Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Outfit} Winter Florals and Divergent Attitude

Warning! If you have not read Allegiant from the Divergent series yet, do not read this post! Just scroll and look at the pretty pictures. :P

I've been on a reading binge lately. Just, like, straight up binging on books. I can't be stopped. FH tries to take my Kindle away from me so I will go to sleep, but I fight him off. It has gotten to the point where my Christmas "present" was a Kindle Paperwhite. My current Kindle doesn't have a backlight, which means I would be reading at 1 AM in the morning with the night lamp still on. Or if FH was particularly cranky, I'd be reading via flashlight app. I'm not actually sure who the Paperwhite is really for. Me or FH's sanity.

Not that I don't love my Paperwhite. I seriously love it. But its turned me into a monster.

I blew through all six books of Game of Thrones before I moved onto the Divergent trilogy. I'd read Divergent and Insurgent the previous year (I can't really say last year can I? Since its now 2014 and last year would mean 2013?) and decided to reread before I opened up Allegiant. Luckily Anna had read the book before me. She'd warned me that the end of the book was sad. I cry at commercials. I know its pathetic, but I do. So, in attempt to get some sleep (because, really, if I start crying I have a very hard time stopping, and no I do not know what is wrong with me, it just happens like that) I stopped reading before things got too emotional.

I decided to finish my book the next morning. I only had a few chapters left. Why not? Except I like to read while I eat. So I'm seriously sitting there eating a bowl of splattered oatmeal (I lost a fight with the microwave) and the tears just start coming. Do you know how hard it is to eat and breathe while your nose is stuffed up? Impossible. And of course I keep crying because the stupid book doesn't stop. It just heart wrenching until the end.

And then FH comes home.

(Shock on his face) "Are you OK? What's wrong? Did something happen?" He gives me a tight hug.
Sniff. I finished my book.
"What?" Drops the hug. Laughs. Then gives me a pity hug instead and abandons me to my emotions.


In any case.. consider this my ode to Divergent outfit. Its semi-Dauntless right? Or maybe factionless since I kind of look hipster homeless. Or you have no idea what I'm talking about and wondering why I keep rambling. It's OK! Because there's going to be a movie soon! March in fact. And suddenly all of this will make a lot of sense.

Or not. How about I talk about pretty clothes instead? Like my new favorite blazer! Well, I should really say blazers. I plan on buying an army of these. Its going to be a slow growing army because its not exactly a cheap blazer and they don't go on sale very often, but never the less an army! An army of effortless blazers that can be worn any of time of the year! and layered. That's the money statement there. I don't wear blazers that much during the winter time because I can't wear a coat on top (and yes, I swear it does get cold enough in the Bay that I need to wear a coat on top of a blazer). I've been looking for a replacements for a while now and these are the first to meet every requirement. I blame my friend Jen. Just as the Paperwhite has turned me into a reading monster, she is turning me into an Aritzia addict.

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading!

Aritzia Talula Kent Blazer (on sale!)
Victoria's Secret Drapey Tank
Fleece Leggings from China (similar)
Lucky Brand Swayze Bootie
ModCloth Fashionably Late Pocket Watch Necklace (can also be found here)
New York & Company Marled Hat (sold out, similar here)


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