Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{Shopping Tips} Why I'll Never Grow Up... and Neither Should You!

I went into H&M a couple of weekends ago 'cause I had a $6 Wrapp giftcard to burn. They've been having a buy one get one free on the sweaters, but every time I've gone into look, I never saw two that I liked. I almost walked out of the store empty handed, but decided to venture into the kids section before I left. I go back and forth on whether or not I need to stop shopping in the kids section of stores. Ever since I started introducing more yoga into my work out regimen.. well.. my butt and thighs can no longer fit into some of my kid bottoms. However, after this last visit to H&M, I am happy to say that I will still, and forever, shop in the kids department.. and you should give it a try as well!

Kids clothing is really a great alternative for those who are petite, short torso'd, or have straight hips (and on a related note, a size 7 or smaller in shoes). I don't really look at it as shopping in the kids department, but more so shopping a department that fits me. You don't need to be a 00 to shop in the kids department either. Most kids clothing goes up to a size 16 or 18, which can be equivalent to a women's XSmall to Medium. Like most women's clothing, it really depends on the brand. And even then, sizing can run inconsistent. I'm not saying it always going to work out. What I am saying is that its worth a try.

One of the best examples I can give is this past H&M trip. I came across the sweaters pictured in this post and it was instant love. For reference, I've found I can fit a 12-14Y in Girls and a 8-10Y in boys. The horse and zebra sweaters both remind me of something I'd find inside of Anthropologie for three times the price. When I was checking out at H&M, even the sales associate was admiring the kids products I'd picked out, commenting that this last set had some really great items. All of the sweaters pictured are $24.95 and included in the buy one get one free promotion. They were cheaper, had better fabric contents, and fit better than any of the adult sweaters I was interested in. Combined with my $6 Wrapp giftcard, it came out to $20.61 for two sweaters! (Sadly I ended up leaving the mint leopard at the store in an effort to be "good".)

Dress that can turn into a top for $25? Heck yeahhhhh!

Another great example I can give is with my J.Crew cardigans. All of my J.Crew cardigans are the Crewcut Caroline version. These cardigans fit the same as the women's Jackie version, but are priced at $39.50 where as the Jackie starts at $65 (note: fabric contents are different between the two). All Crewcut items ship for free, no minimum, where as you need to spend at least $150 to get free shipping for adult clothing. This is especially awesome whenever J.Crew does their extra 30-40% off sales. I've gotten quite a few nice, staple cardigans for $22 or less. (For reference I can fit a 12 and/14 in the Caroline and need a XXS in the Jackie.)

It's taken me a few years, but I've even gotten Anna to purchase a few kids items (and one that was totally on her own!). What have your experiences been? Do you think you'd be willing to give the kids section a try?

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  1. I totally love shopping in the kids' section. I'm addicted to neon pink and I can get my fix and score the best deals. I just got two tees and a workout jacket from the girls' section at Target. I also buy girls' jeans most of the time. At 5 foot 1, I can find girls' jeans that fit (I'm addicted to 7 For All Mankind) that don't requiring alterations at lower price points and no one can tell the difference. If you haven't tried it, try it. Especially if you're on the petite side and have difficulty finding pants.

    1. Omg. Chiyong that is GENIUS. I've never thought to try designer kid jeans! ;) I'll have to check it out next time I'm at Nordstrom. Thanks for the tip!!