Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Outfit} Keep Calm and Rainbow On

"So be honest... how much do you hate my outfit right now?"

BF looks me up and down, blankly staring. "It kind of looks like a rainbow threw up all over you."

I play a game every time I put together an outfit. Its called, How Much Will BF Hate This? Its not a mean game, its (to me) a fun one. Obviously I don't care if he actually loves or hates something that I'm wearing because, well, I'm wearing it and my opinion is really the only one that matters right? But BF has very particular tastes and a lack of filter, so its always rather amusing to hear what comes out of his mouth. Every now and then he'll surprise me and actually like one of my crazy mixed print outfits, but this was not one of those times.

Although, he wasn't exactly a fan of the First Date print from the Prabal Gurung for Target line, so the fact that I decided to throw every color of the rainbow into this outfit and mixed a print in probably set his brain a spinning.

There's really two ways to handle loud prints. You can go the subtle route and pair it with neutral solids and have the print be the main focus. Or you can could just go all out and pair it with everything imaginable.

Obviously, I chose the latter. But in some crazy way, it totally works. And I am now more in love with this sweater/print than I ever was before.

Prabal Gurung for Target First Date Sweatshirt
Cotton On Annie Skirt 2 in Lace Geo
Mossimo (Target) Pamela Heel in Purple
Xhilaration (Target) Clutch
Coach S2028 Sunglasses


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa for JCPenney Lookbook

First off, this is the longest name in the history of collaborations. I half wonder what legalities happened that they couldn't just call this line Marchesa for JCPenney? Secondly, JCP kind of sucks at this whole marketing designer collaboration thing. They announced the collaboration months ago, and then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Minus tons of articles on how much money they lost last year. I scoured and scoured and could barely find any type of preview. And then, randomly, last Friday they announced that the line would launch in-stores on March 01, 2013. There was absolutely no mention of online sales, though pressumably the line would launch online the same time as in-store right?


Like magic the entire collection hit the JCP website on Saturday. No warning, no crazy build up, just BAM! Lace and organza. I didn't even find out about the launch until right before I was about to go to bed (and I tell you, I did not sleep well. I just kept dreaming of lace and organza). What were you thinking JCP? Woman after woman have been wishing ever since the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration for a Marchesa dress in adult size! And here you had it. So much potential, so much build up that could've been done to really promote the line.

Then again, I did hear that there was some heavy promo action going on during the Oscars--after the line had already launched online. All that being said, the dresses are beautiful. I mean, really, really gorgeous. I haven't bought any online myself, and I won't at this price point. I will, however, be going in-store on March 01 and trying on all the things once again. The line is priced fairly aggressively for JCP. Items range any where from $50-$250. Quite steep considering that JCP prices tend to be even lower than Target's and we already know that the Neiman Marcus collaboration did not do well at full price. It will be interesting to see if this line actually does well given that it is marketed towards the prom demographic. I secretly am hoping it doesn't do too well as I want some of these items at a hefty discount. ;)

In any case, you can view the entire line here. I've picked out some of my favorites below, but my absolute favorite is the black lace overlay floral dress in the photo above. The JCP stock photo was too horrendous to use. I really hope it wears better in person than it does on the stock model.

Lace Floral Shorts $50; Scallop Lace Shorts $50

Of course you knew I would love the shorts right?

Taffeta Bow Dress $70

Really wish they had made this in a different color.

One Shoulder Polka Dot Dress $110

The red dress looks super junior in the stock photo compared to the promo one above. It'll be an iffy one in terms of how amazing vs how ridiculous it'll look on. Then again, I am one who believes there aren't enough bows in the world.

Tiered Tank Dress $70

Lace Overlay Peplum Dress $70

Floral Lace Bustier Dress $70

Toned down version of my favorite, and possible the most every-day wearable of my pics. Aside from the shorts, this is probably top of my list. Then again, I do have a couple of weddings to go do this year. Shall I grace them in a Pearl dress? ;)


Monday, February 25, 2013 $20 Coupon - Works on Sale!

Happy Monday! Just popping in real quick to tell you about a coupon I stumbled across. I've been wanting to try Sole Society for quite some time now but was waiting for a good enough deal before I pulled the trigger.

Well, that deal is here now. Sole Society is have a 33% off sale and they just so happen to have a $20 no-minimum coupon out! And yes, yes it does work on sale. I don't ever pay more than $20 for faux anything, so this ended up being quite perfect. They have tons of adorable shoes on sale for $33.47 right now. Minus the $20 coupon you're looking at a whopping $13.47 + tax for your new heel--shipped. Thats right, they offer free shipping as well. And you guys know how much I love free no-minimum shipping!

