Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Outfit} Old Navy Pixie Pants + Review

Old Navy put a good deal of marketing into these new Pixie Pants. Everyone's been talking about them, so naturally, you know I had to try them on. The fact that they happen to come in an anchor print had absolutely nothing to do with it (there's a lot of sarcasm in that sentence if you didn't pick it up ;). Like everyone else in the world, I've always been really skeptical of Old Navy pants. They are notorious for stretching out beyond wear or just not fitting right. But the Pixie promised some sort of magic, so I had to see if they would deliver.

Now, the Pixie Pants are not necessarily a "new" kind of pant as the marketing would have you believe. These are actually Divas in an ankle slim cut. The tags on all of the pants still say Diva, and so does the in-store marketing. Online they are marketed as Pixie and even noted as "Previously known as The Diva Ankle Skinny." However, if you order a pair from online, the pants that arrive on your door step, will still say Diva on them.

Its all very confusing and probably why no other blogger has even bothered to mention it, but as you lovely readers know, I like to over indulge on information. ;)

In any case, you've got to be wondering as I was wondering. Now a days, bloggers, sadly, cannot always be trusted. (Especially given the amount of OASAP and ROMWE glowing reviews out there. :P) But I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, paid or not paid (which btw, this is not a sponsored post), and I am here to tell you the truth about these pants.

Are they in fact magical? Why yes, ma'am, I do believe they are. They are, in the least, quite magical on my butt. Or so FH likes to keep telling me in severely inappropriate tones. I also find them to be quite flattering on my legs and I don't feel like they shorten my height like a lot of ankle pants tend to do.

Do they wear well? Or stretch out in typical Old Navy fashion? YES! Miracles upon miracles, these wear extremely well. They do stretch out just a smidge, as things normally would with wear. I found these to stretch out in the hips, knees, and waists but none to a baggy level. In fact, my pants were a bit too tight in the waist, but stretched to perfectly to a no-muffin top kind of fit. Life is always good without a muffin top (unless we're talking about actual muffins, then muffin tops is all I want). I've actually worn my anchor pants a couple of times now (without a washing in between) and it has held its shape quite nicely.

Is this a fit everyone can wear? Honestly, no I don't think so. While I found these to be true to size (I am a 2R), I do feel like they put quite a bit of emphasis on the hips. If this is an area you are already self conscious about, I would not recommend these.

Tobi Born Charmer Jacket
Le Tote French Penny Plains Top
Old Navy Pixie Pants in Anchor Print
Report Tanzy Heels
The Limited Clutch
Delias + Le Tote Bracelets

All in all, I'm fairly impressed with The Pixies and will be (and already have) buying several more pairs. I really love the J.Crew-ish look they give off, but without the expensive price tag. As with all lower end brands, there are some sizing inconsistencies, which worked out well for me. Since I have such a short torso, I suffer quite a bit from muffin top issues. Where pants typically taper in for the waists is where typically where my hip is still going. By comparing a few of the same sizes I was able to pick out a pair of size 2s with the widest waists, but same fit in the hips and legs.

I also played with the idea of wearing these as regular length pants instead of ankle ones. I purchased a size 2 in the talls as well, and found everything to fit about the same (hips, butt, waist) and just the length to be longer. It was actually perfect for my inseam, but since these are cut to be ankle length the knee placement fell in the wrong place. You can see in the photo below that there's a bit of a knee wrinkle (which my lovely friends actually pointed out) that only got worse with a few hours of wear. While this may not bother all, it definitely bothered me so I decided to stick with the regular lengths.

Left: 2 Regular; Right: 2 Tall

I tried on almost all the different colors and patterns, and how things look will really vary depending on your frame (for my petite size the larger prints really did not work, but the smaller ditsy ones did). I'll spare you the army of photos, but did want to share photos of the white ones. I was really disappointed in these. I love a pair of clean white pants, but these are unfortunately too thing and cause ugly pocket overlaps. It also totally shows my underwear and I am quite thankful the camera did not pick that up!

