Thursday, May 8, 2014

{Adventures} Roos 'n' More

It's been a while since I've posted some adventure photos huh? I mean.. really. I could take some fancy photos of my paper cutting machine at work, but somehow I don't think you guys would consider it as much of an adventure as I do. Well, don't worry. We've done lots of traveling in the first half of the year.. camera in hand!

The first of these places was Vegas. Now, you've already heard of some of our Vegas venture (which has really sparked quite an obsession with purses now.) But did you know that we also went to a zoo while we were out there?

What? A zoo? In Vegas?

Yes, that's right. A zoo in Vegas. Well, to be fair, its actually an hour outside of Vegas. And its really not just any zoo. Its an interactive zoo. Not only do you get to feed animals, and I mean really feed hand to mouth kind of feed, but you get to touch and pet them, too. I love animals. Anything and all thing fluffy and even some with scales, I truly love animals. I have more than once joked about risking a limb or to two to touch one. And now someone was telling me that I could do it safely? Kind of a no-brainer huh?

Welcome to Roos'n'More! What started off as a veterinarian facility soon became a place that gave visitors an "ed-zoo-cational" experience through up close encounters. They hope that through these experiences, visitors will become inspired to save their wildlife friends. And honestly, its rather brilliant marketing tactic.

Did you know that lemurs are unbelievably gentle? I've always liked lemurs, but now I love lemurs. Our interaction with them was hands down my favorite. We got to feed them grapes and they would gently take your hands and bring the grapes into their mouths. Their paws are incredibly soft! I've missed them every day since we left and am half contemplating trying to break into the lemur area at the SF Zoo. We got to interact kangaroos and capybaras (the baby one tried to jump in my lap). FH even had a capuchin monkey jump on his shoulder and play with the camera (which is why that photo is the only one taken with a mobile phone ;)!

If you ever get a chance to head over there, I highly recommend it. The staff is friendly and knowledable and really care about adding to your experience. This is really only a small sample of what we did there, any more and your browsers would've exploded. ;) It was well worth the money for a private tour, and I can promise you, we'll probably go back in the future.


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