Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{How to} Peter Pilotto for Target Maxi Dress - Wear it 4 Ways!

I know in my review post I said that this dress wasn't really worth the full price. And I stand by that, considering I'm wearing bra cups and a slip in order to be decent for this post. But there's a lot of untapped potential in this item that I just had to show it off! The cut and material of this dress is just perfect for multi-way wearing. And even if you don't go the cut and slip route, these different styles will still work as a beach cover up. I'm just giving you a few more options to fit your every day mood.

So the first way is pretty obvious. Its how the dress came off the rack.

VERSION 01: Cross-Neck Dress:

Now, here's where things will vary. In true Target consistency, some of the dresses will be stitched at the neck to keep the cross fixed in place, and some will not. I've come across two in-store that weren't, and another that was. Either way, I highly recommend you take a seam ripper or a pair of scissors and go snip, snip to free the straps. Not only will you open up multi-way wears by doing this, it'll also let you adjust the cross to your chest length, not what Target thinks is average.

X.x Sorry about the hair. I swear it has a life of its own at this point.

So now we can go into version 2! Which is pretty self explanatory.

VERSION 02: Halter V-Neck Dress

Ta-da. Your cross neck has just become a halter-neck!

The next two ways are pretty simple as well, but require a couple extra steps.

VERSION 03: Strapless Dress

To turn this dress into a strapless, simple pull the dress over your chest until the elastic part is sitting comfortable under your arm pits. The great thing about this is you can really adjust it to your body's shape. Take the straps and cross them in front of each other (similar to how it would like on your neck in Version 01). I like to make a loose knot instead of just crossing so that the fabric lies flatter, but either or will work.

After your knot or cross has been made, wrap the straps around your back and tie! You can adjust the waistline so that is lower or higher (like in my photo above). Strapless dress achieved.

VERSION 04: Maxi Skirt

Last but not least, lets make our maxi dress into a maxi skirt! Pull the dress down until the elastic part hits your waist. Since the dress was originally designed to more more of an empire waist, you'll need to pull down it down just a bit lower than where it original sat.

Take the neck straps and cross in front and wrap around. Tie the straps together at your back, and then tuck in any extra material in the front to create a faux-structured waist.

And thats it! Easy peasy right? Who knew this dress had so much potential! What do you readers think? Does this change your mind on the dress at all? It definitely puts it on my list now, but still at a 50% cost since I need to find a slip for it. :P I actually tore mine while making this post. Oops.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{Review} Peter Pilotto for Target

Something really weird happened with this collection. The prints were fantastic, but the marketing was totally off. I know prints on prints on prints is a Peter Pilotto thing, but Target is suppose to know how to translate this down to the average consumer. The quality was there, but then the fits were all off. In the end, there’s a lot of lost potential with the Peter Pilotto for Target line. Which is funny, because for the first time ever, I feel like Target has finally gotten its act together (almost). The manager who opened up my Target at launch day was incredible. He was super energetic and funny. He must’ve said “I really don’t get this” more than a handful of times, but was still yelling “Peter Pilotto?! YEAH!!!” to everyone waiting in line and doing fist pumps. I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. Haha. As I mentioned in my previous post, he’d also come out to tell us that Target was monitoring the launch and that there was a limit of two per item a person. Which is great! Except… Target didn’t really need that rule this time around.

Overall, its a bit sad to say that I think this collection is a bit of a bust. Not that there weren’t some winners. There’s always going to be some winners, but my wallet is over there in the corner doing a happy dance right now because there were so few winners.

In any case, on to the review.

In general, the quality in this collection really was not bad. Almost everything was lined and the fabrics were decent. The textured ones (a jacquard and net weave) were surprisingly not bad consider, well, its Target, and its all synthetic fabrics. The fits, however, were all over the place. I have never had such an issue with fit. I’ve never actually needed to size up in any of Target’s previous collaborations before, but this time around, well.. I’m really thankful I was able to go in-store and try everything on. I definitely had to rebuy some key items due to fit issues.

Speaking of in-store.. this is what my cart looked like on launch day.