What do you readers think? Have you tried on a pair yet and do you like them? Has any one else tried the original Diva Ankle Pants and noticed if there's actually an improvement between the two?

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{Outfit} Latergram in Burgandy and Blush

Oh.. Apparently I never hit that little button that says "Publish" on this blog post. Oops. If this was Instagram, this would be a #latergram hence the post title. Ahaha. This was actually my Valentine's Day outfit. Or what would have been had I not opted for to cook dinner for my boys in sweatpants instead. Very cool and awesome sweatpants mind you, but sweatpants nonetheless. Though these Phillip Lim sweatpants have officially created some of need to obtain joggers or a light weight version of joggers. I mean, really, given the opportunity to look great while wearing insanely comfortable clothing is kind of a no brainer no? Let me know if you have any good recommendations as I fear most of the cheapy, mainstream store ones will look horrible on my hips.

Speaking of recommendations, any one know the best way to stretch out patent heels? Or is this just like.. task impossible? I love these little heels I have on here, but man. I have fat feet. No really I do. I'm a size 5.5 in shoes, but that's a 5.5 wide, and I definitely mean wiiidddee. I normally take a 6 in heels, but with the ankle strap or barely there trends I've been having length issues. So I've reverted back to 5.5s, but now my fat little feet cry when I try to walk. I swear they fit when I first got them...

Aritzia Talula Kent Blazer in Balsamine (sold out - other colors)
Tobi All Nighter Top
Victoria's Secret PINK Bralette
Sabine Laser Cut Out Shorts
Sole Society Giselle Pump


Monday, March 17, 2014

{Review} Grayson Shop

This is a sponsored post. I was provided with products for review from Grayson Shop. All words, ideas, and opinions written in this post are of my own and have not been influenced or directed by Grayson Shop and/or its affiliates, or the aliens inside of my head.

I really like writing reviews (as if you didn't know). Especially reviews that will help you, my beautiful readers, find new and affordable places to shop. Introducing Grayson Shop! A new online boutique based in southern California! Their aim is to provide trendy juniors clothing at an affordable price.

And I tell you, Grayson definitely delivers on that. I don't think there is anything in their shop that is over $25 -- and that includes the outerwear! Crazy right? This is what fast fashion use to be like. Affordable. Don't get me wrong, I love Tobi and Lulu's and all of that, but they can all be fairly over-priced for something that is so temporary in your closet. I love that Grayson seems to get it.

And I really loved the products I received too! I picked out three items for review. I actually really wish I'd been able to review their outerwear, but the item I chose sold out midway and nothing else called to my style at time of replacement. Consider the most expensive item in that section is a coat, it would've been great to see what the quality was like. Not that what I did receive was horrible. In fact it was all just fantastic. If this had been actual order that I'd placed, I would've been ecstatic at not have to return anything!

Things that I like:

❤ Pricing: Seriously on point for what you are getting.
❤ I liked that there is a system set up for reviews. The shop is still pretty new so there isn't a whole lot of feedback set up yet, but at least there will be in the future.
❤ Model's size is included in the product description.
❤ Fabric content is also included in product description.

Things that I think need improving:

❤ Actual model measurements. And not just her height. I'm talking bust, waist, hips, etc. I'm not sure why so much of the country things you can judge a person's size by their height, but it is a common misconception. Someone who is 5'9" can have a similar body measurement to someone who is 5'2" and wear the same size.
❤ Measurements of the actual clothing. Though, to be fair, I think this may cause clothing prices to increase, but in general it is a nice feature to have.
❤ Consistency in product descriptions. Sometimes no information is included. Sometimes it just the model's size. Or the fabric content. Or everything. I'd like to be able to expect the same level of product description on everything I am looking at.

Also, everything you get from Grayson Shop will have a "Grayson" label on it. This company practices private label branding (like Tobi and Forever 21). What this means is they will purchase the products from a third party vendor and retag the item with their own private label. This is pretty common practice in the fast fashion world.

Alright! On to the actual order.

