Thursday, November 28, 2013

{Shopping} My favorite Black Friday stores

Poor Thanksgiving... between Halloween and Christmas its gets totally overshadowed in the holiday decorations department. And then we sort of run right past it on our way to Black Friday sales. Well, here I am to say it first, before we get into any of the Black Friday craze.

Lets pretend these cookies are actually a turkey. Though.. lets be real? Cookies > Turkey any day of the week!

Happy Thanksgiving readers!

I am thankful for each and every one of you and the fact that you actually like my outfits and weird ramblings.

OK! On to the good stuff. Black Friday gets crazier and crazier every year. I'm thankful that I finally got rid of my DVD addiction and no longer care for most electronics. Best Buy and the likes are horrendous. Instead.. I like to deal with the crazy clothing shoppers! Who, mark my words, aren't much better. I feel like we should be calling it Black November at this point. I've spent so much money in the last month (FH pretend you didn't read that), that I'm actually not that excited for Black Friday. I won't be opting out completely, but I won't be going to all of my usual haunts. In any case, I thought I'd share my favorite shopping spots and the places I've felt that I've gotten the best deals in the past few years.

Before I begin, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
❤ If you see an item you purchased recently on sale, do not ask for a price adjustment. Most stores will not honor a price adjustment on Black Friday and the ol' "It never hurts to ask" rule does not apply. It will hurt to ask. Sale associates are often tired and over run by the time you get to them. If its within your return period, its best just to buy the item now and return the higher priced one later.
❤ When in doubt, don't think. Just buy. This is like Marshalls shopping elevated x100.
❤ If you are looking for a particular item, do lots and lots of research beforehand. Sites like Slickdeals and FatWallet often have a Black Friday section up where you can search multiple ads for one item. Of course, good ol' Google doesn't hurt as well.

And without futher ado.. My Black Friday list:


Anthropologie: Extra 50% off clearance. Someone lied to me :( Its an extra 20% off Need I say more? ;)
Solestruck (online only): Extra 30% (Friday), then 40% (Saturday), and finally 50% (Sunday) off sale items. I love this store, but I literally shop here only once a year because of this sale. I've gotten Jeffrey Campbells for less than a $100 thanks to Solestruck and I'm not known to stop at just one. Plus you don't have to worry about shipping!! Its free worldwide!
H&M: Past two years this has been the only store I've lined up for. They give out scratchers to the first 100 customers and one year FH got a $50 one (which of course he gave to me because he's so awesome). Couple that with their $5 and $10 sales and you've pretty much only spent your time, not the money in your wallet. Haven't made up my mind if I'm doing this or not. Since I've moved the H&M I go to is in an outdoor shopping plaza and well, I don't like the cold. :)
Cotton On: 40% off the entire store. Cotton On typically has amazing clearance items so I never buy anything full price. I like their Black Friday sale for those occasional items that won't make it to clearance. However, I'll probably be passing on this this year. There's no Cotton On in my local mall and don't feel like driving around too much this year.
Express: 50% off everything (this includes clearance) in-store and online until 12PM. I will be passing this this year. Ever since I gained no minimum free shipping with my Express card, coupled with the fact that you can occasionally stack coupons with clearance now my Express has been pretty stacked.


Uniqlo: Their Black Friday sales tend to line up with their store opening ones, so its nothing terrible exciting. However, I am putting them on my consideration list this year because I actually have a Uniqlo within a 10 mile radius! I've been wanting to try out their skinny stretch jeans for a while now so here's hoping they have some on sale in-store.
Banana Republic: 50% off entire store, typically includes an extra 50% off on clearance. As you've seen on the blog, my tastes in clothing has shifted which puts Banana Republic in the wallet danger zone as of late.
Artizia: 10-50% off select items. Compared to the other stores on my list, this is nothing to write home about, however, my friend Jen loves this store and I've popped my in from time to time. There's a lot of high end items here that I normally can't afford (well more like I don't want to save up for) on a daily basis and they only do sales twice a year.


Kohls: $19.99 boots plus an extra 15% off (code: BLACKFRI)? You know I bought two of them right? There's also $15 in Kohl's cash (typically $10) for every $50 your spend and a slew of $10 PJs and 60% off sweaters. With prices like this, its no wonder all any one ever gets for Christmas is PJs and sweaters!
Modcloth: 50% off 100's of new sale items. They've been doing 5 item sneak previews since last week and then a larger preview on Tuesday through the ModCloth app. The "real" sale began on Wednesday but will continue until Sunday. Add in a 20% off coupon and free shipping? Oh and a $35 giftcard? Don't have to ask me twice. I did manage to keep my order under a $100 which is a small miracle compared to last years.

P.S. If you are wondering why there is a crude drawing of a girl with cookies on a Thanksgiving/Black Friday post.. well let's just say I'm also making this a Throwback Thursday post as well. :P Or y'know.. I ran out of time and couldn't come up with a sketch because I was stuffing my face full of Indian Pizza (yes this actually exists). ;)


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