Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{How to} Peter Pilotto for Target Maxi Dress - Wear it 4 Ways!

I know in my review post I said that this dress wasn't really worth the full price. And I stand by that, considering I'm wearing bra cups and a slip in order to be decent for this post. But there's a lot of untapped potential in this item that I just had to show it off! The cut and material of this dress is just perfect for multi-way wearing. And even if you don't go the cut and slip route, these different styles will still work as a beach cover up. I'm just giving you a few more options to fit your every day mood.

So the first way is pretty obvious. Its how the dress came off the rack.

VERSION 01: Cross-Neck Dress:

Now, here's where things will vary. In true Target consistency, some of the dresses will be stitched at the neck to keep the cross fixed in place, and some will not. I've come across two in-store that weren't, and another that was. Either way, I highly recommend you take a seam ripper or a pair of scissors and go snip, snip to free the straps. Not only will you open up multi-way wears by doing this, it'll also let you adjust the cross to your chest length, not what Target thinks is average.

X.x Sorry about the hair. I swear it has a life of its own at this point.

So now we can go into version 2! Which is pretty self explanatory.

VERSION 02: Halter V-Neck Dress

Ta-da. Your cross neck has just become a halter-neck!

The next two ways are pretty simple as well, but require a couple extra steps.

VERSION 03: Strapless Dress

To turn this dress into a strapless, simple pull the dress over your chest until the elastic part is sitting comfortable under your arm pits. The great thing about this is you can really adjust it to your body's shape. Take the straps and cross them in front of each other (similar to how it would like on your neck in Version 01). I like to make a loose knot instead of just crossing so that the fabric lies flatter, but either or will work.

After your knot or cross has been made, wrap the straps around your back and tie! You can adjust the waistline so that is lower or higher (like in my photo above). Strapless dress achieved.

VERSION 04: Maxi Skirt

Last but not least, lets make our maxi dress into a maxi skirt! Pull the dress down until the elastic part hits your waist. Since the dress was originally designed to more more of an empire waist, you'll need to pull down it down just a bit lower than where it original sat.

Take the neck straps and cross in front and wrap around. Tie the straps together at your back, and then tuck in any extra material in the front to create a faux-structured waist.

And thats it! Easy peasy right? Who knew this dress had so much potential! What do you readers think? Does this change your mind on the dress at all? It definitely puts it on my list now, but still at a 50% cost since I need to find a slip for it. :P I actually tore mine while making this post. Oops.



  1. wow! i found your blog when wondering which to buy
    Peter Pillotto for Target items.
    your opinions are so thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Ooh this is such a great post! I love all of the wears you thought up to wear this piece. I was thinking of purchasing one on ebay this just sold me!
    xox, michelle | alovelyallure