Wednesday, November 12, 2014

{Outfit} Alexander Wang x H&M + Review

Target Mossimo Meet & Greet Crop Sweater in Blue (sized up to XL)
Alexander Wang x H&M Reflective Leggings (size 4 for reference)
Altuzarra for Target Ankle Booties in Black
French Connection Mod Squad Rucksack (on super sale!!)
H&M Double Pom Beanie (similar)
ALDO Cuff (similar)

Ever since I discovered designer fashion, there's been a bucket list of designers that I wish, truly desperately wish, to own one day. Its a small list actually: Louboutin, Chanel, and Alexander Wang. Naturally I had a mini heart attack when H&M announced that its next designer collaboration would be with Alexander Wang. I am fairly certain almost every fashion girl out there had a freak out and the world stopped spinning for half a second. And then that freak out turned more towards the O-M-G what were they thinking level. Which is not totally unusual for H&M (I'm looking at you Maison Martin Margiela). I do feel out of all the companies out there, H&M tends to be truer to the designer's original aesthetics. It also tends to be the most expensive and difficult to shop, which is why I haven't really participated until now.

Despite my reservations from the head to toe Rihanna look, I decided to go in and check the collection any ways. I mean really, I felt like they just slapped a WANG on everything and called it a collection. So, I didn't bother wait in line. I didn't even wake up early for the online launch (though if H&M ever changes their online to in-store return policy this will change). I got up, worked a few hours and then strolled into my local H&M around 10 AM. Lucky for me, there were still tons of items in-stock. I think my saving grace was that this collection runs fairly small and I am still reaping in the perks from my wedding diet.

I have to say I was fairly pleased with this collection. Most of the items I was interested in delivered well. These leggings were not originally on my list of must haves, but once I saw them in person, I knew I had to try them on. They're all sorts of amazing and of course, Mr. Pandippo despises them. Which means, I absolutely adoreeeeeee them. Though I'll be honest, I don't know how much use I'll get out of these. They're such a statement piece that they are a bit difficult to style and my body is not fit enough to pull a Rihanna. It is a nice little challenge, and one I am happy to accept. Especially since it gets me a half check off my bucket list.

The leggings run true to size (I'm wearing a 4), but lean towards the small side. The fabric has stretch, but the thread used in the seams does not. And if you haven't noticed, there are quite a lot of seams. I have chicken legs, so these work for me now, butI am not sure how well these will fit once my regular running and yoga schedule return.

Keep reading below to see a few more items I tried on and reviewed!

Tank Top - Size XS; $34.99

I really wanted to like this tank top. The material is super soft and comfortable (very athleisure), but it runs super big. I like wearing oversized items, so I didn't mind that this tank ran big. But the arm holes stuck straight out instead of draping down... Not cute. .I'm undecided about the slogan on the tank. Its really subtle, like so subtle you can barely even see it in person. I wasn't into the "WANG" slapped onto everything, but I did feel like it was nicely done on this tank. Just maybe a bit more contrast would've been nice.

Scuba-look Dress - Size 6; $79.95

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Out of everything I tried on this was my favorite. The fit is fantastic. The scuba material is super forgiving and comfortable. I love the placement of the elastic bands on the side. It does make it a bit difficult to get into the dress, but at least there is a back zip to help. The overall look of the dress is very versatile. I can easily dress it down with sneakers or dress it up to go out to a club or bar. I know this dress won't get a whole lot of wear (lets be honest, my life revolves around food and this is not an eating dress), but between the fit, quality, and price, I think its worth having in my closet.

Sizing wise, I felt like this dress ran a bit small. I normally float between a 4 or 6 at H&M, depending on how constrained the upper torso is. I felt like the 6 fit me perfectly and a 4 would've been too tight.

Fitted Dress - Size 6; $99.00

Every collection has a heartbreaker right? Well.. this is mine. Ugh. Of all things, I had the highest hopes for this dress. While I think it looks great on, it was extremely difficult to pull on. The material has very little stretch to it, especially with all the criss crossing. Unlike the scuba dress, there's no back zip to help give you some wiggle room. Fit wise, this dress runs very small and very long. I think I could've easily sized up to an 8. My torso issue is more evident in the back photo. You can see how the waist cutout is getting scrunched. In the frontal photo, if you look at my reflection on the left corner, you can see how the collar pops up, as well. I think this dress would look fantastic on someone with a longer torso, but alas, not for me.

Boots - Size 7; $249

I really liked these and I wish they had had them in my size. They are a little difficult to get on, however. Most of the shoe is scuba with leather ankle section. There's no back zip (which is something I've become rather accustomed to with multi-laces) and the laces are threaded through and not hooked in. This means to even stretch the scuba material enough to get your foot into the boot, you need to loose up all of the laces by pulling them through the holes and then tightening them back up. Its fine for a night out, but if I need to go over to a friend's house, these would probably not be my first choice.

Other than that, they are well balanced and even though I tried on a full size up, I found them easy to walk in.

Suede Boots - Size 7; $299

I have mixed feelings it when designers create collaboration items that are similar (or almost an exact replica) to one of their previous designs. While its better than buying a Forever 21 knock off, it still cheapens the original design a bit. Never the less, this is a pretty awesome boot and almost worth the $300 price tag. The boot is a mix of leather, suede and scuba and fits in nicely with the rest of the collection. It is also an exact replica of a previous Alexander Wang design. Which, by the way, you can purchase that boot on The Outnet for less than the H&M version right now. If I did not hate peep toes those boots would already be in my possession. In any case, overall, these were really nice. Nicely balanced and sturdy. They felt fairly comfortable to walk in, though a bit stiff. There will probably be a break in period with these.


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  1. Could you tell me please, if those Wangs boots were in a regular size? I usually wear size 9.....Jessica Simpson 8 1/2