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{Review} Peter Som for Kohls

Possibly the fastest I've ever gotten a review out. Like ever. Mini reviews are kind of awesome like. Granted, I didn't have much of a choice in the mini review option. My Kohl's really did not have a lot. Maybe a quarter of what was on the website? So I decided to review just the items I was most interested in.. Haha which ends up is still a good amount.

In general, I do feel like this collection ran large. I tend to shop the juniors section at Kohl's more than the women's but if I compare the sizing the few pieces I have tried on (think Lauren Conrad line), I'd definitely say this collection ran large. The good news is that Kohl's does go all the way down to an XXS/0. The bad is that it is online only and Kohl's shipping can be horrendously slow. In any case, I did enjoy this line quite a bit. I love rayon in my maxis and this line had plenty of. There were some issues of course. Mostly with print placement, but not so much in quality. Kohl's does tend to overprice their items in general. Full price, is honestly, never worth it. None of the dresses are lined, and every single one of them is over $50. But with the right amount of coupons, sales, Kohl's cash, etc.. the end cost will make a lot of these items worthwhile.

Ok! On to the (mini) review:

$78.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: I really love this print. Out of everything, the postcard print is probably my favorite, but I do think it looks best on this maxi. Part of my does wish they'd done it in a shorter length like the Palm Leaf dress. The purple portion is chiffon, and if it was truely sheer, I would probably favor this style more. I'm sure it will be different once I am in the sun, but as far as indoor lighting is concerned, its almost opaque. Aside from that, everything else about this dress if fantastic. The material is very comfortable and the dress itself wears so daily. The draw string waist allows for a fitted look without any uncomfortable band or elastic. I'm also loving the length of this maxi. Its seriously perfect for me to wear with flats or heels. In the photo above, I have the waist strings tied to my back instead of the front. I prefer wearing it this way since I think it presents a cleaner look and also allows for the option of a belt.

Fit: Runs long in the torso. Fit can be considered TTS consider its a drawstring waist, but I definitely have some extra material hanging down in the back. I ordered an XXS online and will hope that one fits better.

$78.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: I love stripes. You guys know how much I love stripes. And I love multicolor rainbow prints. I really, logically should love this dress.. but I don't. I actually think it may almost be too much? I love the idea of it, especially from what I originally saw in the sketches, but on an actual form - well, on my actual form, I don't find it very flattering. Granted I have the type of body that needs a defined waist and this is more clingy than anything (the most clingy of all the dresses I tried on). I need a lot more body confidence to be able to wear this out comfortable. Print placement here is vital. The first one I tried on, I just hated, and its because the horizontal stripes fell right at my widest point. I tried on another one with diagonal stripes going across and it was much better, but still not enough to fall in love with. Overall, though, the dress is very comfortable and easy to wear. Like the Postcard dress above, I found the length to be perfect for flats or heels, so huge plus there. I'm not overally crazy about the chiffon stripes. I think if it was more sheer (again), I'd like it better, but else I feel its a bit awkward.

Fit: TTS. In the photos below, I was trying out the different stripe placements. The Small had the best placement, but unfortunately felt too shapeless for me to take home.

$78.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: Hello. Did not expect to love this dress. I just tried it on for the sake of trying things on and BAM! I got hit with the love bug. Who knew it would be so flattering? Especially given the top is way too long for my torso. But again, its all in the right fabrics. This dress is made out of a nice heavy rayon so the extra material just hangs, almost flush. I did order an XXS online to try and see if I can still get the same flattering look without the extra material, but I'm happy enough with the XS size. This dress does seem to be a bit longer in length than the other two maxis. It drags when I wear flats so I would either need to get it hemmed or wear a pair of low wedges with this (or hope that the XXS loses like an inch of length :P). The waist is elastic--one of the few times in my life that I can sport an elastic waist. I think the reason for this is because the elastic is more of a suggestion (loose) and not a defining point (tight).

Fit: Runs big in general, especially in torso.