HO HUM. Well it wasn’t just my cart. It was Anna’s, too. And let me telling you, having a friend help on launch day makes a huge difference! I normally am only about to grab like 75% of items, and the rest I scour through days and days of inventory tracking and too many trips to Target (oh, the things I do for this blog). But with Anna’s help, I believe we grabbed like 98% of the things that my store carried. Which.. everyone hated us for. I mean.. seriously hated us for. Sorry!
I also had a few quality control issues with some of the items I purchased--both online and in-store. The first pair of striped pants had a hole in the front seam. One of the jacquard dresses I purchased has a huge run in the front of the dress. Target sent me a $5 gift card as compensation for it. The criss cross dress I ordered online was packaged incorrectly. Instead of receiving a dress, I received a peplum top instead. Hopefully there are no issues when I go to return.

IMPORTANT: I’m guessing this has something to do with the partnership with Net-a-porter, but anything ordered online at Target will not come with a tag that contains a Target barcode. Doesn’t matter if they carry it in-store or not. Never fear, you can still return to your local Target since every Target item also includes a SKU number in super tiny print on a super tiny tag located on the inside of the garment. However, I’d advise you to save your product bags if possible. It takes a while for the associates to either find the SKU number or even read it. I’ve even had one Target employee ask me to read it back to her because her eyesight was not that good. Its more of a time saver than anything.

I am going to try and cram everything into one post for once. Its just a bit too awkward to divide up, so I do apologize for the image loading that has already invaded your data connection. The review is divided up into the following sections (you can click each section for a quick link to each):

Romper in Red IrisJacquard Dress in Red IrisSleeveless Dress in Purple FloralSleeveless Dress in Red Floral Stripe and Green FloralCriss Cross Dress in Purple FloralShirt Dress in Lt. Blue/Check and Red Floral PrintBelted Dress in Green FloralBelted Dress in Red Floral/Check

Tank (Peplum) in Purple Floral and Red FloralTank in Red Iris and Black/WhiteTank in Green NettingShirt in Green Floral StripeShirt in Green NettingLong Sleeve Shirt in Red Floral and Green FloralBlouse in Red Floral/LaceCardigan in Green/Grey and Blue/White Color BlockCropped Sweater in Blue/WhiteSweatshirt in Lt Blue Floral Stripe and Red Floral/CheckBlazer in Blue/White Color Block

Skirt in Black/WhitePencil Skirt in Lt. Blue/Check and Green Floral StripeSkirt in Black StripeShorts in Blue NettingPants in Black/CheckPants in Green Floral Stripe

Bikini Top in Black/WhiteOne Piece Swimsuit in Red IrisBikini Crop Top in Black/WhiteRash Guard in Green FloralSwim Coverup in Green Floral

Sunglasses in Red Iris and Black/WhiteBeach ToteSlip On Shoe in Green Floral

Oh. And fair warning… FH like hated almost everything in this collection. His comments.. are not very nice.. or rational. ^.^*


$49.99, Size 2

The Good: *Squee* This is seriously my favorite item out of the entire line. Which was surprising since I was sure I’d love the strapless dress more. Its just plain, adorable. I feel like frolicking through fields in this or throwing on a moto jacket and stomping all over a city. Its just awesome. I wasn’t sure if I was going to love the neckline, but I actually love it. Its so out of the box for Target and since its not a true square shape I don’t feel like it ages me. I love how it feels clean and structured without being too restrained. I also love that it is fully lined! Don’t have to worry about the random white parts being see through.

The Bad: Nothing! Well ok. I can see some thinking these are a bit short. I believe its a 2” inseam, which is right up my alley, but I know a lot of people consider that too short. Also, a pleated front isn’t really any ones best friend. You’ll need to be careful if you have a tummy since the waist is fitted with no stretch, the pleats can add to your mid section.

Fit: True to size, if not a touch long in the upper torso. I have a pretty high natural rise (12” from natural waist to crotch) and this fit me comfortably well. The bottom half will probably be too big for you if you have a low waist.

Worth the Cost: Yes! Especially considering how hard it is to find a romper that fits well! If this doesn’t fit you perfectly however, stay far far away!

FH Reaction: I like the top but not the shorts. (Me: It's a romper) *pause* Yeah.. I hate it.

$79.99, Size 2 and 4

Left: Size 2; Right: Size 4

The Good: This is a really nice dress. The print is beyond amazing and I love that it has so much structure to it. The fabric is really fantastic. It is the same weave that you’ll find on the romper and the Sleeveless dress in the Purple Floral print. Its soft but holds its shape well. The boning is also well done. Despite having to go up a size I didn’t feel as if the dress was going to fall or scrunch down in anyway. I adore the drop waist with the pleats, too!

