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{Review} 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target - Menswear

I cannot believe that FH agreed to do this. I dare say I think he had quite a bit of fun doing this as well. Since this is the first time he is doing a review of this sort, I thought I'd give you a bit of a background. FH is 5'9" and typically wears a size Small or 30x30 in most brands. His measurements are: Chest 37", Waist 30.5", Shoulders 17".

FH typically purchases from stores like Banana Republic and Abercrombie. He likes his fabrics thick and soft and fairly effortless. He does purchase from Target occasionally, but definitely not even near the same level as I do (I don't think most people purchase on the same level as I do). He's also fairly picky about his clothing, so do not be surprised if his reviews are rather harsh. He comes from a higher expectation of clothing than I typically do.

With that being said! On to the review! We started off small, and only did 5 items. We actually had 6 for FH to review but unfortunately one never made it to our door (Target, however, more than made up for it).

You can find my previous reviews here:


$19.99, Size S

The Good: The material is soft and the fit isn’t too tight. The sleeve length is good.

The Bad: I’m not crazy about the print and I can actually feel the screen through the shirt material. The cut of the shirt is a bit off. The shoulders are cut towards the back instead of forward so it causes this weird pinch of material.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? I’d pay $10 for this shirt.

My Reaction: I like how this shirt looks on him. Of course I love the crazy tiger print and would almost keep this for myself, however I do agree this should be more of a $10 shirt than $20.

$34.99, Size S

The Good: This cardigan is great to hid a belly! The material is soft and not itchy. In general fits well in the shoulders and has a nice pocket depth. I do prefer this unbuttoned to buttoned.

The Bad: The pocket is attached with a loose string, which cheapens the look, and looks like its going to fall apart soon. I wish they had just sewn it into the cardigan so it laid flat when closed.

Fit: TTS, but runs a little large in the mid-section.

Worth the Cost? I’d probably pay $30 for this, so its about on par.

My Reaction: I actually dislike the material of this. I didn’t think it was that soft but I do really like the unbuttoned look on him.

Superman flex? Check. Zoolander pose ability? Double Check

$69.99, Size S

The Good: *crickets*

The Bad: The material is super cheap. It actually crinkles when you move around in it. I feel like I’m wearing a plastic bag. The inside is not lined and the padding in the shoulders is too stiff, causing the material to bunch. This type of material picks up lint very easily and because it is a dark navy, shows up very easily as well. Also because the material is so stiff, when layering it with a cardigan it becomes extremely tight. The pockets here are real pockets, but also sewn shut very tightly.

Fit: True to size if you typically wear a Regular length. I normally wear Short, so this is obviously too long for me in the sleeves.

Worth the Cost? No, you can get much better quality suits around the same price at Men’s Wearhouse.

My Reaction: I think this jacket photographs well, but it is definitely a very cheap jacket. I’m very surprised considering how great the women’s version is.

You leave me no choice.. Here comes the smolder. And then.. Karate Chop!

$39.99, Size 30x30

The Good: *even more crickets*

The Bad: I hate these pants. The crotch sits way too low and the waist is too high. I feel like I have about an inch of air passing between my legs. Again, the material feels super cheap and is very loud when you move.

Fit: TTS.

Worth the Cost? No.

My Reaction: I really dislike these on him, especially how the leg tapers at the end. The slim cut is almost like as skinny cut instead. And really.. it doesn’t do much for his butt. :P

$44.99, Size 9
Also comes in Black

The Good: These are very comfortable, nice padding.

The Bad: Really poor construction. The seams are cheap and badly done. The shoes did not come individually bagged so some of the black sole rubbed off onto the white surface.

Fit: I normally wear an 8.5 and these are just a touch too big in the 9. I’d say these run TTS if a 8.5 would’ve been available. If you’re in between sizes like me I recommend going with the larger size.

Worth the Cost? More like a $20 shoe, so I guess 70% off kind of item.

My Reaction: I think these shoes make his feet look super flat. I think

Apparently Kori didn't get the "Put your paws up" memo.

And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the reviews and FH's special segment. ;)

What were your favorite pieces? What did you end up keeping? Now that I'm done with all these reviews I can go and figure it all out!

❤ Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading! ❤


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