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to try and show a pocket and a thigh slit in one photo? :P

$68.00, Size 2

My Thoughts: Normally when you see the words "empire" to describe a dress, your mind auto images to a side profile that borderlines pregnant. Not the case here. The waist is extremely flattering actually. If this dress was cut shorter, I would've considered taking it home. In general, however, the dress itself is only OK for me. I think its nothing special. The fit is great, but could you really tell this striped dress from the millions of others out there? The whole point of paying a bit extra for the designer's aesthetic is so that is recognizable. That being said, at a more reasonable price, I would probably take this one home in a heartbeat. This is also one of the few items that have any kind of lining too it. Ironically, its not really needed considering how color and how thick the material is.

Fit: TTS

$74.00, Size 2

My Thoughts: There's always one isn't there? One that breaks your heart. Aside from the rainbow striped dress, I was looking forward to this one the most. Unfortunately, I think its just not meant for my body type. Sash waists work about as well as elastics on me. Too much hip emphasis. Plus the actual cut of the dress ended up being a bit disappointing. I thought it was one solid piece, but there is actually a ruffle hem that I'm none too crazy about. The material was comfortable, however. I also wish the dress had been lined considering it has some white elements to it.

Fit: I'd say it runs a little big, though I'm not sure if going down a size is necessary.

$64.00, Size 2

My Thoughts: I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this romper. I'm not crazy about the material, or how shiny it looks in person. Its 100% poly, so there will be some static issues in dryer weather. Not something you really want to deal with when you're wearing a romper. I want to like it, I actually love the stripe pattern, but I think overall its a huge miss for me. I kind of feel like I'm wearing a diaper and I don't think I could actually go down a size, despite feeling like the 2 is too big. The back zipper stops before the elastic waist so I was already wiggling to get into this thing. I'm pretty sure I would not be able to get this over my hips in a smaller size. Zipper fail Kohl's!

Fit: Runs big, especially in torso (running theme here).

$38.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: Slub material? Pineapple graphic? Um win. Minus that price tag however. I love this top, but I will be passing unless I randomly find it for less than $10 on clearance. Though, I think the chances of that happening will be slim judging by the sheer amount of blogger photos I've seen. Here's hoping, however. Much like the rest of the collection, this tank is super comfortable. It'll be easy to dress up or down. I'm not crazy about the side profile of the top. I think if the "straps" had been made longer, it would've hung better.

Fit: TTS.

$50.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: I'm pretty sure they must've sized up in the stock photos to give the sweatshirt that drapey look. Fitted, its OK, but not my favorite. I didn't care enough about it to try on a larger size, but given that the sweatshirt is made from rayon, I think it would've worked out well. The sweatshirt is cute and very comfortable. But this was an either or for me. It was either the dress or the sweatshirt, and I love the dress way more. For one reason or another Kohl's lines never inspire the desire to own the same print in multi things, which is really quite fortunate for my wallet.

Fit: TTS.

$78.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: I really like how this jacket looks zipped up, but not how it hung open. It was only just OK, and considering the fact that I tend to wear my jackets open instead of closed, I couldn't justify the cost. The jacket itself is super comfortable. Its a poly-rayon blend, so it'll be perfect for spring to summer nights. One thing, I really disliked was the weird seam on the arm. Not sure what is there.. but its very awkward and very visible.

Fit: TTS

$50.00, Size XS

My Thoughts: I'm starting to think that I really don't like charmeuse on a lower end level, so I might be a bit biased in my thoughts. I also prefer these types of pants to be made out of rayon or viscose, so that they drape down instead of puffing out - which I feel these do. It might be worth to try a size down to reduce the bagginess, since the waist is elastic. I couldn't try it since XS is the smallest size they carry in-store. The fabric does feel soft, but again, I'm just not a fan of it. The print is fun though, I wish these would've worked out. Also, compared to my Old Navy ones, the rise on this is a lot higher. This goes above my belly button, which I think doesn't help the baggy feeling around my hips.

Fit: TTS, but bit baggy.


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