Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Outfit} Rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna shine

When I first heard news of the Derek Lam for DesigNation/Kohls collaboration, like everyone, I was pretty excited.  Unfortunately, when I saw the look book for the line, I quickly lost interest.  The price points were a lot higher than Target's and most of the styles and cuts didn't appeal to me.  I'd never purchased a DesigNation product from Kohl's before so I had no idea what the general quality was like, and given that the line launched the same day as FH's birthday, well I just plum forgot about it.
That is until someone told me that the Derek Lam for DesigNation line was 50% off at Kohl's!  See, there was one item that I was very curious about.  I had toyed with the idea of ordering it online initially  but decided against it since it cost $70.  I can't even get myself to pay $70 for a dress at the Gap, and I actually think some of their dresses are worth it!  There was no way I was going to do that at Kohl's.  Even at 50% off I had to give myself pause.
But since it's Kohl's, and Kohl's always has amazing coupon stacking, it ended up being way less than 50%.  After all my coupons, I walked out paying only $27 for this dress. 
And you know what?  Now that I own it, I can tell you that I would've paid $70 for this dress to begin with.
Its amazing.  Its got a great fit for my body type.  I read a number of reviews that the hips ran small and a lot of people had to size up, but for me this fit like a glove.  The material is cotton/linen blend so there isn't a whole lot of give, but it holds its shape really well.  It also breathes well and feels incredibly light.  Its also got a more of that "grown up" feel I've been trying to go for, but I feel like the abstract pattern gives it a lot of interest.
In any case, the dress is at 40% off right now.  Its been that way for a few weeks, so if you're curious about it, give it a whirl!  The blue version of this is an online exclusive, but you can find the brown one in-store to figure out sizing. 

This dress has definitely made me rethink DesigNation at Kohl's.  While I'm still not crazy about the other styles and cuts that are available in this line, I'm am more than impressed with the quality and fit.   I do hope that Kohl's starts to push the envelope a bit more and play it less on the safe side... though a quick look at the Catherine Malandrino line shows its happening any time soon (minus that laser cut out dress. Amazing. ). 
What you readers think?  Did you pick up anything from Derek Lam for DesigNation? And if so, what ended up being your favorite piece?
Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading!

Derek Lam for DesigNation (Kohl's) Striped Sheath Dress in Graphic Surf Atlantic
Mango Pointed Toe Wedge in White
Target Studded Wrap Bracelet
Tobi Darla Sunglasses


Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Outfit} What rhymes with hug me?

No joke, I've had "Blurred Lines" stuck in my head for days now. I half blame it on the fact that 99.7 NOW plays it a million times, and well the other half is just that is an amazing song.

And so not appropriate for a blog post title, but here we are. Be thankful you don't live with me. I've been running around the housing singing "Hey, hey, hey" constantly. Like, literally just that one part, over and over and over again. Every now and then I sneak up behind FH and sing "What rhymes with hug me?" and then run away. Yeah... be glad you don't live with me.


In other news, this post is kind of a double whammy in terms of first. Here we have featured my first month trying out Le Tote (don't worry, there's a review coming, of course), and even more importantly, my first month of free shoes from DSW and Fergalicious! This has been the best win ever because every month I have new shoes to look forward to. I mean.. I don't know if a girl could ask for more than that right?

P.S... That bandage on my heel, that I totally forgot to remove before taking these, is not because of the shoes! Its from me being horrible at tennis, hitting the ball (for the millionth time) over the fence and into the bushes, and then of course cutting my heel over some twig that just happen to be sticking up at the right angle.

Sigh. Have I mentioned I'm really clumsy? And really bad at tennis.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Le Tote Naked Zebra Top (referral link)
Express Tuxedo Shorts
Fergalicious by Fergie Footwear Hex Sandal (c/o DSW/Fergalicious, also avail here and here)
Le Tote Necklace
Target Studded Bracelet


Thursday, May 16, 2013

{Outfit} Fall in love with yourself

I find it difficult to wear this dress and not wear a pair of bright pink flamingo colored shoes. The two just go hand in hand! Sure I could've toned this down with a black pointed pump, but I was feeling bright and cheery and figured.. why not?

