Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{Review} 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target - Womenswear

Here we are boys and girls... Day Two of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target review. Today's focus? Women's clothing and amazingly, I managed to fit it all in one post! I know.. small town miracle. It is a bit long so I created quick links for you to use in case you want to jump directly to something.

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My expectations for the clothing were a little high because Phillip Lim is known for his simplicity and cuts more than anything else. In many of the items, Target did not disappoint, but in others.. well... you shall see. I had quite a few surprises for myself and I ended up (surprisingly) keeping less clothing than I did bags. However, I do, just absolutely adore the pieces that I did keep and have already worn a few around the town (as you've seen from my Instagram).

This has been one of my favorite reviews and a good chunk of this has been due to the ability to have all of the products at home to look at and relook at. I love the quality of the photos and I'm crossing my fingers I can bring something of this calibre next time as well! (Plus, its kind of awesome to come home to like 20+ packages.)

So lets begin shall we?

Quick Index:

Floral Print Shirt DressPowerline DressDress in Faux Leather in BlackKnit Dress in Animal PrintDrop Dress in White/BlackSweater Dress in Boom PrintSparkle Dress in Black and BlueSequin Dress in Navy

Ruffle Top in White and NavySheer Back Top in Blue and WhiteSparkle Tank in GreyPeplum Top in Floral Print and Sparkle BlackPeplum Top in TanLong Sleeved Blouse in Floral and GreenSparkle Blouse in WhitePullover in Animal Print and Navy/GreenSweatshirt in BoomSparkle Sweater in Cream and NavyTuxedo Jacket in NavyTuxedo Shirt in Animal PrintLeather Jacket in Navy

Silky Skirt in Animal Print and NavyFrench Terry Sweatpants

Trench Coat in KhakiGrab & Go Pack in Floral Print

$39.99, Size 2

The Good: The overall cut and fit of the dress is amazing. Its very flattering, and of course the print is gorgeous. I love that the dress has a double zipper in the front. It can go from a dress, to a trench, to a half zip layered with a tank or skirt underneath (depending on which way you zip it). The double zipper makes the dress an incredibly versatile item.

The Bad: The hem is kind of weird. I get what they were trying to go for, but straight out of the bag the material flares out and it almost looks like the dress is trying to fly off you instead. I had to take an iron to this to get the material to relax and fall how it was suppose to. I think people with more hips may have more of a flare issue than others. Also.. fake pockets? There’s a lot of that going on with this collab and its kind of annoying! Real pockets please!

Fit: Perfecto! I found it to fit TTS, if not a little small.

Worth the Cost: Yes! Very much so.

FH Reaction: Looks like there are pieces missing... (me: -.-)

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: .. The print? Sort of.

The Bad: WHY TARGET WHY!??! Ugh. I’m so disappointed. Of all the clothing I lusted after, this dress was top of the list. The material is just.. awful. OK, not its not awful (though its really not the best--its a crepe poly), but its really not meant for this cut. I was expecting some more stiff because it is a very structured cut. The neckline is asymmetrical but it doesn’t lie that way. It just falls over and becomes a crooked cowl. The print was disappointing as well. I thought it was a crisp black and white print, but on closer inspection the black is surrounded by a greenish-yellow and gives the white a yellow hue.

Fit: This definitely runs big. It was like a potato sack on. Target relied on the faux leather belt (which is not that nice) to help with fit since there isn’t even a hint of a waist.

Worth the Cost: Nope. Nope. Nope. Especially when you compare it against the Floral Print Shirtdress, which fits amazingly, has way better fabric and more versatility... and is $10 less.

FH Reaction: I don't like the cut.

$49.99, Size 2

The Good: I love the fit of this dress. Its more on the conservative side, but gives you a great figure without showing off every little curve that you have. The faux leather adds a nice element to elevate the style so that its not just another plain black dress. It might be good for business casual settings, but probably not anything really professional. I like that there are small button closures on the dress so that the flap doesn’t stick out. I wish Target had done this with the Floral Shirtdress as well. The fabric is comfortable and moves easily without bunching up.

The Bad: I’m not crazy about the sleeves. I would’ve preferred them to be cap or removing them altogether, but the quarter length is too conservative for me. Unlike the Floral Shirtdress, I don’t think this works well as a trench, which does defeat the purpose of having a double zip, but if you can make it work its nice to have.