Things to keep in mind. Sale items are final. So despite the fact that Sole Society does offer free shipping returns (woot!), you won't be able to return these shoes in case you don't like them. I have no idea when the coupon ends, so act fast.

I was debating between these two:

But decided on the Gabriella in the end. I think they'll like fantastic with my new Prabal Gurung for Target items no?

Alright, got all the deets? Ready to check out? Use coupon code GC_BEAUTY20 to get $20 off your entire order. No minimum.

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

{Review} Prabal Gurung for Target - Part 02

Can I just tell you, that while I love doing reviews, I am so glad I decided not to review the jewelry? Lol. The clothing is took forever as it was! I can't even imagine how long it would've taken me if I decided to include jewelry too!

But the least I can do is provide some pretty photos for you to look at!

These drop crystal necklaces were probably my favorite and I hope I can find them on clearance later on. While I can understand why Target decided to put these items behind a glass case, I really wish they had let some out on display. Every time I visited the jewelry area (and this includes on launch day) there was no one there! So I haven't even held a piece of jewelry yet. Short of ordering all of the pieces online, I don't think I could've even done a review if I wanted to!

Ok, Ok. Enough distractions. On to part 2 of this review!

In this review, you'll find the following items:
❤ Floral Crush Print ❤ Nolita Print ❤ Sleeveless Dress in Red Apple ❤ Ruffled Dress in Red Apple ❤ Sleeveless Dress in Dresden Blue ❤ Ruffle Front Long Sleeve Blouse in Dresden Blue ❤ Calypso Coral Dress ❤ Color Block Sweaters ❤ Pebble Racer Back ❤ Strap Ankle Pump in Sulfur Spring ❤ Pointed Toe Pump in Sulfur Spring ❤ Wedge in Apple Red ❤

Yesterday's review had:

❤ Meet the Parents Print ❤ First Date Print ❤ Pleated Black and White Dress ❤ Ruffled Dress in Sulphur ❤
Lace Overlay Dress ❤ Sleeve Tee with Mesh ❤ Lace Front Blouse in Black ❤ Color Block Cardigan ❤ Flat Sandal in Black ❤ Lace-Up Pump in Black ❤

$49.99, size 2

The Good: THIS PRINT. Sigh. So beautiful. Sometimes I can't decide which print I love more. The Floral Crush or the First Date print? I guess it'll have to depend on my mood! This dress is really just amazing and makes you feel so happy. Its 98% cotton and 2% spandex so there is a little give if it feels tight on you initially. Because of the fabric content it feels super light on and will be perfect for spring into summer, hell into fall. It has pockets which y'know makes any dress jump up five levels. And you know what else is kind of awesome? All of the dresses in the Prabal Line that have an exposed zipper have his initials! How adorable is that!? Between that fact and the exposed zipper being bright pink? How could you possible lose in this dress?

The Bad: It kind of needs a belt. Maybe. Its obviously a little too big for me as Target 2's tend to be, but I think a belt gives the prints the bit of break that it needs. Prints are always amazing, but sometimes do need to be broken up so that you can really appreciate it.

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? Yes! Yes! Yes!

$49.99, size XS

The Good: I love this blazer! Its super comfortable and I like the boyfriend style of it. It does run large, so closed I feel like I should probably have it taken in, but at the same time, for being oversized I don't feel like its unflattering. Blazer can make you look big from side view, but this one doesn't, despite being too big for me. I like how it just falls straight. Works great with my boy figure. The print, again, is done really well here. I don't feel like its overwhelming either! It'll look great with pretty much everything spring and summer related. And.. yes, you can wear it with the shorts!

The Bad: Wrinkles will probably be an issue. Oh, and why couldn't Target make a size 0?

Fit: Runs a little big.

Worth the Cost? Yes, I think so.

$29.99, size 2

The Good: This is one of my top items from the collection. Its unbelievably flattering and comfortable. Its also casual enough that I can wear this any which way and be OK. Plus no belt needed! That tiny little trim around the waist is all that you need to keep the pattern beautiful. This top is how I feel like most peplums should be done. It has a side zip so there's not extra stretching or extra room built in so you can get it over your head. The side zip allowed for a very structured look, but the wiggle room to get in.

The Bad: If you have a long torso this may not work for you. Thank goodness I'm short! :P

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? Hell yes!