However, much of this outfit doesn't really fit into what I've been trying to do for myself recently as far as my style goes. I've been wanting to dress more "adult". I'm not sure if thats really the right word for it, but its pretty much what goes through my head when I put together outfits lately. I am undoubtedly attracted to bright, adorable prints and bows and lace and incorporating that into looks that have more structure and cleaner lines is difficult. I mean, thats really where the difference lies right? Rounded, soft corners are a lot more playful and have youthful feeling to them. Where as clean, straight lines have more a of a serious tone to them. At least this is what FH explained to me. He is a mechanical engineer and pretty much spends much of his life living in the design world. While he works in consumer products and not in fashion, the same concepts pretty much apply.

I don't want to give up my playfulness. I think that aspect is what defines my style quite a bit. I just need to find new ways to incorporate it a cleaner and simpler wardrobe (and hopefully do this without having the need to repurchase my entire closet).

I think I've done a decent job lately with the last coule outfit posts I've had.. but I do feel like this outfit puts me maybe half a step back? I don't know! What you do readers think? Does this past the bar? Or are there ways I can dress this up a bit to have a cleaner look to it?

ModCloth Tropic of Conversation Dress
Mojo Moxy Magic Heels in Fuchsia
Belt from the Kate Young for Target Polka Dot Chiffon Dress (not sold separately)


Thursday, May 9, 2013

{Review} Kate Young for Target

So.. This review was suppose to post on Tuesday, but I may have gotten a little (read a lot) distracted by the Warriors vs Spurs game. You guys know which game I'm talking about. The heart-wrenching, unbelievable twice into overtime three point shot in the last 3 seconds of the game that cost the Warriors game one of the conference semi-finals. That game. Ugh. Since the Lakers are horribly out this year, I have to put my heart into something!

Enough with distractions! Time to focus on more important things. Like pretty, pretty red carpet like dresses at affordable prices?

Sort of.

My overall impressions of the Kate Young for Target line are not Oscar worthy (har har, notice my pun there? :P). While I liked a few pieces in the line, I didn’t feel like the line itself was really innovative and I definitely didn’t feel most of it was worth the hefty price tag that Target slapped on it. I like to blame the whole overpriced fiasco from December on Neiman Marcus, but obviously Target hasn’t learned too much since then. A good chunk of the Kate Young line is priced well above $50, but the materials don’t even come close to the quality of the Neiman Marcus collaboration. This line for the most part is on par, or slightly below, Target’s normal collaborations in terms of quality. The price points just didn’t really reflect this.

I sound like I’m totally hating on this line huh? But I’m not! There are quite a few pieces on my watch list, but all at a 50% or 70% off price point. There was really only one item (or group of items) that I felt like was worth the full cost. Want to know which one it was? Well.. you’re just going to have to keep reading!

*Edit* Apparently Target thought the same because most of the Kate Young clothing is now 30-50% off in-stores! Mark downs doesn't normally happen until 6 weeks after launch and here it's just been a little over three weeks.

For reference, I am a XS/2 in the Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung collaborations. I normally wear a XS/2 in Target’s women’s lines, and a size S/3 in their jrs. If you’d like my exact measurements, please see my about page.

Also, for a bit of fun, I've decided to add a "How might a guy react to this" element of the review. The guy opinion will be provided by none other than FH, who, I must warn you, readers, doesn't have much a filter on the things he says! (This is more for comic relief than anything because most of what he says has me falling on the floor laughing. I hope this doesn't offend any one!)

Chiffon Dress in Leopard and PolkaDot
$49.99, Size 2

The Good: For the most part, I love this dress. More specifically, I love the dress in the leopard print. I honestly did not care for it in the look book, but once I put it on, I found to be fresh and flirty and super flattering. I also adore this belt. I almost want to buy the dress purely so I can own the belt! I love the fact that you can wear it two ways (bow in front or bow in back), and that there are plenty of holes so it can lie naturally along ur waist. The dress is lined and the chiffon feels nice and smooth. Not super high quality silk feeling, but decent.

The Bad: The polka dot one, surprisingly, didn’t do much for me. I’m not sure if that means theres something wrong with me or the print, since I normally go gaga over anything polka dot. Just comparing the two photos, even though they are the same cut, I feel like the polka dot one accentuated my hips more--and not in a good way. I also feel like it aged me.

Fit: This dress fits me perfectly, so I'd say it runs just a bit small, particularly in the hips.

