Thursday, June 26, 2014

{Outfit} Crochet at the Beach

Welcome to outfit one of what would have been our engagement shoot photos. Except San Francisco is a fickle creature, and what started off as warm, bright, and sunny day quickly turned into a very cold, very windy, very fog filled one. And as you can see from today's post.. I was not dressed for the fog. And neither was FH. Poor guy. He had a knit sweater that was suppose to be used for his second outfit (yes, I made him bring two outfits as well) and he kept trying to put it on, but I wouldn't let him. What's a marriage if we're not suffering together right?

We were shooting at Bakers Beach. I promise you the San Francisco bridge is right behind me. There was just so much fog, you couldn't even see the bottom where the bridge meets the water. Heck, you could barely see the water. Needless to say, even after an hour and half of sucking it up we didn't get too many good shots. Lucky for us, our photographer is amazing and fantastic and offered to reshoot another day--not in San Francisco.

Sorry, SF. I love you (even if FH hates you), but you're just to temperamental for me to deal with.

P.S. All those pretty little curls in my hair? Gone. Damn you fog, damn you.

Aritzia Kent Blazer (past color - current colors.. on sale too!)
American Eagle Outfitters Mesh Tee (found at TJMaxx)
Kohl's Mudd Lace Shorts
Mango Pointed Wedge (old - similar)
Urban Outfitters Floral Fedora (past season - current season)
Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini in Minty


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