Saturday, November 30, 2013

{Outfit} Banana Republic Factory Holiday Looks: Elegant

As I sit here nursing my turkey belly (OK, more like stuffing belly), it's hard to imagine that the next set of holiday parties is just around the corner. I'm honestly struggling to even write this post because I keep slipping in and out of a coma. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that you're able to stuff your face and still wear comfortable eating clothes (read: leggings and a loose tunic). The same cannot be said of holiday parties. While there is definitely no lack of food (and sometimes I think there is even more), the dress code expectation is a bit higher. Last year, a-line dresses were super trendy and this went along great with the eat all the things mentality. This year, however, is the year of fitted silhouettes. And while this means I'll have to taper my eating habits just a bit, finding a good quality sheath dress means you can still put away a pie or two and still look amazing.

This dress is a great example of such. Because the fabric is a very thick wool, it does not cling to the bad parts of my body but still accentuates the good. In true Banana Republic fashion, this dress fits fantastically and gives off an aura of elegance, but with a factory price. A whooping $30--kind of amazing right? This is the kind of dress you want to look for, for an office holiday party or fancier family event. Its conservative, but still trendy in its own right (BRFS really nailed it in the subtle tartan department), and can easily be dressed younger or older depending on jewelry and make up.

I typically can only wear petite sizes at Banana Republic, regular and factory, but in this dress (and I think the material has a lot to do with it) a regular size fit me better. Note: if you do come across this dress in-store, I did have to go up two sizes in petite or one size in regular to get it to fit properly. I normally wear a 0P, but there is literally no give in this dress. Even though I find myself coveting more fitted and conservative items lately, I still consider myself to be pretty young at heart. This dress is the longest dress that I own (maxi dresses excluded of course) and between that and the high neckline, this is a very mature item. To keep myself feeling young, I used a bright shade of pink on my lips and piled on the accessories. The metals and stones are a mix of neutrals and darker tones, so while they are trend pieces, they still hold a feeling of elegance. Of course, if this is not appropriate for your work environment, you can always go with a simple necklace and bangles. I promise you, you will still stand out.

If you still happen to have money left over (I do not) and are in need of a great holiday dress, Banana Republic Factory Store is having a 50% off all dresses event from December 02 to December 12! They don't have an online store, so this sale is good in-store only, but when I was there the other day, there was a slew of dresses appropriate for any occasion. Stay tuned for Monday's post to see what kinda of party a Banana Republic Factory dress can take u to next!

Banana Republic Factory Dress (c/o Banana Republic Factory Stores + Monogram Magazine)
New York & Company Necklace & Bracelets (here and here)
Lulu Townsend via DSW Bow Clutch (sold out - similar)


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