Worth the Cost? As much as I love this dress, I wouldn't say so. I purposely don't look at price tags when I'm trying these items on and make guestimates instead. To me, this is a $30 dress, so I figured with Target's normal designer mark up it was probably $39.99 since it came with a belt. I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I flipped the tag over and saw it was $49.99! So unfortunately, as much as I love the dress, I will be waiting til it drops to at least 50% before purchasing. (*Edit* Squee! I totally got this at 50% off on Tuesday!)

FH Reaction: Ew, I don't like how low the neckline is on the polka dot one, but the leopard, the leopard is very nice. (Me: But its the same cut?) Yeah, I don't know. I don't like the polka dots.

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: I feel like this dress had a lot of potential, and its a great print - especially if you missed out on (or didn't care for the cut of the dress) Meet the Parents print in the Prabal Gurung for Target line. The material is nice enough (feels like that faux satin kind of blend) and has decent structure so the ruffles don't just lay about in a lazy manner.

The Bad: I enjoyed this dress so much better with a belt, but ironically, it was one of the few short dresses that did not come with one! In general, this really isn't for me. It was too big in too many places.

Fit: This dress is more or less true to size, but long in the torso. It was just way too much for me in the chest and the waist was definitely big. Unfortunately belting it off just made the chest puff even worse.

Worth the Cost? No. I think if this dress fits your body well, it's still at least a 30% off marker. If there are hefty alterations need to be made then 50-70% should be more your price range. Again, I think there's a lot of potential here, I just can't be the one to pull it off.

FH Reaction: This looks like our rose garden died on you.

$59.99, Size 2

The Good: This is a great dress! Even FH liked it and he hates peplums. The lace is nice and thick and in general the cut is very flattering. I can see this looking great on a lot of people.

The Bad: I do wish the skirt went in just a bit more, but I tend to have this problem with Target items in general. So its really just a bad for me than anything. Feels like a fairly short dress. I think tall people may have some issues.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? This is iffy. The design is no where near unique. In fact, the Pearl/Marchesa for JCPenney has a dress that is VERY similar to this and is, honestly, better quality. There's only about a $10 difference in price between this and the Pearl/Marchesa one and, no offense to Kate Young, but I'd rather have a dress with Marchesa's name on it than hers. If you like this design better, I'd say it's probably worth the cost, but I'm not really sure its worth the designer name mark up comparatively.

FH Reaction: This is nice. (Side Note: He absolutely hated the Pearl/Marchesa version.)

$69.99, Size 2

The Good: My waist! Do you see my waist? This dress makes my waist look absolutely tiny. Probably due to the fact that it adds like 10 lbs to my hips, but thats beside the point. I adore the top half of this dress, buttoned and unbuttoned. I found it to be pretty flattering and nice to wear for a more conservative event.

The Bad: The skirt! I personally find the skirt just awful. There's just too much flaring out and it adds a lot onto the hips. Short dress, taller folks, or even people with longer torso might have issues.

Fit: The dress fit me perfectly on top, so I'd have to say it ran a little small from the waist up. Hip wise, I'd say it runs big.

Worth the Cost? No. Despite the fact that I do really like the dress, I feel like it needs a lot of work. I would definitely take the skirt in and turn it more into a fitted pencil, and you guys know my alteration rules! So this is probably more a 70% off dress.

FH Reaction: Hell f*king no. Just no.

Drop Waist Dress in Pink, Purple, and Black
$49.99, Size 2 (Pink and Black), Size 4 (Purple)

The Good: So initially, I thought this dress was made from some sort of shiny material. In the look book it seemed so reflective, I was really surprised to find out this is actually a heavy knit material instead. I like the idea of this dress. I've always been a fan of a structured drop waist and, of course, you all know I love a cut out back! I love the purple shade this dress comes in, and of course, adore the belt!

The Bad: Spanx. Spanx is severely needed. Despite how heavy the fabric feels this dress will hug everyone of your curves. If you are short torso'd I would stay far, far away from this dress. It absolutely hits me in the wrong spots. The seam of the drop waist should cut across the top of my hips, but instead it falls right below my stomach giving me a super unflattering hip area. Believe it or not, this dress is too big for me in the size 2 but it really doesn't look that way. I even tried to size up to a 4 and it made no difference (in fact I think it just got worse). I did pick this up in the purple, however. Mostly because it was 70% off (online exclusive return) and it might be worth trying to alter. Also, even though I like the belt, I think the dress looks better with it off.

