Thursday, August 21, 2014

{Outfit} Last Rays of Summer

Zara Top with Lace Front
Express Asymmetrical Hem Skort in White (sold out, but can find more colors here)
Anne Michelle Enzo 01 Strappy Heel
ROMWE Striped Clutch (sold out - extremely similar here)
ALDO Bracelet (sold out - but this is pretty darn cool)

The last of my summer outfits. I feel like everything since this has been infected with just a touch of fall. A bit of camo or leopard, or even full on fall colors. And it seems as if the weather is starting to catch up now too. The nights are a lot cooler than they were a few weeks ago. Perfect for those long sleeve with short combinations. ;)

I'm a bit in love with Zara (if you haven't noticed from my last few posts). I've always liked Zara, but I've never had one close enough to me to really solidify my love for it. That has since changed, and seriously, in love. Possibly more than H&M. Their fits are all over the place - I now have everything from an XS to a M, but I simply love Zara's overall style. I feel like they know how to make a good simple top, but with just enough of a wow factor to keep it interesting. Like this lace top. Its made out of a french terry, and is overall neutral in color, but absolutely amazing to look at -- and comfortable. Always a winning combination in my book.



  1. love how you paired the top and skort together!

    xx Shirley

  2. Hi Pamada! I've been looking for those skorts and didn't realize express had them:). How is the sizing compared to express skirts? Length is okay?

    1. Hey Mai! These skorts are kind of everywhere and can really vary in quality and size. I really like the ones from Express because they're really good quality and I can get a good price on them with coupons or sales. Zara also has some, but they're much more expensive since Zara rarely has promo sales. In terms of sizing, I actually went up from my normal Express size. I float between a 0-2 and the 2 in these fit but were super short. I get a 4 in them now and it doesn't look too big and my bum isn't hanging out ;)

    2. Haha, thanks! I actually ended up ordering a bunch of sizes from Express to take advantage of the sales over Thanksgiving and sizing up was definitely a must to cover the bum:)