The Bad: The tulle is horrible. Its overly stiff (read cheap) and poofs out too much. Its too the point where if you have a dress with badly placed tulle (like in the size 4) you can’t do anything to smooth it out.

Fit: Runs small on top. This fits me pretty tight in the chest. Its a lot more comfortable in the 4 but then its too big everywhere else.

Worth the Cost: Yes, assuming this fits you well. I may have to hope I get this at a discount rate since the 2 is just a smidge too tight, but the 4 is too big.

FH Reaction: It looks like a lady bug is trying to eat your neck.

Left: Size 2 w/ tulle; Right: Size 2 w/o tulle

$69.99, Size 2

Left: With tulle; Right: Without tulle

The Good: Beautiful print. The black side paneling is extremely slimming and main fabric is some how soft and structured at the same time. The way the jacquard weave is done.. I don’t know if I love it or hate it. Either way its quite interesting, so not enough to list as a bad. ;) The dress is lined with tulle sewn in half way down to give it some added poof. (The lined part is good, the poof.. well see below.) I also love that this is a drop waist dress and not an a-line.

The Bad: I hate hate hate hate the tulle. Its the same as the Jacquard Dress in Red Iris. Very stiff and cheap. Needs to be cut out!

Fit: Runs big and very long in the torso. Not meant for petites at all. The skirt actually hits at the widest part of my hips and with the added tulle poofs out. Looks like I’ve put on 15 lbs. Not cute.

Worth the Cost: This is a nice dress, and its almost worth the $70 price tag. Almost. There was definitely some thought put into the side panels. There’s actually a waist pattern in place, not just a long side panel with stretch.

FH Reaction: Omg. Are you serious? Is that all one dress?

Sleeveless Dress in Green Floral and Red Floral Print
$39.99, Size XS

The Good: Love this dress. Especially in the Red Floral print. Its very cute and flirty with a size zip for easy on, easy off!

The Bad: Needs a belt. I also wish the material was softer (and not synthetic) like the PG dress, but it is fully lined so its not horrible.

Fit: TTS, if not a bit small. Its the same cut as the First Date Drop Waist dress from the Prabal Gurung line, but is slightly more fitted due to fabric.

Worth the Cost: So-so. Its $5 more than the PG dress, but has lining and a side zip, but not cut well enough to go sans belt.

FH Reaction: The red one kind of looks like you massacred an American flag and painted the stripes black. And the yellow one? BARF. (I feel like he’s taking his reactions a bit too comically now -.-)

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: The print is just ❤ ❤ ❤. And the material is really nice. Its not a cheap jersey dress. Similar material to the Phillip Lim leopard dress but with a way better fit. I love the added criss cross pleat across the top. It elevates the dress from being a whatever body con, to something clean and polished.

The Bad: I hate the sleeves. I think they’re an awkward length. I’d rather the be ¾ length or short sleeve. This is probably something I would change if I keep the dress.

Fit: True to size, a little large in the chest.

Worth the Cost: Yes, if you don’t mind the neckline. Personally I’m really tired of Target’s crew cuts. I don’t mind a few in my closet but almost everything I have kept from past Target collabs all have a crew neckline. No more! I would love to turn this into a v-neck following the criss-cut pleat on front. Which makes this a 50-70% off item for me.

FH Reaction: /Longest stare ever. I just don’t like the pattern.

$34.99, Size XS

The Good: This was a surprise winner for me. I did not expect to love this dress, especially considering how past loose shirt dresses have fit on me before, but this dress is amazing. The light blue floral print is extremely flattering against my skin tone, and again, fantastic lace! The dress is also lined and actually looks good belted or unbelted (though I prefer belted). Added plus are the hidden fly over buttons, giving the dress a very clean look.

The Bad: Its a little short. OK a lot short.. especially on the side. It’s OK on me, but my friend Anna, who is only an inch taller than I am (though with more booty), had to size up for length. On the plus side, sizing up didn’t look like it was too big on her so a good option for taller folks. Also, I do wish the lace fabric carried through to the back.

Fit: True to size. Comparing to the PG shirt dress, I’d say this one runs smaller.

Worth the Cost: Yes! Especially since the red is an online exclusive! There’s a chance of finding it 70% off. ;)

FH Reaction: I like this one! It looks more streamlined and not overdone in pattern (Holy crap its a miracle). But the red one looks like a giant t-shirt.

