Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Outfit} A bit of late sparkle

I can explain.

Before you give me the evil eye, I swear there is a reason that I am posting sparkles in the middle of January. I know, I know. Sparkles are a holiday thing. New Year and Christmas and all that jazz.

But let me explain...

This is a ThrowbackThursday post? OK not really. I just sort of forgot to post this look in December. I'm not actually wearing sparkles in January, but the sweater is just so darn cute (and still available) that I felt like I had to post! We can just throw a #TBT on it and pretend like I did this purpose yes? Although, according to Seychelle's Instagram, you can still wear sparkles in January and considering my Christmas decorations are still up (I swear I will pack them up before February :X), I say why not!

Old Navy Dog Sweater
Express Portofino Shirt
Forever 21 Jeans (old - latest version)
Zigi Soho Lala Heels


1 comment:

  1. Cute outfit. The sweater is out of stock now :( So sad that I missed out on getting one.