Fit: TTS

Worth the Cost: Iffy for me. I think the the faux leather could be nicer, but the fit is great. Removing the sleeves or having them converted into a cap isn’t terribly expensive, so this would be a 30% or 50% off item.

FH Reaction: That's nice! I liked it zipped up better. Looks really good on you.

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: I was actually pretty scared of this dress. Jersey at Target? Eep. I figured that it would be all sorts of clingy and unflattering. Its not. The fabric here is actually really forgiving and while it is still a knit material it doesn’t cling to you.

The Bad: On the flip side, this looks awful on me. Because its not as clingy, its actually too big on me and with the side ruching makes me look bigger than I actually am. Again, I'm not crazy about the sleeves. If this were to work for me, I would probably cap these off as well.

Fit: Runs large

Worth the Cost ::Breathes. Tries to be objective:: Obviously for me, this is a hell no on any level, however, I have seen this look fantastic on other people. I do actually think its worth the cost if it fits you well.

FH Reaction: (His face: O.o) Um.. I think your face says it all... But at least your butt looks nice?

$44.99, Size XS

The Good: This was another semi-surprise dress. I was pretty convinced this was going to look horrible on me, but it doesn’t. I actually rather like the fit. I think it’ll be great on those days where you feel lazy and want to just throw something on, but still look chic (and be able to eat at a buffet keke). The dress is full lined and I also liked the fact that its not a collared shirt (which does reduce the schoolgirl look) and the hidden button down.

The Bad: The colors make me feel like a schoolgirl. I really wish another combination fo colors had been chosen.

Fit: TTS

Worth the Cost? Mmm. I’m honestly on the fence because I do feel like $45 is a bit high. I’d probably put this more as a $40 dress, but it is nice. The poly is thick and it isn’t see through. Its heavy enough where I don’t think there will be static issues, plus the bottom skirt is lined. All in all, yes, but it would’ve been a more concrete yes! if the color choices had been different.

FH Reaction: You look.. like a nun.

$44.99, Size XS
Also comes in Grey

The Good: I wish this was a normal sweater (and well ran smaller)! Its actually really nice and warm. It gives you that cozy winter feeling of having yourself wrapped up in a blanket. The material isn’t itch (60% cotton, 40% nylon) and feels thick and soft.

The Bad: Not meant for petites. I had to roll up the sweater to make it a more flattering length, however, the bottom skirt is not lined. So.. while it looks better on me with the sweater rolled up a bit, I wouldn’t actually be able to wear it like that. I would have to layer it with leggings or shorts. I’m also pretty sure I could’ve achieved this look the the Boom Sweatshirt and a non-see through skirt.

Fit: Runs large. Like.. really, really large (at least 2 sizes)

Worth the Cost? Its funny, because if this had just been sold as a sweater dress, I probably would’ve said yes. The added chiffon skirt cuts the versatility. That being said, its pretty close. Its more of a 30-50% off item since I know a lot of people would want to cut off the skirt.

FH reaction: No. Just no... It looks cute on (referring to rolled up sweater version below), but this whole "Boom" thing is stupid.

Sparkle Dress in Black and Blue
$49.99, Size XS

The Good: Gah. The blue. A lighter version of the Dresden blue from the Prabal line, but still just as gorgeous and flattering on the skin. This is a great dress to have in your closet. Its a staple dress with just a little added flair. The flair is subtle enough where it could be dressed for a professional look and then taken to a nice cocktail party afterwards.

The Bad: Needs a belt! I deduct points on things that need belts and don’t come with it.
Fit: TTS, but because it is a sheath dress, it runs a bit large/shapeless in the waist. Length is a bit long if you are on the petite size.

Worth the Cost? Its nice, but it lacks shape. Sheath dresses are pretty straight forward, but they should still have SOME shape to them or else you look like you are wearing a potato sack. I actually love the blue color and want to purchase it, but I would need to get the hem taken up and the sides slimmed, so this is definitely more of a 70% item. If it fits you right off the bat, however, I’d say go for it full price. Its simple and classic and will sit in your closet for a long time without ever getting outdated.

FH Reaction: It looks like a muumuu... or if you cut a pillow case open and slipped it over your head.

$74.99, Size 2

The Good: The hem on this is gorgeous. Its light and flows well when you walk. The dress is lined and has a flattering waist to it. I’m not a big fan of sparkle and sequins and do wish this was lace, but I don’t think its horrible. Overall, it feels like a really solid dress.