Please ignore my badly chipped nails. I promise they were cute at one time

$29.99, size 2

The Good: Love these! My favorite part about them is that they're a different version of the Floral Crush print and not just another repetition of it. The material is 98% cotton and 2% spandex but it doesn't feel the same as the dress or blazer. These have more of a shine to them and they feel more like a sateen than cotton. They're a high rise short, so something to keep in mind if you don't like that style. Else, they're quite comfortable and (at least for me) don't feel too short. Then again I do like my shorts short. ;)

The Bad: I think make my bottom half look a little larger than it is because of the way the side panels curve around the hips. Its not enough to make me want to return. I also wish they had used a button closure instead of a hook clasp. There always seems to be a fabric edge that sticks out with hook clasps and it adds weight to your belly.

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? Yes! If anything, especially if you compare to Tobi or Modcloth, this is way under priced.

$19.99, size XS

The Good: Super adorable and comfortable! If I didn't already own the blazer, shorts, peplum, and dress (ho hum) I would've picked this up. Though considering I own almost all the Floral Crush prints why don't I pick this up? Cause I'm not that crazy... or am I? In any case I love how light and soft this is. Its a perfect spring shirt because it'll let you layer when it gets nippy at night, but thin enough that you own't overheat in the warming days.

The Bad: None that I could find/think of!

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Yes.

$19.99, size XS

The Good: Soft, comfortable, yada yada yada.. all of the above but in a Nolita print!

The Bad: Print felt a little overwhelming on my body. Kind of felt like I was wearing bicycle gear.

Fit: True to size (although this one seemed to run smaller than the Floral Crush one I tried on).

Worth the Cost? Yes.

$39.99, size XS

The Good: If you are tall, I believe this shirt will work for you. I loved the leather collar and the the overall design of the shirt. And of course the Nolita print is amazing on its own.

The Bad: I liked the concept of this, but I wish they had sold it with a belt. That being said, I also wish I'd remembered to try this on with a belt as well. It was overwhelming on my body. The shirt itself is too big, coupled with the bright print, I couldn't pull it off. Plus I felt like it was way too long for me (it goes past my knees). Or if you ask BF, he said it looked like a muumuu. :X

Fit: Runs large.

Worth the Cost? Eh.. not really. The faux leather collar is a nice touch but the shirt is 100% polyester and does not come with the belt that is much needed. I feel like it's more of a $25-$30 item, and even then I probably would've waited for a sale.

$29.99, size 2

The Good: I really like the Nolita print in this skirt. I think theres a lot more versatility to it than the other clothing items. The pleats are nicely done and the chiffon feels soft and light (much like the ruffle dresses). Added bonus, the skirts are full lined. The lace is the same kind that you will find on the Lace Front Blouse and the Lace Overlay Top.

The Bad: I really just cannot wear pleated skirts. They make my hips just expand. Also, I hate the lace. Don't get me wrong, I love lace. I'm obsessed with lace. But I really disliked the lace trim on this skirt. I feel like it cheapened the look of the skirt.

Fit: True to size, if not a a little small

Worth the Cost? I think so. A little iffy because I hate the lace and would probably tear it off if I found this skirt on clearance.

$39.99, size 5.5

The Good: These are AMAZING. Amazing. My absolute favorite pair out of all the shoes. They're nicely padded and the outside is print is on a vinyl like material and is super smooth but matte at the same time. I haven't tried walking in them for a prolong period yet, but I feel like they would wear well and not kill my feet.

The Bad: The toe box is a little narrow, so I decided to size up. My heel no longer fits in the shoe because of that, but they're still completely walkable.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Very much so.

$39.99, size 5.5

The Good: I was suppose to return these shoes. After I tried on the black lace ups, I was suppose to return these shoes. It was going to be either the pointed toe pump in the Nolita print or these, but most definitely not both! Except, these shoes ended up being completely different, and awesome. While they're not a mixed of materials (which I liked) like the black lace ups, they are in that same nice vinyl as the Nolita pointed toe pumps. The part that I love the most was that the base and heel are in a solid color. That, and the fact that the lace is fabric and not patent. Its not as stiff and doesn't stick out as awkwardly.

The Bad: The back of the heel on these felt a little harsh. I will probably use a mole skin or make sure to put some bandaids on before I wear these. I can easily see it causing blister.

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? Yes!


The Good: Hello adorable! On an asthetic level there is nothing that I don't love about this little clutch. I think the Nolita print is at its best when it is acting as an accent to an outfit and not the main focus (hence why the shoes are so UH-mazing). The inside is lined with the Meet the Parents print which I think is a great contrast. It comes with a chain strap so you can hold it in your hand or wear it on your shoulder. And again... LOVE the placement of Prabal Gurung's initials. It took me a bit trying to figure out how to open it because of the way clasp is designed, but it felt very secure and wasn't just going to pop open on you.