Shipping is free at $50 and if you join their newsletter you can get $5 off your first purchase. Shipping time, for me, was pretty fast, but I'm also based in California and it normally only takes a day or two for something to reach from one end of the state to the next. Once your package arrives, everything comes wrapped up in white tissue paper, some cute stickers and a Thank You card! Little things, always make a difference.

Elephant Tank
$10.00, Size Small

This is my favorite item of the bunch. I mean, how could it not be? Graphic print, open tank, nice soft burn out material? Pretty much a win win overall. Its super comfortable and easy to wear, and unlike a lot of open back tanks, it doesn't totally fall open when you bend down. Strangely the fabric tag was not attached on this and its not available on the website, but judging by the care label I'd say this is probably some sort of cotton/rayon or viscose blend, which is not too shabby for $10. My only gripe about this top is that I wish the tank straps were cut longer. It would've helped the draping to be more body skimming and less boxy.

This could easily fit any one between a size Small to Medium. I think its a bit over sized for someone who is normally an XS, but it is do-able. Else, I would size down for a slightly slimmer look.

Into the Woods Lace Back Sweatshirt
$13.00, Size Small

Yes, yes, I know more graphics. What can I say? They go fabulously under moto jackets and blazers. There's an added bonus of a lace back here, which is nice and soft. The material is a cotton poly blend and feels fairly comfortable to wear. The cut is a little off in that its looser on top than it is on the bottom. Doesn't look too bad, though.

TTS, if not a bit small in the waist.

Draped Tropical Print Dress
$21.00, Size Small

Second favorite item from my order. This is going to be one of those dresses that is super easy to dress up or dress down with the right accessories. The print and colors are fantastic and I, of course, love the asymmetrical hem. Its a pull on style, so its not super flattering for the girls and I do wish there was a side zip to get in and out of easier, but for $21, I really cannot complain. The fabric is 100% polyester, the top being more of mesh netting with a colored print over a white liner.

Fit is TTS.

Btw.. It is super hard to take a photo with left hand. Lol..hence the off centered image >.<

All in all, I'd have to say that Grayson Shop is a win. I will definitely be shopping there in the future.


Friday, March 14, 2014

{Review} Old Navy in-store and online

I go through weird phases with Old Navy. Sometimes I love everything I see there, and other times I just hate it. I use to work as a visual merchandiser for Old Navy (which doubled as a customer service associate sometimes) so maybe I'm a bit biased in my hate. Old Navy is very hit or miss in terms of quality and fit, but when they get it right, they really get it right. Plus I love how they tend to use more cotton and rayon vs polyester and acrylic.

I actually have a pair of Pixie pants coming my way as well, just not in time for this post. So stay tune for that! I actually grabbed them in a tall size in hopes I can wear them as regular pants instead of ankle length.

Striped Oxford Pullover in Mini Mint
$24.94, Size XS

The material on this says its a 100% cotton, but it actually felt more like a cotton-linen blend, and has that semi-sheerness that linen can have. I liked the idea of the top, you know me and stripes. Its comfortable and a nice shirt to just pop over with a pair of jeans or skit--easy peasy way to create a casual but cute outfit.

In terms of fit, I'd say its pretty TTS. I definitely needed a petite in this shirt. Its fits OK, but I know it could fit so much better since it is just slightly too big overall. There's no stretch to the fabric, so make sure you can move in it comfortable before taking this pretty home!

Pull Over Shirt in Mint
$17.94, Size XS

I wanted to try this shirt on to compare to the Express slub/Portofino shirts. Its about half the cost of the Express slub version, and fits just as well. The only downside is that it's a pullover and not a full blouse, which cuts some of the versatility in half. The top is made with rayon and while I love rayon, Old Navy's rayon does run on the cheaper side so when washing, please make sure to wash on cold and hang dry to avoid shrinkage!

I found this to run a little small and will work for petites since the material is quite drapey.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available online, but it was in the new arrivals section when I tried it on in-store!