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: I am so impressed with the lace on this dress - well the whole line really. Its soft and so pretty, doesn’t seem like its going to tear easily either. From random sneak peeks, I was worried the belt was going to be cheapy like, but its not tooooo bad. I’m personally not crazy about the white color block, but the belt is thick, will give nice structure and is semi-adjustable with two button options. The fabric is midweight polyester and moves nicely when you walk. The dress is lined throughout the body to the skirt. The lace sleeves are not lined.

The Bad: I really want to like this dress. I really do. I loved it in the lookbook, but it’s super meh on me. As you seen in previous posts, I’m no stranger to print on print action, but this particular combination just doesn’t work for me. Its overwhelming on a smaller frame. I think this is going to be one of those items that either looks amazing on, or not at all. I have a feeling taller individuals will be able to wear this easier.

Fit: True to size, but long in torso. Petites will have issues.

Worth the Cost: All in all, I say yes.

FH Reaction: So many flowers. /painedlook Everywhere! I can’t see anything else

$44.99, Size 2

The Good: Admittedly, I had no hopes for this dress. It look so similar to the color block one from the PG line that I assumed it would fit horribly. While it isn’t the best fit, I do think it is a step up. Perhaps Target is learning from its previous lines? My favorite part of this dress is the neckline. I love it is a round neck, but it doesn’t look like one because of the corner panels. I suppose thats one way to keep with the usual neckline but change it up. The fabric is decent. I also like the sort of faux keyhole back line created with the two hooks.

The Bad: Nothing really bad to say other than I’m a bit over the high low trend.. especially mixed with ruffles. The belt is OK, but really seems kind of clunky in the black on white version.

Fit: TTS, but long in upper torso. Petites will have an issue. No stretch, so it was a little difficult to move in.

Worth the Cost: So-so. This dress really isn’t for me. It costs $5 more than the one from the PG line, which I’m assuming is because of the belt.

FH Reaction: The.. f**k…


$24.99, Size XS

The Good: LOVE. These tanks are my second favorite item in this collection. I love the material they chose to use and the criss cross fold creates a nice soft peplum. The fabric (same as the Criss Cross dress) hugs your body, but isn’t too tight. Meaning.. I can still eat in this dress and hide my food baby too! It is very easily dressed up or down because of the choice of fabric, making this a huge winner in my book.

The Bad: The arm holes are a little long. This isn’t an issue for me as I have fat armpits, but I can see it being downside for some.

Fit: TTS, great for the short torso'd. The criss-cross pattern hits my waist perfectly.

Worth the Cost: Yes! Yes! So much, I’m keeping both colors. :X

FH Reaction: Finally something I actually like! And doesn’t look like its strangling you in with flowers.

$24.99, Size XS

The Good: Pretty prints, nice heavy weight material.

The Bad: In general I’m not crazy about these. I don’t find them very flattering on my frame. I dislike how thick the straps are, I prefer the PG style where they were still racerback but slightly thinner.

Fit: Runs large.

Worth the Cost: Eh. Not really. Target normally charges $20 for these kind of tanks, but this time around there’s another $5 tacked on. From what I can see, there’s no reason for this higher cost minus the fact that material is heavier, but it is still polyester. This is especially true when you compare to all the other tanks available in this collection.

FH Reaction: (Red Iris) Seems to have an obsession with the New Orleans Saints logo.. (B/W) Why do all these patterns hurt my eyes? Is that their thing?

$24.99, Size XS

The Good: Print layout is nice. I’m not a fan of the cut, but I can see some liking it.

The Bad: Personally, I think this kind of cut makes you look bigger since it Vs out from the top to hips.

Fit: Runs large and lonngg. Almost a tunic on me.

Worth the Cost: Yes. This isn’t the same situation as the racerback tanks which are very plain in cut. This does have some work done to it, so I can see how it it would be priced at this point.

FH Reaction: I think Peter Pilotto does too many drugs..

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: This shirt has a really nice fit. A-line cut but doesn’t flare out and make you look wider. I think the print has a good deal to do with that. I love this shirt actually. I want to take it home. This is something that can easily dressed up or down.