The Bad: This doesn't even fit my phone! If you're an iPhone user, you're totally in the clear, but apparently Target felt like discriminating against Android users. :P I cant even get my Galaxy Nexus to fit in at an angle. Completely impractical. Also, the first one of these that I picked up also had an imperfection. The clasp for the chain strap was stuck in an open postion and try as I might, I couldn't get it get budge.

Worth the Cost? No. If it actually fit my phone, I might say yes. But at $35 and I can't even put my phone into it? Absolutely no.

Can't fit a phone, but it totally can fit a puppy!

photo credit for puppy photo goes to Emily

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: This dress has so much potential and it is really the first red dress I have ever truly coveted. I was so excited for this dress when I saw it in the lookbook. I love the material that is made out of as well. While the cut/style is the same as the Floral Crush print dress, the material is completely different. Its more of a thick twill, which gives the dress a more casual feel and more wearable on a day to day basis. I feel really pretty when I wear this dress. Plus it has pockets. Yay pockets!

The Bad: All that being said. This is kind of an awful dress. The fit is horrendous. I don't know what happened. Its suppose to be the same cut/style as the Floral Crush dress but the torso is cut a good deal higher. I also think because the material is so much thicker the sides puff out more and it really makes you look a lot heavier. Its not flattering on its own. A belt improves the look of the dress greatly. But even then, it took me trying on three different size 2s before I found one that fit decent (I ended up picking the one than ran smallest). There was definitely some quality/fit issues going on with this dress.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Nopes. But I'm keeping it anyways.

$49.99, Size 4

The Good: Wear this with a belt and it will change your world. There's really not much else I can say in regards to this dress that I didn't already say with the Sulfur Spring version. Its super light weight and very fluid. The only thing that really changed was that I decided to try it on with a belt. I was really not interested in this dress at all, but after putting the belt on, I've completely changed my mind. Personally, I love the Sulfur Spring color over the Apple Red in this dress.. but as you'll see below. I just could not resist keeping this.

The Bad: Needs a belt, and does not come with a belt (Why? Wu came with belts!! and ties and the price points are the same). A little too many ruffles but it works here and there. Can be unflattering from certain angles.

Fit: True to size. Which sounds confusing because I tried on the Sulfur Spring in a 2 and the Apple Red is a size 4. Trust me when I say this dress is too big for me. I have the belt notched about two holes in more than I should and I've pushed a lot of the material back so that it looks like it fits me properly. Its actually fairly baggy in the chest for me and waist falls in the wrong spot with the larger size.

Worth the Cost? Unfair to say yes, because I got this dress for $10.06. How? Its an online exclusive and someone happened to return one to Target. Most Targets will mark online exclusive items 70% off, so it makes for a very fun hunting season! I do think this dress is worth the cost full price, however, I probably would not have kept it had it not been for the 70% off price.

$44.99, Size 2

The Good: This was another I was going to pass on this dress and ended up falling in love with it instead. Even the girl working the fitting room at Target commented on how well it looked. How could I not buy it after that? :P Same cut/style as the Meet the Parents dress. Flattering A-line and front/back panels. Must have if you like color block dresses. Tip? Wear this dress with the Pointed Toe Pumps in Nolita. Mind blowing I promise.

The Bad: Nothing!

Fit: True to size, if not a little small in the chest.

Worth the Cost? Yes!

$34.99, Size 2

The Good: Apparently I was so distracted by this top that I only ended up taking one photo of it. Oops. Sorry. On another note, I can see this being cute tucked into a skirt or under a blazer.

The Bad: I'm really not a ruffle type kind of person. I didn't work with Wu and it didn't work with Robert Rodriguez, so I already knew there was no way it was going to work with Prabal. It was just too many ruffles for me. I think I would've liked it better if it was just ruffles going down the front and not on the shoulders, or it was just on the shoulders and not on the front (though I think the latter might look weird). I also found a sizable hole in the front ruffle on the seam. Like stick three fingers through it size.

Fit: Runs a little big.

Worth the Cost? Not in my book. $30 max, and thats pushing it.

Color Block Sweaters in Sulphur and Atlantis Green
$29.99, Size XS


The Good: Very cute style and great colors. Fits into the rest of the line perfectly as a top to wear over some of the skirts and dresses, or even under the Floral Crush Blazer.

