Friday, March 14, 2014

{Review} Old Navy in-store and online

I go through weird phases with Old Navy. Sometimes I love everything I see there, and other times I just hate it. I use to work as a visual merchandiser for Old Navy (which doubled as a customer service associate sometimes) so maybe I'm a bit biased in my hate. Old Navy is very hit or miss in terms of quality and fit, but when they get it right, they really get it right. Plus I love how they tend to use more cotton and rayon vs polyester and acrylic.

I actually have a pair of Pixie pants coming my way as well, just not in time for this post. So stay tune for that! I actually grabbed them in a tall size in hopes I can wear them as regular pants instead of ankle length.

Striped Oxford Pullover in Mini Mint
$24.94, Size XS

The material on this says its a 100% cotton, but it actually felt more like a cotton-linen blend, and has that semi-sheerness that linen can have. I liked the idea of the top, you know me and stripes. Its comfortable and a nice shirt to just pop over with a pair of jeans or skit--easy peasy way to create a casual but cute outfit.

In terms of fit, I'd say its pretty TTS. I definitely needed a petite in this shirt. Its fits OK, but I know it could fit so much better since it is just slightly too big overall. There's no stretch to the fabric, so make sure you can move in it comfortable before taking this pretty home!

Pull Over Shirt in Mint
$17.94, Size XS

I wanted to try this shirt on to compare to the Express slub/Portofino shirts. Its about half the cost of the Express slub version, and fits just as well. The only downside is that it's a pullover and not a full blouse, which cuts some of the versatility in half. The top is made with rayon and while I love rayon, Old Navy's rayon does run on the cheaper side so when washing, please make sure to wash on cold and hang dry to avoid shrinkage!

I found this to run a little small and will work for petites since the material is quite drapey.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available online, but it was in the new arrivals section when I tried it on in-store!

Drapey Cinched Pants in Black
$29.94, Size XS

I have been looking for a pair of nice, drapey pants that wasn't made out of polyester for a while now. Seems like a simple request no? Yeah, no. Sometimes I think I'm a giant static cling and I just attract tons and tons of static to me. Maybe its the hair? Either or, I knew that a pair of polyester drapey pants would not work on me. They would just turn into awkward leggings. Imagine my excitement when I came across these in.. 100% rayon. Uh huh, that's right, dreams came true. And these are amazing, and slimming and very comfortable. I normally hate anything with an elastic waist, but its done right on these pants. The elastic doesn't pinch, but still keeps my pants up securely. There's also a drawstring waist, which can be tightened, but I really think its more so for show than anything.

I believe these are suppose to be ankle pants (inseam is measured at 27") and they seem to work well that way for me, and are TTS. Unfortunately these don't come in a tall version, so they might be more of a capri style on someone with a longer inseam. There is elastic at the hem of the pants, so I would suggest sizing up if these fall higher than your ankle because the elastic cuff will be too tight.

Striped Graphic Sweater in Goodnight Nora
$24.94, Size Girl's XL

Old Navy has some extreme vanity sizing when it comes to their Girl's clothing. I range any where between a Girl's medium to XL. In the case of the sweater, I found the XL to be a bit too big, but I didn't like the length of the large. I'm hoping since this is a 100% cotton that the fabric will shrink just a bit and get me that inbetween that I need.

In any case, lets talk anchors and how ridiculously expensive it is to find a cute anchor sweatshirt that doesn't cost as much as something from J.Crew and isn't made of acrylic. This is really why I have no shame shopping the kids department. I love this sweater. The fabric feels nice, soft, and just a bit heavy. I think its going to be perfect for spring weather.

Canvas Drawstring Vest in Argula
$32.94, Size XS

Whee! Yet another long search item fulfilled by Old Navy. I've been looking for a vest like this for a year now. I wanted one that was made out of heavy, sturdy fabric to really stay true to that utilitarian style, but of course without the bulk and bulge (cause really, if I wanted to be truly utilitarian I should've gone out and bought an army vest or something :P). A lot of the lower end vests have the look, but are too boxy or drapey. This, however, is quite perfect. Minus the fact that I think I need a petite. Its just a bit too big everywhere, particularly in the width of my shoulders. I have an XS Petite coming with the Pixie pants in the mail, so I'll let you guys know how that turns out.

Happy Friday! :)


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