Thursday, August 7, 2014

{Outfit} Minimalist

Just some quick shots from one of my many trips to Michael's this past month. Seriously, it feels like I live there. This is a pretty minimal outfit for me. No jewelry; easy, but awesome flats. I love the effortless feel of it. And it was great to run around town in. I was pretty skeptical about the lace shorts I got from ROMWE, but they really surprised me. I am seriously wearing a size large here, but size ain't nothing but a number. Espeically when it comes to Asian sizing. The shorts are super comfortable and thick. And I'm loving how it pairs with this H&M top... sorta like a faux romper ('cause finding a real one that fits is semi-impossible)!

As you can see, I'm pretty obsessed with this Vince Camuto bag. I thought it was going to be too heavy for my shoulder and cause a bunch of pain like most shoulder bags do, but its like magical. Or just ergonomically cool. I've used a ton - at least a straight two weeks since getting it. I've taken it to dinners, out to the movies, shopping. I've even stuffed 4 bottles of yogurt soju in it. No pain, but plenty of gain. Real love doesn't leave scars. Just a few red marks. ;)

ROMWE Shorts
Vince Camuto

H&M Lace Top in Black
ROMWE Lace Trim Shorts
Vince Camuto Colby Bag in Black
MIA Armor Sandal in Tan (sold out - other colors here)


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  1. Love the look of the intimate pieces together(:
    hope you can stop by sometime(:

    xx Shirley