The Bad: However, the bust-line on this is all sorts of awkward. I think its meant to go to the side, but.. I don’t know it just lies funny. I have such a strong urge to try and yank it over to even everything out. I also wish they had use a different type of threading to sew on the sequins. It looks like a clear plastic, which ideally wouldn’t show up, but instead catches a lot of the light given off by the sequins and looks almost white up close.

Fit: TTS

Worth the Cost? No. I think this is like a $50 dress. Its nice, but there are little things here and there that I think need improvements.

FH Reaction: This ones nice! But I don't like the back as much as I do the front.

Ruffle Tank in White and Navy
$26.99, Size XS
Also comes in Powerline Print

The Good: The top looks pretty and you know how I love asymmetrical hems.

The Bad: The shape of this is pretty boxy. I'm not really a fan. My waist is so short that things like this are not flattering. I tried belting the top because I'd seen others do it successfully but I still don't think it works for someone with my body type. Also, the white is not really white (as you can see compared to the white in the Sheer Back Tank). I would say its more of an ivory or cream shade.

Fit: TTS.

Worth the Cost? In general yes. The price is on point for the other Target poly-chiffon tops, but personally this would be a pass altogether because of how unflattering the cut is on me. Maybe at 70%, but I’m not sure how complicated taking it in would be because of the chiffon layer.

FH Reaction: It looks like a napkin!

Sheer Back Tank in Blue and White
$19.99, Size XS

The Good: Its comfy top. Its not itchy with the polyester in the back and I think its a good top to have on those days where you don’t really feel like dressing up. The sleeves are edged raw which I like because I think it gives it a little something, but I can see some people thinking it makes the fabric look cheap.

The Bad: The sheer back isn’t really sheer.. which sort of defeats the purpose of having polyester on the back. I actually wish they had just made this all one fabric instead like the Sparkle Tank and dropped the price by half. Also, for whatever reason, the blue looks way more flattering on me than the white does. Which is honestly quite strange to say because 50% the tops I own are white or some variance.

Fit: TTS, but expect it to run loose and shapeless. If you’d like a tighter fit, I’d suggest sizing down one if possible.

Worth the Cost? Nah. Its an OK top. Really.. at any other store with any other run of the mill name this is like a $5 top to me. As much as I would like it, because I do enjoy my shapeless tops, the only way I’ll be owning one of these is if they make it to 70%.

FH Reaction: Um... where did your pants go?

$24.99, Size XS

The Good: I’m really drawn to this top. When I first saw it, I didn’t realize that the design was done with crystals. I thought it had been printed on. I was a little hesitant when I realized that, but decided to give it a try any ways. I like the crystals. I like the way that they are placed. Its subtle, but still gives a good amount of sparkle. The fabric of the top is thin, but comfortable. I felt like it breathed well. Its meant to be worn in a loose and flowly, but unlike a lot of similar tops, I didn’t feel like I totally lost my waist, and it didn’t give me a super pregnant look from the side.

The Bad: Quality check issues (man it seems like there are a lot of these with this collab). Luckily I purchased a back up in-store, because the one I received from online was glued together. It looks like there was too much glue placed on the rhinestone and it leaked through and stuck to the other side of the shirt. I can’t seem to pull it apart without ripping the fabric. Also the rhinestones on this top aren’t placed very consistently. Some are evenly spaced, some are too close together, some are too far apart, and in some cases, it looks like the machine got off track.

Fit: True to size if you’re looking for the loose, flowly feel. Size down if you want it more fitted, but make sure it doesn’t stretch across your chest too tightly or you might loosen the crystals.

Worth the Cost No, this is more like a t $15 top at most. I am hoping to find it again at 30%, however I don’t mind having purchased it at full price. I rarely like bling on my outfits, and the fact that I like this one, makes it worth it for me. Especially on those days where I want to put zero effort into my outfit.

FH Reaction: Same shirt (referring to above).. but different color? I like the grey on you!

Peplum Tank in Floral and Sparkle Black
$39.99, Size XS

The Good: This is an amazing top. Its flattering on everyone. Seriously…everyone. Its well made, the floral print is gorgeous, the fabric is stretchy, but not clingy, and hits in all of the right spots. It works for casual, business, or dressy occasions. I highly recommend this top to anyone.