The Bad: See Cost :P

Fit: TTS

Worth the Cost: No. Which is really the only reason I have not taken this home yet. I thought this was going to be like the Phillip Lim peplum where I was outraged that the top was so overpriced but then happy to find out that it was more than worth the cost. Yeah, no this was definitely not the case. This shirt, as cute as it is, is a 100% polyester. And its just a regular tee really. I refuse to pay that much for a simple shirt. Had the fabric been different, I would’ve gladly taken this home at full price, but alas I must hope to find this at 50% off or higher now.

FH Reaction: Seriously? Why is he mixing horizontal and vertical stripes? I’m just annoyed.

$19.99, Size XS

The Good: The pattern is cool. :P And the way the side panels come in.

The Bad: Hates it. Hates it lots. This shirt is really not cut well. Every single person I’ve seen this in, myself included, looks weirdly broad and stiff in this shirt.

Fit: TTS, though wide in the shoulders.

Worth the Cost: Sure. This gets priced normally, but my awesome Green Floral stripe one doesn’t. Sad panda. In any case, this is a big fat no.

FH Reaction: Ahhh.. All the patterns make my eyes hurt.

Long-Sleeve Tees in Red Floral and Green Floral Prints
$19.99, Size XS

The Good: These shirts are fantastic! I would’ve bought these if I hadn’t already found so many other things in the collection I liked. The material is really soft and cool on the skin. The cut of the shirt, though plain, is still flattering and does not hug the stomach too much. Great to just throw on and leave the house. I favor the Red Floral over the Green, but I think its just a skin tone thing.

The Bad: I secretly wish this came in a short sleeve.

Fit: TTS.

Worth the Cost: Yeps!

FH Reaction: I have nothing left to say. I’m done. /Starts laughing.

$34.99, Size XS

The Good: I think.. I think this may be the first blouse in a collaboration that 1) actually fits me and 2) I really like and would heavily consider purchasing. There are hidden fly over buttons much like the shirt dress. The lace is awesome and soft.

The Bad: MmMMM…. I guessss the print can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s like the whole collection. :P So no real bads here!

Fit: Runs small (fits perfectly on me)

Worth the Cost: Yes! One of the few tops that is priced on par with previous collabs.

FH Reaction: The black collar and button trim help break up the pattern. And while its better… I still don’t like it.

$34.99, Size XS

The Good: Hurray. Target finally made a collab cardigan that wasn’t so thin it was see through. Even more hurry? Holy awesome mesh weave! Makes this truly a unique item and not just something you can find anywhere. I also love that it is 60% cotton - no acrylic! I really wish I could’ve taken this home, but I wanted the green/grey combo and that one seemed to have some sizing issues.

The Bad: Inconsistencies in sizing. The blue/white I tried on fit noticeably better than the green/grey. If the green/grey had fit like the blue/white I would’ve checked out with it.

Fit: TTS. Length might be an issue for longer torso folks. This hit at the top of my hips, and I have a fairly short torso.

Worth the Cost: Yes.

FH Reaction: (About the Green) That looks like something you should wear in Kill Bill. No to the green, yes to the blue.

$29.99, Size M

The Good: Gah. I’m really sad I didn’t grab this in a small or x-small. Its so soft on the inside and super comfortable. This was a surprise item for me, so I didn’t order it online either. Here’s hoping for a return! I’ve been looking for a crop sweater for a while now. They’re a lot easier to wear with high waisted things since you don’t have to worry about tucking things in. This sweater is really cute in person (and would look so great with the Phillip Lim navy skirt!). The material is more like the sweatshirt material, however, so calling it a sweater isn’t totally accurate.

The Bad: I’m not a fan of the sleeves, so its probably good I haven’t been able to find this yet. Target is a huge fan of this length, which is more conservative and I don’t mind it, but I think its awkward on a sweater.

Fit: N/A. I’m wearing a Medium here, and it fits OK but I’m not sure if a Small or XS would’ve been better. Its definitely hits lower on my body than I would like a crop to to be however.

Worth the Cost: Yes.

FH Reaction: If I stare at this long enough, is a magic image going to appear?

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: I love the design/print of these sweatshirts! They did a really good job on keeping this casual and toned down but still getting that pop of print. I love both color versions, too, to the point where I had hoped to keep both colors. Alas that will not happen as you will see below. This is a very soft sweater on the inside. Same soft feel as the PG sweatshirt, I believe they may be the same material since the way the print took to the fabric feels the same. Hallelujah for the design going all the way around! I thought it was only on the front, initially, so very happy to see that it is not.

