Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{Shopping} Warby Parker Spring 2014 Lookbook

I am beyond behind in life. I'm overdue for a lot of things. Library books, hair cuts, dentist appoints and.. well, vision care. Not that I really need a new pair of glasses or contacts right now (thanks to a rather generous donation from a friend who is an optometrist). Well, at least this is what I am telling myself because I am a lazy panda. I'm like 90% sure my vision hasn't gotten worse in the past two years (I told you I was over due) and 90% is good enough for me!

That is until I took a look at Warby Parker's latest Spring collection. They've actually released two new collections for spring--the Spring 2014 collection and the Palm Canyon collection! I'm digging the Spring collection over the Palm, especially since this little beauty caught my eye:

Walker in Canton Blue

/"Accidentally" steps on current pair of Coach glasses. Oops. Looks like I need a new pair! Time to make an appointment with the eye doctor! Not a 100% sure that the shape of these frames will work with my face, but gosh, that blue is amazing. Of course if it ends up my vision hasn't actually changed, I could opt for a new pair of sunnies instead right? And we all know how much I love my sunglasses.

Quimby in Absinthe

Oh look. Its that blue and green combo that is constantly appearing in my wardrobe. I guess this means I'll need to find a way to get both right? ;)

One thing that I love about Warby Parker is that they have a try it Home Try-On program. Which I will seriously be looking into after today. You can pick 5 frames that you'd like to try on and they will send them to you for free! Decide which ones you like and then just send them back! I wish the same could be done for shoes.

Check out the rest of the collection below and let me know your thoughts!




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