Thursday, September 4, 2014

{Outfit} Fall Embrace in Leopard and Burgundy

Lulu's Romper (super old and altered - similar)
Forever 21 Wool Hat (sold out - very similar here and here)
ALDO Clutch
STEVEN by Steve Madden Catelena Heels

I am so sorry for missing last week's post! I was knee deep in paper and floral wire and foam and the next thing I knew it was Friday. Oy. It's been quite some time since I missed a post, but I guess that's why they call it wedding brain. Actually.. do they call it wedding brain? Is there such a thing? I know there's baby brain, and after these past few months I full on believe there should be something called wedding brain. Or maybe it should be called I-took-on-way-too-many-DIYs-but-I-love-it-wedding brain? ;)

In any case, one great thing that came about all of this, is I finally got my little panda butt to my tailor. There's this big white dress I'm suppose to fit in, in less than.. oh thirty days now (holycrap), but of course me, being me, had to throw in all my other over-due alterations as well. I've had this romper for a solid year now. A year. By my own rules I should have gotten rid of it a long time ago. But you see I have this bin. My alterations bin. And in this overflowing bin is stashed away all sorts of little sins. Really, I should call it, I-can't-make-myself-get-rid-of-it-so-I'm-going-to-say-that-it-just-needs-alterations bin.

So there my romper sat. For a full year. Remember that crazy closet reorganization that I took on (and have not finished yet)? Well my alteration bin was victim to that as well. Anything worth actually keeping, I took down and got altered and the rest now sits in a black hole that use to be my craft room.

>.< Man, I got a lot of work to do after all this is said and done. But who knows, I may have some goodies to give away as a result! ;) You're just gonna have to put up with the wedding DIY brain for another month to find out!

Happy Thursday everyone!


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