Fit: This dress is very long in the torso. It'll be great on someone who has more of a straight build as the material hugs every curve. An added plus, it is one of the longer "short" dresses in the collection.

Worth the Cost? No.

FH Reaction: I don't like the Rachel Berry neckline.

Without belt:

Strapless Bow Dress in Floral Print and Black
$59.99, Size 2

The Good: I seriously adore this dress. No, really I do. If I didn't already own the Zac Posen for Target one I probably would have snatched this up already. I am severely considering the black version, though. I feel like the floral print is a flattering shade for both cool and warm toned folks, and of course, who can resist a big fat bow! For once, here is a Target dress where I do not have an urge to rip out the tulle.

The Bad: The waist is too big for me and does need to be taken in given the amount of volume on top and on the bottom.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Yes for most. No for me since I already own a similar dress (that fits me perfectly) and that I would have to have the dress taken in. However.. at 50-70%? All bets are off!

FH Reaction: Just put it in the donation bin now.

Peter Pan Collar Dress in Floral Print and Floral Print
$49.99, Size XS (Star), S (Floral)

The Good: I really wanted to like this dress. It was one of my favorites when I saw it in the look book. The pleated waist, if it didn't run so big, I think could be flattering and in general, feel like the dress (both prints) would be good for more causal, dressy functions.

The Bad: I don't... know what happened with the chest on this dress. It completely reduced the size of my already shrinking chest and cut it in half. Also, I don't know if you noticed my angled stance in the star print. Considering I normally give you guys a straight front view, are you wondering why I took a three-quarters one instead? Could it be the weird mass sticking out on the side in the photo below?! What is that? Did the dress grow a friend? Or was there a quality check issue and someone sewed the dress too high against the lining? Yeps. That would be it!

Fit: Runs large.

Worth the Cost? No. This was another flip the tag over are you kidding me kind of reaction.

FH Reaction: The floral looks like milkmaid in the wild wild west should be wearing this! And the star.. Well the star *CENSORED* (His comment was not appropriate for public eyes ^.^*)

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: The fabric is really nice. Its a polyester charmeuse but isn't overly thin (or clingy) like the Pearl/Marchesa tank dresses. I actually like the choice of fabric because it gives a soft touch to a dress type that tends to be very structured. The dress is a bit longer in length but still hits right above me knee. I think folks who are averaged height will wear this well, and will probably look more mini on taller ones.

The Bad: I hate this dress. Sorry Anna. Anna loves this dress, and Anna looks fantastic in this dress, but I absolutely hate it. Lol. I think its mostly that this dress is just way too big for me all over the place. Big in the chest, big in the hips so nothing looks flattering and just billows out instead. I think this dress is probably best suited for more curvy folks.

Fit: Runs very large.

Worth the Cost? Almost, but I think falls a bit short.

FH Reaction: This looks like a Chinese prostitute - and I would know! I've been to China.

$69.99, Size 2

The Good: This is literally the only dress in this entire line that has a built in strap to help keep it up. Ironically, it was probably one of the only dresses that didn't need the help.

The Bad: I can see where they wanted to go with this dress, but I just found it really overwhelming, especially in the hips. The material underneath the mesh tiering wasn't light enough to give this dress that flirty feel you see on the product page.

Fit: Runs small in the chest, loose everywhere else. Longer dress, I think it makes me look stumpy because of it. However, a plus to the tall girls!

Worth the Cost? No. I think there needs to be some serious alterations made before its a flattering dress. I do have to say, however, that if you like this type of dress, I actually feel like the Kate Young version is better than Pearl/Marchesa one.

FH Reaction: This just looks bad.

$89.99, Size 2

The Good: Eh. I don't really hate it, but I don't really love it. In fact, I don't really feel much towards this dress! I am glad they put a slit in the side of this, else it would just seem like the dress is consuming you.

The Bad: This dress is made to look light, but its actually made out of a fairly heavy polyester. While I don't mind it so much in the body of the dress, I really dislike it for the bow. I actually feel like the bow is going to attack me. Its presence is just so obvious, its almost hard to explain. I also didn't really care too much for the all over star print in this dress.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Meh.

FH Reaction: Ugh. Can we just stop it with the bows?