Drapey Cinched Pants in Black
$29.94, Size XS

I have been looking for a pair of nice, drapey pants that wasn't made out of polyester for a while now. Seems like a simple request no? Yeah, no. Sometimes I think I'm a giant static cling and I just attract tons and tons of static to me. Maybe its the hair? Either or, I knew that a pair of polyester drapey pants would not work on me. They would just turn into awkward leggings. Imagine my excitement when I came across these in.. 100% rayon. Uh huh, that's right, dreams came true. And these are amazing, and slimming and very comfortable. I normally hate anything with an elastic waist, but its done right on these pants. The elastic doesn't pinch, but still keeps my pants up securely. There's also a drawstring waist, which can be tightened, but I really think its more so for show than anything.

I believe these are suppose to be ankle pants (inseam is measured at 27") and they seem to work well that way for me, and are TTS. Unfortunately these don't come in a tall version, so they might be more of a capri style on someone with a longer inseam. There is elastic at the hem of the pants, so I would suggest sizing up if these fall higher than your ankle because the elastic cuff will be too tight.

Striped Graphic Sweater in Goodnight Nora
$24.94, Size Girl's XL

Old Navy has some extreme vanity sizing when it comes to their Girl's clothing. I range any where between a Girl's medium to XL. In the case of the sweater, I found the XL to be a bit too big, but I didn't like the length of the large. I'm hoping since this is a 100% cotton that the fabric will shrink just a bit and get me that inbetween that I need.

In any case, lets talk anchors and how ridiculously expensive it is to find a cute anchor sweatshirt that doesn't cost as much as something from J.Crew and isn't made of acrylic. This is really why I have no shame shopping the kids department. I love this sweater. The fabric feels nice, soft, and just a bit heavy. I think its going to be perfect for spring weather.

Canvas Drawstring Vest in Argula
$32.94, Size XS

Whee! Yet another long search item fulfilled by Old Navy. I've been looking for a vest like this for a year now. I wanted one that was made out of heavy, sturdy fabric to really stay true to that utilitarian style, but of course without the bulk and bulge (cause really, if I wanted to be truly utilitarian I should've gone out and bought an army vest or something :P). A lot of the lower end vests have the look, but are too boxy or drapey. This, however, is quite perfect. Minus the fact that I think I need a petite. Its just a bit too big everywhere, particularly in the width of my shoulders. I have an XS Petite coming with the Pixie pants in the mail, so I'll let you guys know how that turns out.

Happy Friday! :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{Outfit} Florals and Stripes

Mmm. I'm going to go ahead and say this was probably my favorite pattern out of the Peter Pilotto collection. In face, I may need to seriously reconsider if I'll be purchasing the cover up maxi after all. Multi-wear aside, I already have this print in a tee, pencil skirt.. and well now these pants. I probably don't need it in a dress huh? I swore after Phillip Lim I would limit myself to two items max per pattern. Obviously, I cannot stick by these rules, but four may be a bit excessive.

I think.

In any case, I'm rather in love with this look. This is my favorite way to (and really the only way I will) wear the crop top trend. Just a peak of skin, not the entire midriff. Between these and the Phillip Lim sweatpants, I'm digging loose, comfy pants to wear. In fact, I'm on a quest to find a couple pairs of nice joggers as we speak. Preferable not made out of polyester, but in the fast fashion world, we'll see how well I do.

Happy Wednesday! (Yes, I've moved my weekly posting date. Or giving out a new day to try out anyways.. until I get behind again and need that extra day in the week. La la)

Express (Minus the) Leather Peplum Moto Jacket
River Island Crop Top (old - similar.. OK not really, but its so cute I'd almost rather be wearing this)
Peter Pilotto for Target Pants in Green Floral Stripe
Steven by Steve Madden Elaine Sandal


Monday, March 10, 2014

{Reviews} Express

Lets be honest now. I do a lot of shopping. And when I do all this shopping, I'm on my phone. A lot. Because I can be a fairly indecisive person. I am constantly snapchatting Anna asking for opinions. So I thought to myself, "Self, you're taking all these photos anyways. Why not share some with the readers!"

