Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Outfit} Old Navy Pixie Pants + Review

Old Navy put a good deal of marketing into these new Pixie Pants. Everyone's been talking about them, so naturally, you know I had to try them on. The fact that they happen to come in an anchor print had absolutely nothing to do with it (there's a lot of sarcasm in that sentence if you didn't pick it up ;). Like everyone else in the world, I've always been really skeptical of Old Navy pants. They are notorious for stretching out beyond wear or just not fitting right. But the Pixie promised some sort of magic, so I had to see if they would deliver.

Now, the Pixie Pants are not necessarily a "new" kind of pant as the marketing would have you believe. These are actually Divas in an ankle slim cut. The tags on all of the pants still say Diva, and so does the in-store marketing. Online they are marketed as Pixie and even noted as "Previously known as The Diva Ankle Skinny." However, if you order a pair from online, the pants that arrive on your door step, will still say Diva on them.

Its all very confusing and probably why no other blogger has even bothered to mention it, but as you lovely readers know, I like to over indulge on information. ;)

In any case, you've got to be wondering as I was wondering. Now a days, bloggers, sadly, cannot always be trusted. (Especially given the amount of OASAP and ROMWE glowing reviews out there. :P) But I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, paid or not paid (which btw, this is not a sponsored post), and I am here to tell you the truth about these pants.

Are they in fact magical? Why yes, ma'am, I do believe they are. They are, in the least, quite magical on my butt. Or so FH likes to keep telling me in severely inappropriate tones. I also find them to be quite flattering on my legs and I don't feel like they shorten my height like a lot of ankle pants tend to do.

Do they wear well? Or stretch out in typical Old Navy fashion? YES! Miracles upon miracles, these wear extremely well. They do stretch out just a smidge, as things normally would with wear. I found these to stretch out in the hips, knees, and waists but none to a baggy level. In fact, my pants were a bit too tight in the waist, but stretched to perfectly to a no-muffin top kind of fit. Life is always good without a muffin top (unless we're talking about actual muffins, then muffin tops is all I want). I've actually worn my anchor pants a couple of times now (without a washing in between) and it has held its shape quite nicely.

Is this a fit everyone can wear? Honestly, no I don't think so. While I found these to be true to size (I am a 2R), I do feel like they put quite a bit of emphasis on the hips. If this is an area you are already self conscious about, I would not recommend these.

Tobi Born Charmer Jacket
Le Tote French Penny Plains Top
Old Navy Pixie Pants in Anchor Print
Report Tanzy Heels
The Limited Clutch
Delias + Le Tote Bracelets

All in all, I'm fairly impressed with The Pixies and will be (and already have) buying several more pairs. I really love the J.Crew-ish look they give off, but without the expensive price tag. As with all lower end brands, there are some sizing inconsistencies, which worked out well for me. Since I have such a short torso, I suffer quite a bit from muffin top issues. Where pants typically taper in for the waists is where typically where my hip is still going. By comparing a few of the same sizes I was able to pick out a pair of size 2s with the widest waists, but same fit in the hips and legs.

I also played with the idea of wearing these as regular length pants instead of ankle ones. I purchased a size 2 in the talls as well, and found everything to fit about the same (hips, butt, waist) and just the length to be longer. It was actually perfect for my inseam, but since these are cut to be ankle length the knee placement fell in the wrong place. You can see in the photo below that there's a bit of a knee wrinkle (which my lovely friends actually pointed out) that only got worse with a few hours of wear. While this may not bother all, it definitely bothered me so I decided to stick with the regular lengths.

Left: 2 Regular; Right: 2 Tall

I tried on almost all the different colors and patterns, and how things look will really vary depending on your frame (for my petite size the larger prints really did not work, but the smaller ditsy ones did). I'll spare you the army of photos, but did want to share photos of the white ones. I was really disappointed in these. I love a pair of clean white pants, but these are unfortunately too thing and cause ugly pocket overlaps. It also totally shows my underwear and I am quite thankful the camera did not pick that up!

What do you readers think? Have you tried on a pair yet and do you like them? Has any one else tried the original Diva Ankle Pants and noticed if there's actually an improvement between the two?

Thanks for reading!



  1. I've tried on a pair and actually like them a lot. They feel like jegging material but better. Only problem I have with it is that you have to wear a dark color or one with a print. I tried on the khaki colored ones (in search for some decent khakis for work) and they just don't look right. Maybe too casual, but it didn't look like something I can wear to work. The dark colored ones I can and they're pretty good. Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks I couldn't figure out why that had a Diva tag!