$89.99, Size 2

The Good: You know what your mama told ya...

The Bad: I hate this dress. Really just hate it. Its so.. unflattering. The material is this thin, stretchy thing, and it isn't lined so it literally will just show through every little bump or bulge of skin. You need like, double spanx to wear this dress. Ironically, FH loves this dress.

Fit: True to size, does this weird wrinkle thing in the waist for me, probably because my toros is short.

Worth the Cost? Heck no! And I'm not just saying that because I hate this dress. I'm saying that because in high school, I honestly had a dress all too similar to this, made out of a similar material, and that dress costed twenty dollars.

FH Reaction: This is nice. This is my favorite.

$89.99, Size 2

The Good: Of the four maxi dresses this is definitely my favorite. It fits my style (or what I wish my style were like) perfectly. Its classic and clean, yet playful. The bow, as you readers might guess, is my favorite part, along with the low back. The material is a thick, almost twill like, so the dress has a lot of structure to it.

The Bad: I wish the dress had a little more shape to it. I recognize that it is a column dress, but I think they could've put some boning into it and then taken the waist in. I do feel like my waist gets a bit lost in this dress.

Fit: True to size and a bit large in the hips.

Worth the Cost? Almost. This dress really needed that extra inner strap support like the ruffled tiered dress. Because the material is so heavy, it was really difficult to put on. The hook closure didn't tighten the top enough for it to stay on while I zipped it up. I actually had to lean over to the side to get it on. This is a 70% dress for me, only because it doesn't fit perfectly, and I think the alteration costs are going to be a bit high. However, if this dress fits you well, with very little or no alterations, I can easily see it being a 30% off kind of item.

FH Reaction: This one is also nice. And look it has a bow! Just keep the bows where they're suppose to be. On the back, above the butt.

$89.99, Size 2

The Good: The back of this dress is seriously amazing. Like. I just wanted to take the back of this dress home. The material is OK. Its a light polyester, so it gives the ruffles some movement and isn't overly clingy. I really liked the structure of the waist. I felt like it balanced out the bottom of the dress well.

The Bad: I really dislike the top of this dress. Its not meant for someone who is small busted. Its actually a keyhole top, but you wouldn't know it because my chest cannot fill out the top properly. Without that extra bit of skin showing through, I feel like the front of the dress looks a bit overly conservative. I am also not really a big fan of this dress in polka dot print.

Fit: Runs large in the chest, else true to size.

Worth the Cost? No. I don't feel like the fabric is that nice, its nor horrible, but its not $90 worth. I may consider this at 70% off or less if possible and alter the neckline, but then again, I can't really do anything about that polka dot print.

FH Reaction: This.. polka dot thing. I don't like the pattern.

Long-sleeve Body Suit in
Polka Dot, Star Print, and Lace
$29.99, Size XS

The Good: Meet one of my favorite item, and about the only thing in this line that I felt was accurately (if not a bit under) priced. These body suits are amazing. The mesh is soft and stretchy. It not overly baggy in any area or overly tight and creates extra rolls. I found the snaps at the crotch to be pretty comfortable, too. The polka dot print is my favorite, with the star print coming in second.

The Bad: I wanted to love the lace version, but because the lace is thicker and not as delicately woven as the other two, I felt like it translated into more of a shirt than a body suit you could layer up or down.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Yes! Most definitely. It is the only thing I bought in the line at full price.

FH Reaction: You're putting this on your blog? You look like a prostitute. Except the lace. Save the lace one for later.

$49.99, Size XS

The Good: :(

The Bad: If this blazer had come out like a year ago, I might be all over it, but I feel like the pajama as outside wear trend died as quickly as it came. That is exactly what this blazer reminds me of--big, over sized pajama top. The satin looks cheap and really doesn't wear well. Its just a miss all over the place.

Fit: Runs very, very large.

Worth the Cost? No.

FH Reaction: This... is.. sort of nice?

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: I love this blazer. I think it didn't get a whole lotta attention because it is a fairly simple black blazer. However, it is really difficult for me to find a black blazer that fits well, so this gets an A+ in my book. There's a small twill layer sewn into the lapel and I like the contrast it gives the fabric. I also like that I can fold the lapel in and create an inverted look. There's a lot of versatility with this blazer. I especially love that it is cropped in the back. It'll be nice to wear with dresses without losing the shape of my waist and hips.

