Monday, March 10, 2014

{Reviews} Express

Lets be honest now. I do a lot of shopping. And when I do all this shopping, I'm on my phone. A lot. Because I can be a fairly indecisive person. I am constantly snapchatting Anna asking for opinions. So I thought to myself, "Self, you're taking all these photos anyways. Why not share some with the readers!"

So here we are. The first of many random fitting room reviews. And by random, I really, really mean random. I shop a lot, but I don't always shop at the mall a lot. Because, again, I'm a lazy panda. Indecisive and lazy. I tend to do a lot of online shopping (which I'll start including those into my reviews too) and then I wait until the returns are about half my height before I decide to venture out. So yes, these will be fairly random, but still relevant! And that's all that matters right? ;)

Last weekend I went to Express and Old Navy, mostly because I had returns to do at Express, but I was also plotting an order on so I decided to venture in.

Slub Knit Two Pocket Shirt
$34.99, Size XS and S

The Good: I'm a huge fan of the Portofino shirt, but I go through phases where I like hate polyester. I've been looking for an alternative that fit/draped just as well, had that slightly sheer aspect and was not made of a synthetic fabric. Well hello slub shirt. This shirt is exactly what I've been looking for. It is a cotton/modal mix, so probably won't be able to put this in the dryer, but the cut is about the same as the Portofino without all the static mess. I would this style in a burn out fabric so I could more of a sheer shirt, but as an alternative to the Portofino, I'm pretty happy with this.

The Bad: Button gaping! Ahhh.

Fit: Size up. I typically wear an XS in Express, but I had to size up in these due to some major button gap issues. But because of the cut and fabric, sizing up doesn't look bad at all!

Cut Out Back A-Line Dress
$88.00, SIZE 2 and 4

The Good: I really like the fabric on this, its actually like a twill similar to the Prabal Gurung for Target red dress. It gives the dress a very nice structure and sort of indestructible feel to it. I also love the exposed zipper and placement of the cut outs. I love cut outs but more often than not there are bra issues.

The Bad: Fabric has no give.

Fit: Another one to size up in. In dresses I normally bounce back and forth between a 0 or 2 but this was extremely tight in the chest, to the point where I'm pretty sure the girls were actually being smashed. Going up a size did cause more torso wrinkle in the back for me though, so I'll probably have to pass on this one in general. Sigh. I wish Express made petite dresses sometimes.

Tie Back Romper
$59.90, XS

The Good: I love this little romper on so many levels. I love it so much I am this tempted to buy it at full price. But it's Express and I know better. There will always be a promo or some coupon that will not only make this a great item to add to my wardrobe, but a steal as well. Seriously this romper is really perfect for summer. Its light weight and very comfortable. The back is amazing. The front is lined so no see through issues. I personally don't feel like the inseam is too short, but I also prefer most of my inseams to be around 2". Oh, and win! It has pockets.

The Bad: May or may not have some bra issues depending on how you are about your girls. I'm OK with it. I think it'll be cute to wear this as is with some sticky cups or flower power, or having a peek-a-boo bralette show through.

Fit: TTS.

Sleevless Textured Zipper Dress in Stripe, Dot Print, and Beach Glass
$88.00, Size 2

The Good: This is one of those dresses that you really wish/want to own in every color and print. The zippered front really adds to the versatility since it lets you change the shape of the neckline. I love all of the textured fabric, these three being my top favorite (it also comes in a lace). I'm really into fabric textures right now, so this dress sings to my heart in so many ways. I ended up taking the dot print home, but as soon as these drop low enough in price, I plan on purchasing the beach glass (which is like a light mint color) and the striped one as well. I actually would've taken the striped one home over the dot if it weren't for the changing season. Both the stripe and dot dress have a soft weave almost comparable to like a tweed. The beach glass fabric is quite similar to the jacquard weave in the Peter Pilotto for Target strapless dress.

The Bad: You really have to be careful when purchasing these dresses. Its preferable to purchase online, if its available. Since the fabric is textured it also can snag quite easily. I went through three version of the dot dress before I found one that didn't have a run in it. The same for the striped one, so please look over your garments carefully!

Fit: TTS, but runs a bit small when full zipped on top in the stripe and dot print. I tried to size up in this, but found a 4 to be way too big in the waist. The beach glass print had a bit more stretch to it, so my regular size fit just right.


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