Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{Outfit} Peter Pilotto.. Meet Prabal and Phillip.

I don't know if Target has really realized it or not, but the last three major designer collabs have all been lovely fellows whose names begin with a P. Obviously, individuals whose name begins with a P are awesomely creative and spectacular. Right? Right? ;)

In any case, I thought it only fitting for my first Peter Pilotto for Target outfit that all the P's meet on another P--Me.

Ok. Thats enough P for now.

By some miracle, I did not need to nap after my morning collaboration run. This is like the first time, ever, so please excuse me if this post is a little less than coherent. I have to say, this has been one of the best Target collaboration experiences to date. Not in terms of fit or quality that is (there's gonna be a review post for that naturally), but just in the overall Target experience. Is it possible that they are learning? Fashionista claims that this launch was pretty low key, meaning no website crashes or hordes of angry shoppers. The article goes on to say that people just simply did not go crazy over Peter Pilotto. I agree on some levels. While I think Target is starting to run us a bit thin with these designer collabs, the marketing for this line was quite over the top. I believe a lot of individuals were turned off by the very loud prints on very loud prints. Not everyone embraces that sort of thing. It a bit too high fashion for the average citizen. And honestly, a lot of people have trouble visualizing outside of the box. So yes, I could see how this collab could be a lot more low key. Heck, even Target realized it a few days before and posted a few photos of the line incorporated into more every day kind of outfits. However, I also think that Target finally has its sh*t together. And I would hope they would, after the Phillip Lim collab where they issued out $100 giftcards for sold out items? That gets expensive (truth: was half hoping it would happen again because free money is always awesome).

The line launch just a few minutes before midnight PST. It wasn't just one thing trickling in here or there, it was the full page ready and available. Sure not all of the links were working, but compared to other launches, I did not have to spend half my night typing in random search terms! Just refreshing twenty million times on particular items. In fact, I was able to get everything I wanted in only three orders -- another first. My order also shipped in less than 12 hours. Holy crap. That's a Christmas miracle in itself. In-store, there was about the same amount of people that there normally is (at least at my store), but this time, the manager actually came out to talk to us (and possibly tease us). He let us know that the main office was monitoring all of the stores (which of course promoted us to wave hi) to ensure that things went smoothly and safely. He also let us know that there was a two per item limit.

Believe it or not. I think they are actually listening to us.

Of course.. that still hasn't stopped the massive amount of eBay listings that follow.

How were your experiences? Do you think this collection has been a hit? Or a total miss?

Thanks for reading!

Aritzia Talula Kent Blazer in Sapphire (sold out - other colors)
Peter Pilotto for Target Peplum in Purple Floral Print
Express Boyfriend Jeans (sold out - other washes)
Peter Pilotto for Target Sunglasses in Red Iris
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target "Pashli" Mini Bag
Prabal Gurung for Target Pointed Heels in Black (similar)



  1. Great post! Good catch on how Target posted a few of the outfit ideas for everyday wear. I thought that was funny when I saw it, and also a bit of a red flag. The sunglasses were my must-have item btw. They are so freaking cool. Check out my post too if you like! I did a little dressing room review.


  2. I wanted to love the collection but I just didn't! I tried on the top you're wearing in the pictures but the rouching fell very oddly on me. I wish there had been a scarf, I for sure would've picked that up!

    Maybe the next collab.

  3. i wasn't too into this collection either. but after seeing it on folks, it doesn't look too bad. if i would purchase, i'd definitely wait for the sale. you look great in this top though!