So here we are. The first of many random fitting room reviews. And by random, I really, really mean random. I shop a lot, but I don't always shop at the mall a lot. Because, again, I'm a lazy panda. Indecisive and lazy. I tend to do a lot of online shopping (which I'll start including those into my reviews too) and then I wait until the returns are about half my height before I decide to venture out. So yes, these will be fairly random, but still relevant! And that's all that matters right? ;)

Last weekend I went to Express and Old Navy, mostly because I had returns to do at Express, but I was also plotting an order on so I decided to venture in.

Slub Knit Two Pocket Shirt
$34.99, Size XS and S

The Good: I'm a huge fan of the Portofino shirt, but I go through phases where I like hate polyester. I've been looking for an alternative that fit/draped just as well, had that slightly sheer aspect and was not made of a synthetic fabric. Well hello slub shirt. This shirt is exactly what I've been looking for. It is a cotton/modal mix, so probably won't be able to put this in the dryer, but the cut is about the same as the Portofino without all the static mess. I would this style in a burn out fabric so I could more of a sheer shirt, but as an alternative to the Portofino, I'm pretty happy with this.

The Bad: Button gaping! Ahhh.

Fit: Size up. I typically wear an XS in Express, but I had to size up in these due to some major button gap issues. But because of the cut and fabric, sizing up doesn't look bad at all!

Cut Out Back A-Line Dress
$88.00, SIZE 2 and 4

The Good: I really like the fabric on this, its actually like a twill similar to the Prabal Gurung for Target red dress. It gives the dress a very nice structure and sort of indestructible feel to it. I also love the exposed zipper and placement of the cut outs. I love cut outs but more often than not there are bra issues.

The Bad: Fabric has no give.

Fit: Another one to size up in. In dresses I normally bounce back and forth between a 0 or 2 but this was extremely tight in the chest, to the point where I'm pretty sure the girls were actually being smashed. Going up a size did cause more torso wrinkle in the back for me though, so I'll probably have to pass on this one in general. Sigh. I wish Express made petite dresses sometimes.

Tie Back Romper
$59.90, XS

The Good: I love this little romper on so many levels. I love it so much I am this tempted to buy it at full price. But it's Express and I know better. There will always be a promo or some coupon that will not only make this a great item to add to my wardrobe, but a steal as well. Seriously this romper is really perfect for summer. Its light weight and very comfortable. The back is amazing. The front is lined so no see through issues. I personally don't feel like the inseam is too short, but I also prefer most of my inseams to be around 2". Oh, and win! It has pockets.

The Bad: May or may not have some bra issues depending on how you are about your girls. I'm OK with it. I think it'll be cute to wear this as is with some sticky cups or flower power, or having a peek-a-boo bralette show through.

Fit: TTS.

Sleevless Textured Zipper Dress in Stripe, Dot Print, and Beach Glass
$88.00, Size 2

The Good: This is one of those dresses that you really wish/want to own in every color and print. The zippered front really adds to the versatility since it lets you change the shape of the neckline. I love all of the textured fabric, these three being my top favorite (it also comes in a lace). I'm really into fabric textures right now, so this dress sings to my heart in so many ways. I ended up taking the dot print home, but as soon as these drop low enough in price, I plan on purchasing the beach glass (which is like a light mint color) and the striped one as well. I actually would've taken the striped one home over the dot if it weren't for the changing season. Both the stripe and dot dress have a soft weave almost comparable to like a tweed. The beach glass fabric is quite similar to the jacquard weave in the Peter Pilotto for Target strapless dress.

The Bad: You really have to be careful when purchasing these dresses. Its preferable to purchase online, if its available. Since the fabric is textured it also can snag quite easily. I went through three version of the dot dress before I found one that didn't have a run in it. The same for the striped one, so please look over your garments carefully!

Fit: TTS, but runs a bit small when full zipped on top in the stripe and dot print. I tried to size up in this, but found a 4 to be way too big in the waist. The beach glass print had a bit more stretch to it, so my regular size fit just right.