Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{Outfit} Altuzarra for Target - Orchid and Jacquard

Altuzarra for Target Orchid Print Sweatshirt (wearing a size xs)
Express High Waisted Jacquard Skirt
Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. in Tawny (on sale!!)
Express Calfhair Pointed Toe Slipper in Leopard

I think this is that post where I'm suppose to say, "Look at me! I'm a rebel! I don't care about fashion rules, I will totally wear white after Labor Day." But I think we've all been beaten a dead horse about that the past couple weeks, so I won't (even though I technically did, I didn't really, OK?).

Instead, lets talk about what everyone really wants to talk about, and that is Altuzarra for Target! This is of course my lets-get-an-outfit-post-asap-before-everyone-moves-on outfit post. Totally off track from my usual blogging schedule, of course! I wasn't actually suppose to buy a sweatshirt this time around. Heck, it wasn't even on my very, very small wishlist. But there it was and now here it is on me. I think I have a problem people. A sweatshirt problem.

But.. I kind of love it. I mean, I originally hated it, and now I kind of love it. I thought the orchid print would be too much for my frame. I thought the orchid print was too vivid. And really, I hate the whole poly screen print mixed with a knit material thing. But I was wrong on all counts. Even the poly! Which admittedly is still not my favorite, but the poly in the Altuzarra line feels better than any other line I've experienced, and I think it works well with this design. Seriously, when I saw how muted the actual print was, I totally fell in love. There will be more in the mini review I will post next week (because of course, why wouldn't there be some sort of review coming. I wouldn't let a little thing like getting married stop me from writing a review.. or two.. or three), but for now I'll just say that the sweatshirt does run smaller than you would expect. Its not a normal sweatshirt. Its suppose to be more of just a slim sweater. I love it even more for that reason. I can move comfortably in it, but its not boxy and its pretty darn flattering. And, as you can see from this post, thin enough to tuck into a skirt without feeling bulky. But beware... the poly is a super wrinkle monster.

That's all for now folks! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Did you get anything else from Altuzarra for Target? I picked up the black jacquard pencil skirt, sleeveless bow blouse (reviewed both in this post), and the crane dress (reviewed in this post) in store. Still waiting for my online order to arrive.