Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Outfit} Wedding Attire in Peter Pilotto

This is actually the second Peter Pilotto dress I've worn to a wedding. And this is the fourth wedding (and by far my favorite) that I've been to this year.

This is the only time I have managed to squeeze in an outfit shoot right before. One out of four? I still call that a victory for this year.. since y'know last year I got none done before any of the weddings we went to. That, plus the fact that I've managed to shot an outfit while on vacation, is starting to make me feel like a real life blogger!

But then I do stuff like.. forget to paint my toe nails. Which, of all people, the boys in my life were the ones to call me out on. And of course spend a good five minutes ridiculing me about it. Lucky for them I was too overjoyed with seeing them (its been like a year!) to not punch them in the baby maker. ;)

P.S. I love this dress. I'm so glad I kept it. It like wearing a corset. Keeps everything small and tight even when you're stuffing yourself full of buffet food :D

Peter Pilotto for Target Strapless Dress
Le Tote Necklace & Bracelet
Anne Michelle Enzo-01 Heels
Lulu Guiness for JCPenney Clutch (old - new and cuter here)


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