Friday, August 15, 2014

{Lookbook} Altuzarra for Target

The Altuzarra for Target lookbook is officially out! But before we talk about the clothes, can we please talk about how freaking cute Joseph Altuzarra is? I would totally take him home and stick in him my closet! He can sit there making gorgeous clothing right next to Prabal Gurung.

This collection is really interesting. Its a complete 180* from the last one. But much like the Peter Pilotto collection, I think its going to be a you either love it or hate it kind of vibe. It is super sophisticated and mature looking - things that I haven't seen come out of a Target designer collab in quite a while. I believe that the target audience is very specific and I'm not entirely sure how well this collection will do. Especially since, it is not petite friendly in any way. Most of the dresses or skirts go past the model's knees. That pretty much means that I will need to get all of it altered. The torso lengths also look quite long, especially in some of the skirts and there's really only so much altering that can be done to fix torso length. Plus... have you ever seen big prints on a petite person? Bad news bears, people.

If you can't tell, I'm not really over the moon about it. Which is disappointing in some ways, and a huge relief in another. With everything going on this year, I can't really endure collab madness at this point. That being said, there are a few things that I think will work for me and are on my must have list. This is probably the shortest must have Target designer collaboration list I've ever created!

Trench Coat in Military Green/Black, $89.99; Structured Dress with Crane Embroidery, $49.99

This trench and dress are everything to me, but omfg, $90 for the trench!??! Even the 3.1 Phillip Lim trench wasn't that much. It better be amazing for $90. I'm really hoping both are and that they'll both be worth getting altered. My only hesitation about the dress is how well done the embroidery is. I can see this being amazing, or completely tacky.

Ankle Strap Shoe $39.99; Ankle Boot, $59.99

What's a just.pandippo wish list without shoes huh? I'm not feeling the over the knee ones, especially since the ankle part looks particularly wide, but I am loving these two. They come in black and brown, and while I'm not crazy about the shade of brown, I adore the black. I will definitely be ordering these to try out.

Satin Cami Set in Black; Shirtdress in White/Banker Stripe, $39.99

Not gonna lie. I mostly want this cami set because of the lace mask. The shorts are cute, but similar to stuff I already have, and at the moment I hate the actual cami. Its not photographing well, but it might be different in person. The shirtdress is also more of a curiosity since Target didn't show it on a model. It perks my interest in color and potential.

Wrap dress in Red, $39.99; Trenchcoat in Black Jacquard, $89.99

Other curiosities, but I am 99% sure I will hate the dress once its on. I think it will really come down to material. I already have a black trench, and even though I love jacquard, I doubt I need another one. But I may just order it anyways.. y'kno just in case.

And that's it! I told you it was a short list. ;) I know a lot of people are going ga-ga over the orchid maxi dress, but unfortunately its just not my style. But as you all know... come launch day, everything can change!

You can see the rest of the collection, with pricing, here.


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