print, even though it will restrict me seasonally. Surprisingly, I was able to fit into the XL size. Normally with the girls clothing I need an XXL. The XL is a more fitted sweatshirt, which I like with this style. I also have an XXL coming in the mail, so I'll let you guys know which one I kept.

That's it for this week! Thank you for your patience with my absence and I hope you guys enjoyed.

Today also marks the launch of Alexander Wang x H&M! Not sure if I'm quite that daring, but let me know if you end up shopping it!


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