The Bad: Like the color block cardigan these are super thin, and see-through. Really? This is suppose to be a sweater but I can't even wear it without a tank underneath. Super fail if you ask me. Its also more polyester than it is cotton, and for $30 I expect better. I disliked the fit in general, but it also was very big on me. It was slouchy but not in a cute way. I just felt frumpy in it.

Fit: Runs way large.

Worth the Cost? No way.


$39.99, Size 2

The Good: So pretty!!! Nice spin on color blocking with the cut out panels and waist band. The dress is made out of a heavier polyester, crepe-like, but it works well with this dress. The dress is also lined, though I don't believe it was necessary.

The Bad: Fit. Same as the First Date Sleeved Dress with Black, there was all this extra torso material on top. Again, I think this will look great on someone who has a longer torso than I do and can fill it out better. There's absolutely no give with this dress, so it either fits you or it doesn't.

Fit: Runs large on top.

Worth the Cost? Yes, as long as it fits you correctly.

$19.99, Size XS

The Good: This came in a few different colors: Atlantis Green, Calypso Coral, and Black. I liked that this was a casual tank, but in a dressier material. I probably would've picked this up had I not had other priorities. Looks great under a pair of leggings or tucked into a skirt.

The Bad: Since it runs large the arm holes are huge. If you're more conservative, you'll probably have an issues with the side of your bra constantly showing through. Me? I'm just a bit reckless like that ;)

Fit: Runs large.

Worth the Cost? Yeps!

$39.99, Size 5.5

The Good: This is a great classic shoe in a nice bold color. I really liked this shoe when I saw it in the look book, especially the rounded strap vs a flat one. This heel comes in a Apple Red and Black and I feel like you really can't go wrong with any of them. All of them will compliment your wardrobe well. I found them easy to walk in despite the 4" stiletto heel.

The Bad: The ankle clasp refuses to stay shut. I think because the did a rounded strap instead of a flat, the material is just a bit too thick and the clasp a bit too weak. It was constantly popping open as I walking around in them. The toe box is a bit narrow, which is good and bad. I didn't feel like my feet were going to slide through the strap and hang over the base at the shoe, but at the same time I would be concerned about the strap digging into my skin. The faux leather is soft and doesn't have any harsh edges, but if your standing for a few hours, anything digging into your skin is bound to hurt.

Fit: True to size, a bit narrow in the toe box. I could probably do a 5.5 or a 6 really.

Worth the Cost? Nopes.

$39.99, Size 6

The Good: Nicely padded, super comfortable. Same cut as the Nolita Pointed Toe pump, so you already know that I love it.

The Bad: Toe box is a bit narrow, so I sized up and as you can see there's probably about half an inch ggap between my heel and the back of the shoe. Nothing that can't be fixed with some inserts. On another note, I don't think this color is going to be for everyone. Its a very bright yellow-green (like the Ankle Strap shown above), but shiny because its a faux patent and not faux leather.

Fit: True to size with a narrow toe box.

Worth the Cost? Biased to say yes, because online exclusive at an in-store clearance price! These babies were $10.06 for me which makes them well beyond worth the cost. I would, however, not purchase them at full price. Mostly because its a seasonal color, and $40 is a lot to spend on a lower-end seasonal heel. If this were black or red, I'd probably say it was worth it.

$39.99, Size 5.5

The Good: Nice stylish, but practical shoe with great colors. Wish I could've tried on the white and black ones, but I do love this shade of red. The ankle strap stays put on this wedge as well, probably because its thin and flat. I also liked that there was a back zipper! No need to constantly put the ankle strap in and out through the clasp. This will definitely reduct the amount of wear that shows over time. Overall, felt comfortable walking around the store in them.

The Bad: Let me start off by reminding everyone that I love high heels. 3.5" is normally my minimum, so these did not work for me because I simply felt like they were too low. They're actually so low of a wedge that I kind of wish it had just been made into a flat instead.

Fit: Runs large, but narrow. I have a 5.5 on in these photos, and I think they're too big. Also, don't like how my foot is spilling over the side of the wedge. They are probably too narrow for my flat feet.

Worth the Cost? Yes.

Wow! That's it! I can't believe I got through all of that! I hope you guys enjoyed. Please let me know what you think of the broken down format verus the the paragraph ones (best examples: Neiman Marcus and Jason Wu). i would love your input on what reads easiest since I am writing these reviews for you!

There were a number of items I wish I had had a chance to try on - the Dresden Blue Leather Jacket and Color Block Pencil Skirt to name a couple. I'm still hunting for online clearance returns though, so maybe I'll get lucky and stumble across these in my size. If I do, I'll be sure to come back and update!

:) Hope you all have an amazing weekend!