The Bad: Nothing!

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? No, because Target actually has a lot of similar structured blazers out right now priced at $34.99, and again, I really don't feel like Kate Young's name is really worth the designer mark up. However, at 50% off.. go for it! I certainly did!

FH Reaction: This is cute and very flattering. I really like how it makes your waist look.

$29.99, Size 2

The Good: If I ever need to jump out of an air plane, I'll be using these shorts for my parachute--Mary Poppins style!

The Bad: I almost hate these more than the red dress. These look semi decent with the white blazer on top, but else, looks awful by itself. I cannot believe how much they flair out on the sides. Its like someone took MC Hammers pants and made the into a pair of shorts. I hate the fabric on this as well. Combined with the pleated front, I'm not sure a whole lot of people will look flattering in this.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? H to the no.

FH Reaction: This looks like your butt is exploding.


So I'm not going to talk too much about the accessories in shoes in this collection. I took a few photos which I am sharing on the blog, but I honestly didn't have enough to take really deep looks. Most of my thoughts will be more so on initial surface impressions.

I didn't really care too much for this clutch when I saw it in the look book and seeing it in person didn't change my mind about it. It just seems a bit too promish for me. The price point seemed fair enough for what it was. I personally wouldn't pay that much for it, but then again, we all know I'm kind of cheap huh> ;)

On another note... FH says it looks like my scarf is eating my neck. That has absolutely nothing to do with the clutch, he just wanted to point it out.


This one I liked a bit better. I really wish it wasn't so small though. It is a true clutch in that all you will be able to put in it is your phone (assuming its an iPhone and not something else), a couple of cards and cash. Where do the people who design these things think we put our keys? Or are we not capable of driving ourselves to our own fancy functions?

All sarcasm aside, I do like the little arrow detail and polka lining. Funny how the polka dots here are bigger than the ones on the dresses. The case seemed sturdy enough, but I think the quality on the Prabal Gurung clutches were better.


I adore this clutch in the tan color. Its the only thing I really wanted out of the accessories (not counting shoes any ways), but not enough to pay full price for it.

$14.99 (Barette); $19.99 (Necklace)

The jewelry did not impress me at all. The shade of gold used to me seemed kind of tacky, and while I thought the necklace was cute, I'm fairly certain I can find something quite similar at Forever 21 for $5 and same quality. I pretty much skimmed over these.

$39.99 (Neema); $44.99 (Naya)

I'm not able to speak in regards to the sizing of the shoes as I didn't order any online, and Target only had a size 8 in-store for people to try on.

I pretty much obsessed over these shoes until I saw them in person. What the heck Target? The Prabal Gurung ones were really nice quality and were the same price as these, and yet these shoes just fall flat on their face. I really do not know what happened. I still love the actual style and look of these shoes. I know a lot of people think the plastic part cheapens the shoe, but I disagree. I've seen a similar style to this before (again, lack of innovation here) and I don't believe it can be done without some sort of clear plastic to keep the edges from fraying or rolling. Where this shoe failed was in the quality. Yes I know its Target, but I've seen Target do faux suede fairly well before. And I love how my PG pointed toe pumps feel. But this? This was absolute crap. The suede is rough and looks like its been hit with a tennis rack a few times. It also doesn't lie flat - or at least the one I was looking at didn't. They didn't stretch out the material enough and it wrinkled up on the shoe instead. This was such a disappointment. It is very much a $10 shoe. I actually picked one up for that price and I'm debating on whether or not I want to keep it.

I cannot tell you how much I wish they had done these print in a pump instead. I feel like the bootie was super overkill. Between the leopard print, the peep toe, and the giant bow in the back.. there was just way too much going on for me to appreciate it. In terms of the quality, it seemed OK, but the material is very stiff and the edges are sharp/hard. If I were to wear these out, I foresee bruising on my shins and possible raw spots or cuts.

Well, I did not mean to end this review on a negative note, so lets share something positive shall we? It looks like Target has totally gone crazy collaborative this year and just announced another for fall. I pretty much need to stop spending now because the next designer collaboration is going to be with... drumroll...

Phillip Lim.

If my wallet wasn't already dead from Prabal Gurung, its pretty much died and come back as a ghost at this point.

Happy Thursday! Hope you all have a great weekend!