The Bad: There’s always going to be one that breaks your heart. There may actually be a couple in this collection, but this was the first to do it. I was looking forward to this sweatshirt so much. Especially since the design goes all the way to the back. But unfortunately, this sweater is very boxy and runs very large. Larger than the PG one did! From the front it looks OK on me, but from the side.. well. Looks like I had one too many sushi rolls. This is really a bad mostly for me and anyone with my size frame. Else.. see above.

Fit: Runs large. :(

Worth the Cost: Yes, but not for me. LESIGH. I’m hoping to find the red one at 70% off since its an online exclusive and then I can justify hack it up to fit better.

FH Reaction: (About the blue) The patterns don’t go together. Too much contrast. It hurts my eyes! (About the red) Mm.. this one is better?

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: Overall this blazer isn’t too bad. I am personally not crazy about how it flares out, but I’m not putting it is a negative since I think its more a matter of style preference. Plus I’ve been so in love with my Aritzia blazers, I don’t know if I should be allowed to review a blazer right now. The blazer has a nice structure to it, and I like the contrasting materials. Its actually pretty fashion forward right now. The next wave of blocking is suppose to be with textures, not color and this has both! From the look book it kind of seemed like it had too much going on, but its actually not bad in person. The navy and black are similar enough in shade that the compliment each other instead of contrast. It is fully line with shoulder pads as well, which is really the biggest thing holding me back from this.

The Bad: This type of cotton blend tends to attract a lot of link, so make sure you bring a little mini lint roller in you purse! There seems to be a thing going on with the shoulders. The Moto Jacket (which I regretfully did not get to try on) also has a similar style. It reminds me of a more traditional men’s suit, or the shoulders are just too big for me. :P

Fit: TTS for Target Collabs, so a bit big. Most comparable to the PG blazer.

Worth the Cost: Yes.

FH Reaction: Oh! Something that looks nice. .. Er but not buttoned up. Don’t button it up.


$34.99, Size 2

The Good: The idea of this skirt is really cute. I love anything asymmetrical and of course with the added mix ‘n’ match prints, how can you go wrong? I really like the texture fabric as well. Its a similar blend/weave to the Jacquard dress so its soft and structured at the same time. The skirt is also lined.

The Bad: The cut is a little off. Laid flat, the skirt looks cute but once worn the fabric seems to jut out on the sides, adding to the hip. I don’t know if the pockets weren’t placed correctly or if the top fabric wasn’t pulled high enough, but it really takes away from this style. Its even worse once you start moving.

Fit: TTS

Worth the Cost: If this fits you well off the bat, yes, but I think for a lot alterations will be needed to correct how the skirt moves.

FH Reaction: Are you wearing two skirts?

$29.99, Size 2

The Good: Target really got it right with these skirts. They’re cotton/nylon blend so they don’t cling, but hug your curves quite nicely. Pencil skirts can make my hips look wide sometimes, but this skirt is cut in a really nice flattering way. Its also lined and comes in two amazing prints. Easily dressed up or dressed down, pretty much a win all around.

The Bad: None.

Fit: Runs a bit small. I think petites will also have some issue with these. You can see from the side view photo these skirts don’t hug my butt very well. There is extra material wrinkling on top.

Worth the Cost: Yes!

FH Reaction: Stripes, horizontal lines, crosses… three different patterns do not belong on the same item dammit! (Man, I actually thought he was going to like this one T.T)

$34.99, Size 2

The Good: Another high spandex poly mixed fabric. I think the high context of spandex is what makes the poly in this line so soft. The skirt fits really well. I was really surprised when I tried it on. The skirt isn’t a true A-line cut. It actually hugs the hips and goes straight before flaring out. Almost like a drop waist skirt but without the seam. The black panels are super slimming, added with the nice fit, this is a very flattering skirt!

The Bad: I’m not crazy about the high low ruffle hem. I wish it was more of a straight cut. Also 10% spandex, so might be careful about stretch out issues.

Fit: TTS, though the length is a bit long for me.

Worth the Cost: Yes, but I want it at 70% off so I can cut off the ruffles. :D

FH Reaction: Might be better with a different top (-.-*)

$29.99, Size 2

The Good: Interesting fabric. Similar feel to the jacquard dress but with a netting weave instead. Very textured.

The Bad: I’m sorry, but it really needs to be said. Target, please stop making high waisted bloomer shorts. These are as bad as the Kate Young ones, and seriously, I don’t like flying that much.

