Thursday, January 30, 2014

{Outfit} Faux Fur and Some Blush

Words cannot express how much I am loving the weather in California lately. I know I should be concerned that the lack of rain and clouds and all things that typically make my winters miserable is causing a drought issue, but I can't. I'm enjoying baring my legs in January all too much. The funny thing is that my brain, my behaviors haven't totally adapted to this endless stream of sunshine. I forget to shave. I forget to moisturize. I run all over town in patchy, ashy legs, totally enjoying life.

But hey, at least I remember the armpits? :P

This post was originally about sunshines and what not. But then the sun decided to disappear and it started to rain and turned me into a liar. Oh wells, I guess three weeks of sunshine in the middle of winter should satisfy the Californian in me.

Plus, it means I can continue not shaving my legs for another month or two.

Happy Thursday everyone! I promise the next blog post will not be so.. erhm, graphic (or whiny).

P.S. Me complaining about the rain is like Kanye complaining about Kim not making the cover of some magazine. Its not even that cold. Its actually oddly humid. Thank you for putting up with my petty little whine. :)

Express Embroidered Top
Uniqlo Kid's Fur Vest (Tan sold out - Brown Available)
H&M Faux Leather Skirt (old - similar)
Michael by Michael Kors Lesly Boots
NY&Co Necklace (old - similar)
Target Bag + La Mer Wanderlust Watch


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