Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Outfit} Paint Splatters and Urban Vest

Its funny how things can just sit in your closet for the longest time. I swapped for this dress.. almost 6 months ago, I think. I loved it, but for whatever reason I never wore it. Until came along this vest, and its like the two were calling to each other. Connections like this make it hard to clean out the closet sometimes.

Not that I recommend you buy you things that don't fit into your current closet with the hope you'll find its soul mate or soul mates in the future. But it's kind of a beautiful thing when it happens.

Happy Thursday!

ModCloth Art All Day Dress
Old Navy Canvas Draw String
Mix No. 6 by DSW Bow Front Crossbody
H&M Pumps with Studs (sold out - similar)


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