Fit: TTS if you are MC Hammer.

Worth the Cost: If, by some chance, these fit you really well, I would say yes. The fabric is pretty unique and overall the shorts are made badly. The cut, however, is and I have yet to see these look nice on someone.

FH Reaction: Hi! Look at my vagina.

$34.99, Size 2

The Good: These are so freaking adorable I wish they fit. The design is really great, as well as the cut. The fabric is light weight, which, while disappointing since I was expecting something different, allows for more wear and surprisingly works for this style. You’re going to be able to wear these into the warmer days of spring without feeling overheated.

The Bad: There is a whopping 10% spandex in these pants. Which means they will stretch out--a lot. If you are in between sizes, definitely go for the smaller one. Also, I was a bit disappointed in the fabric. From the lookbook these looked like they were going to be made of a heavier fabric or even sweat material (which really I would’ve been all over since wearing sweatpants in public is socially acceptable right now).

Fit: Runs big.

Worth the Cost: No, but not by much. They’re just a bit thinner than I would like to spend $30 on.

FH Reaction: Verizon has full bars! (They're not that bad!!) Full. Bars.

$39.99, Size 4 and 6

Left: Size 4, Right Size 6 .. and if you are wondering I'm wearing a size Med. in the Bikini Crop Top here

The Good: I was really intrigued by these in the lookbook, but not enough to order without trying them on first. Boy, I am so glad I did. First, since these are high waisted, they run small for me so I needed to go up a size. And secondly, they are all sorts of awesome. These pants are made of a soft polyester and not see-through in the least. They flow just perfectly even if in a larger size. I honestly cannot wait to wear them!

The Bad: Anna hates them. :P Oh, and the first pair that I picked up actually has a seam tear right in the middle. Luckily I was able to find another one a few day slater.

Fit: Talk about sizing inconsistencies. Both this pant and the one in the Black/Check print are described as medium rise, but the Black/Check one is way larger in the waist (and most definitely has a lower rise) than this one does. I have a 12” rise from my natural waist to crotch, so if you have a longer rise like I do, I would suggest sizing up.

Worth the Cost: I consider these more like $30 pants. It would be better if they were lined, plus there were manufacturer's defects, but I would keep them at full price anyways.

FH Reaction: Are you actually going to keep those?


$22.99, Size XS

The Good: Love the design of this swim top. I also love the double back closure.

The Bad: SIGH. Meet the third heartbreak of the collection. I was really looking forward to this top, but the fit is really weird and in some cases sewn rather badly. The first top I tried on the center boning was crooked and not centered. Also there seems to be some inconsistencies in the sizing. I tried on two XS and in one, the cups fit me perfectly and in the second they gaped (which is not something you want in swimwear). I also hate how far about the halter tie strings start from each other. It creates armpit fat because it cuts into my skin!

Fit: Runs big. I normally need to size up in these corset style items, but this is the first type that I’ve tried on where the cups are cut quite generously. I also think these may be better suited for those with a broader chest in general. I felt like the cups were too far apart for my girls and made myself unproportional.

*Note on the bikini bottom for this top: I decided not to post a pic because, well I have to draw the line somewhere. :P But I sized up to a small in these and they fit my small butt fairly well.

Worth the Cost: No. There’s a lot of work put into these tops, but since its not done well, its not really worth the price.

FH Reaction: I find it [patterns] easier to digest.. when there is less material (-.-).

$34.99, Size S

The Good: Beautiful print! Love the low dip back and that the chest is padded.

The Bad: Ironically, the padded chest. Instead of using one long padding across the chest, Target used the cup kind that you get with bikinis. They’re loosely sewn in so they kind squish back and forth and get malformed. If they were going to go with these types, I really wish they had made the padding removable!

Fit: Runs very short in the torso. Pretty sure an average length person will have difficulties getting into this swim. I had to size up to make it decent.

Worth the Cost: No, too many issues.

FH Reaction: You look like a little girl wearing her first swimsuit (Btw readers, the reason why there is not a full back view of this swimsuit is because FH’s reaction was not PG appropriate.)

$24.99, Size XS

The Good: Cannot tell you how much I wish this was not swimsuit material. This is a really cute top and looks good in your actual size or even if you size up. I love the little cut outs and the unique design. I really want to wear this everyday, but that scuba material is really as far as I go in terms of swimwear as normal wear. The fabric seems pretty comfortable and is definitely really stretchy, but since its swimwear it holds its shape well.

