Thursday, May 22, 2014

{Outfit} Lace and Pleats

I have some horrible habits.

1) I wear my polish down until its chipped every which way and totally unpresentable (let alone blog-able), but still I go about wearing it until its all fallen off or I'm forced to change it (which hopefully will happen this weekend).
2) I stay up hours on end reading so that I am constantly bleary eyed and hide behind sunglasses.
3) I like to wear my clothing backwards.

Yeah, this post is full of bad habits. But at least the last of them is actually a positive. I've been known to wear tops, even dresses backwards. Though, in this case, its not so much backwards but twisted to the side. This skirt was originally meant to be high in the front and low in the back, but I really liked the idea of creating an obvious uneven hem, not just a gradual high low. I think it works well.

What do you readers think? Have you guys ever worn your clothing in a way that it wasn't meant to be worn?

Happy Thursday! I am so looking forward to this three day weekend - one of my oldest friends is getting married. ;) Make sure to follow on Instagram for the fourth wedding selfie of the year! :P

H&M Lace Top (old - similar)
ASOS Oh My Love High Front Maxi Skirt (old - similar)
Steve by Steve Madden Carisa Sandal
Jewelry: Pose Bracelet & Rings / Urban Outfitter Rings


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  1. Hullo! I've found your blog whilst researching previous Target/designer collaborations (my quest is to own a piece from every single one and your reviews have proven invaluable!) and I'm here to stay. You have a fun style and an engaging writing voice which I truly appreciate. And you shop at the same places I do, so your info is terrifically accessible.

    I was simply gonna lurk for a bit, but your mention of wearing things backwards resonated with me. I just started doing the same and it's amazing - it's like I have double my clothes now! In fact, my OOTD today does just that. Would love for you to stop by and check it out! :D