Monday, March 17, 2014

{Review} Grayson Shop

This is a sponsored post. I was provided with products for review from Grayson Shop. All words, ideas, and opinions written in this post are of my own and have not been influenced or directed by Grayson Shop and/or its affiliates, or the aliens inside of my head.

I really like writing reviews (as if you didn't know). Especially reviews that will help you, my beautiful readers, find new and affordable places to shop. Introducing Grayson Shop! A new online boutique based in southern California! Their aim is to provide trendy juniors clothing at an affordable price.

And I tell you, Grayson definitely delivers on that. I don't think there is anything in their shop that is over $25 -- and that includes the outerwear! Crazy right? This is what fast fashion use to be like. Affordable. Don't get me wrong, I love Tobi and Lulu's and all of that, but they can all be fairly over-priced for something that is so temporary in your closet. I love that Grayson seems to get it.

And I really loved the products I received too! I picked out three items for review. I actually really wish I'd been able to review their outerwear, but the item I chose sold out midway and nothing else called to my style at time of replacement. Consider the most expensive item in that section is a coat, it would've been great to see what the quality was like. Not that what I did receive was horrible. In fact it was all just fantastic. If this had been actual order that I'd placed, I would've been ecstatic at not have to return anything!

Things that I like:

❤ Pricing: Seriously on point for what you are getting.
❤ I liked that there is a system set up for reviews. The shop is still pretty new so there isn't a whole lot of feedback set up yet, but at least there will be in the future.
❤ Model's size is included in the product description.
❤ Fabric content is also included in product description.

Things that I think need improving:

❤ Actual model measurements. And not just her height. I'm talking bust, waist, hips, etc. I'm not sure why so much of the country things you can judge a person's size by their height, but it is a common misconception. Someone who is 5'9" can have a similar body measurement to someone who is 5'2" and wear the same size.
❤ Measurements of the actual clothing. Though, to be fair, I think this may cause clothing prices to increase, but in general it is a nice feature to have.
❤ Consistency in product descriptions. Sometimes no information is included. Sometimes it just the model's size. Or the fabric content. Or everything. I'd like to be able to expect the same level of product description on everything I am looking at.

Also, everything you get from Grayson Shop will have a "Grayson" label on it. This company practices private label branding (like Tobi and Forever 21). What this means is they will purchase the products from a third party vendor and retag the item with their own private label. This is pretty common practice in the fast fashion world.

Alright! On to the actual order.

Shipping is free at $50 and if you join their newsletter you can get $5 off your first purchase. Shipping time, for me, was pretty fast, but I'm also based in California and it normally only takes a day or two for something to reach from one end of the state to the next. Once your package arrives, everything comes wrapped up in white tissue paper, some cute stickers and a Thank You card! Little things, always make a difference.

Elephant Tank
$10.00, Size Small

This is my favorite item of the bunch. I mean, how could it not be? Graphic print, open tank, nice soft burn out material? Pretty much a win win overall. Its super comfortable and easy to wear, and unlike a lot of open back tanks, it doesn't totally fall open when you bend down. Strangely the fabric tag was not attached on this and its not available on the website, but judging by the care label I'd say this is probably some sort of cotton/rayon or viscose blend, which is not too shabby for $10. My only gripe about this top is that I wish the tank straps were cut longer. It would've helped the draping to be more body skimming and less boxy.

This could easily fit any one between a size Small to Medium. I think its a bit over sized for someone who is normally an XS, but it is do-able. Else, I would size down for a slightly slimmer look.

Into the Woods Lace Back Sweatshirt
$13.00, Size Small

Yes, yes, I know more graphics. What can I say? They go fabulously under moto jackets and blazers. There's an added bonus of a lace back here, which is nice and soft. The material is a cotton poly blend and feels fairly comfortable to wear. The cut is a little off in that its looser on top than it is on the bottom. Doesn't look too bad, though.

TTS, if not a bit small in the waist.

Draped Tropical Print Dress
$21.00, Size Small

Second favorite item from my order. This is going to be one of those dresses that is super easy to dress up or dress down with the right accessories. The print and colors are fantastic and I, of course, love the asymmetrical hem. Its a pull on style, so its not super flattering for the girls and I do wish there was a side zip to get in and out of easier, but for $21, I really cannot complain. The fabric is 100% polyester, the top being more of mesh netting with a colored print over a white liner.

Fit is TTS.

Btw.. It is super hard to take a photo with left hand. Lol..hence the off centered image >.<

All in all, I'd have to say that Grayson Shop is a win. I will definitely be shopping there in the future.


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