The Bad: :( Its a swimsuit material. Its also a bit difficult getting your head through the neckline. Messy hair guaranteed. In all seriousness, if this is actually meant to be swimwear, I am pretty disappointed that padding was not taken into consideration. I refuse to buy any kind of swimwear that does not including some sorta of padding.

Fit: TTS, but can easily be sized up if you plan on wearing something underneath it.

Worth the Cost: In terms of fit and style, I say yes. I don’t swim enough to know if this fabric is considered good or bad.

FH Reaction: Over use of patterns!! (Me: But there’s only one pattern?) Can’t he just make something that I like?

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: THE BACK. Have you seen the back of this? Omg. I love it.

The Bad: This is in no way a functional rashguard. As much as I love the backless detail, it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a rashguard (and will also give you really awkward tan lines).

Fit: TTS, if not a little small, but with lotsa stretch

Worth the Cost: No, because its not truly functional as a rashguard. If this was a regular shirt, it would be a hellz yeah!

FH Reaction: I like the minimal use of visually blinding patterns.

$34.99, Size XS

The Good: This is a beautiful cover up. I especially love the neckline. Its loose and flowy and very comfortable. If you throw a skirt slip underneath you can wear it as an everyday dress. The top part of the dress is two layers of fabric, so it is not sheer like the bottom, but will need some sort of headlight padding.
The Bad: I’m not crazy about the waistline. Its very easy to get into the preggo look, however with the middle cut out I can see why it b better not to have it lower. I hate that its sheer. I wish they had put a lining in so that it could double as a dress and swim cover up. even a short lining.

Fit: TTS

Worth the Cost: I’m honestly on the fence about this one. I want to say no, because Target marketed this as a dress-dress and not a swimsuit cover up. Especially since the overall construction of this dress isn’t very complex.

FH Reaction: The cut is actually nice. Your back looks nice.. but the pattern just ruins it.


Sunglasses in Red Iris and Black/White Print
$16.99, One Size

The Good: Let me start off by saying that I have never paid full price for cheap sunglasses before. However, I am so more than willing to buy both of these at full price because these sunglasses are sort of amazing. For one, they are well constructed. They’re not lopsided or uneven in weight any, which is a common issue with cheap sunnies. Even more amazing is that they do not touch my cheeks. I have a pretty flat face and 95% of the sunglasses I try on or even wear, touch my cheeks. The more annoying ones move up when I smile. These do not suffer from that. Plus the print is awesome so :P

The Bad: None.

Fit: I feel like these fit my face perfectly. Not sure what that means in the framing world I’ll be honest. But I can see these will most definitely work on people with flat faces :D

Worth the Cost: Yes, mostly because my flat face can be rather difficult.

FH Reaction: They’re OK.


The Good: I was rather surprised with I saw this tote. Normally collaboration totes are fairly cheaply made. Just slap a designer print on any kind of bag and people will go nuts. This tote did not disappoint. It a very nice thick canvas. Lots of structure to it. Plus there are actual thought out inside pockets. One large with zip and two cellphone sized ones. There’s also a flat pocket on the outside that you can easily shove a magazine into. The outside printed portion has a light plastic/vinyl coating so it should be water resistant (though it is not advertised that way).

The Bad: While the print part of the tote looks to be fairly water resistant, I am not entirely sure the bottom part is.

Fit: N/A

Worth the Cost: Almost. More like $30 since its not clear how water resistant this is.. and well it is suppose to be for the beach?

FH Reaction: Why is it so big? (Its a tote! Its for the beach!) Its hugeeee.

$29.99, Size 6

The Good: Very well padded on the inside.

The Bad: The heck Target. Why don’t these come in a 5.5? I’m actually not a fan of these. They almost seem like an afterthought, or a cheap Vans knock off. The rubber sole is too clunky for my taste, and I don’t think the print balances out enough.

Fit: TTS, if not a bit big. I’m a 5.5W so I’m no stranger to a heel gap with size 6’s, but I can almost stick two fingers into the gap.

Worth the Cost: Meh. This is like a 70% off item for me.

FH Reaction: I’m done~ I don’t want to look at any more.

And that's a wrap! Hope everyone enjoyed and no one has fallen asleep by now. Let me know what you love, hated, give away your first born child in the comments below. ;)