The Bad: My main complaint is that the inside zipper on the floral print is white and is more obvious when worn as a vest. If the zipper had been black, it would’ve been a lot more subtle. I also wish they had made the black version without the embellishment. Its well sewn it and it does look nice, but I feel like it cuts down the versatility a bit for that particular color. I have so many pretty necklaces I could’ve worn with it! The double zipper is a little sticky and difficult to get on once completely unzipped.. but I also think that is a double zipper issue in general. I’ve yet to come across a double zipper that didn’t give me issues. Also, the first floral peplum I came across had a run in the fabric. Luckily the one I ordered online did not have this defect (and a much better print placement!).

Fit: Runs small. The XS fits me perfectly.. however there is a decent amount of elastic to this, so I believe that if previous collab XSs fit you to a tee, this one will still work.

Worth the Cost Yes. When I first saw it in the lookbook, I thought a $40 price tag was too much. $39.99 is one of the highest price points I’ve seen for designer collaboration times (minus NMxT, but we all know how that one went). However, once I tried it on, I totally changed my mind. This is a well made top and the front zip closure actually gives it more versatility

FH Reaction: I like the black a lot better than the floral (btw he hates all floral prints so this opinion is fairly biased lol).

$34.99, Size XS

The Good: Um…

The Bad: This is.. just bad. Its so bad that I like the ruffle tops more than I like this top. Its made of a ponte knit, which has absolutely no structure to it, and I really hate it when companies make peplums out of this material. The point of ponte is that it will hold its shape over time and it doesn’t wrinkle easily, but with this kind of cut I just don’t think it works. I think this top could’ve been fantastic if Target had used the same material in the floral peplum.

Fit: Runs large and long in the torso.

Worth the Cost? H to the No.

FH Reaction: I don't like this. It makes you look huge.. Though.. nice boob profile (SMH).

Long Sleeved Blouse in Floral Print and Green
$29.99, Size XS

The Good: Ugh. I really wanted this one to work out, especially after I saw it worn as a cardigan on another blogger. The material used with this blouse is better than the material used with the Prabal Gurung blouses. Its silker and softer. And of course, the floral print is awesome. I also really like the shade of green the blouse came in, it would’ve been an nice addition to my wardrobe.

The Bad: The shoulder detailing is not meant for someone with broad shoulders (aka me). It actually adds to the wideness of my shoulders, and I found it very unflattering. Plus, it wasn’t very crisp (at least on the ones that I tried on) and sort of puffed out strangely instead.

Fit: Runs large.

Worth the Cost? I’d still put this more at a $20-$25 top. The shoulder detailing executed at the shoulder wasn’t done well enough to make me really feel like its worth $30.

FH Reaction: I think you need to be wearing pants with this...

$39.99, Size XS
Also comes in Black

The Good: I was kind of surprised that I liked this top. Phillip Lim does his sparkles in such a classy way that I don’t mind them. It may also have something to do with the fact that I actually felt like this top fit me. I also liked that it didn’t have a fold-over collar. There are only so many of fold-overs a girl can have in her closest y’know? I like that this is different from that.

The Bad: I didn’t like the contrast between the bib portion to the rest of the blouse. Since the bib portion is overlapped a couple times, it makes the sheerness of the fabric more obvious. I think I would’ve enjoyed this top more if it had either been opaque all over or sheer all over.

Fit: TTS, if not a little small because for once I feel like I can wear one of Target’s blouses.

Worth the Cost? Eh. Sparkles are overrated I tell you. I think this is more of a $35 top.. mostly due to the added hidden button detailing and the embellishments. The mark up isn’t too bad, but I personally wouldn’t buy it unless it was at 50%.

FH Reaction: I like the white! .. But seriously.. where are your pants?

Pullover in Animal Print and Navy/Green
$34.99, Size XS

The Good: The idea is cute and in general the fit is decent.

The Bad: I hate the contrasting material, especially since the poly in the back isn’t sheer. I don’t see a point of having poly on something like this unless the meant to make it sheer. Also the seams between the different material are poorly done. I also prefer the fabric used for Animal Print Pullover over the Navy/Green one. The rayon/nylon blend came out softer than the cotton/rayon (which is honestly kind of weird).

Fit: TTS, but tight in the shoulders due to the material.

Worth the Cost? I think this is more of a 50% off item.

FH Reaction: Nice boobs (Ugh lol). Leopard is OK, but the Navy/Green color combination should just not exist.

Marks on mirror, not actual stains on shirt

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: I’ll be honest. There was only a little bit of interest in this sweater when I first saw it. Its not that I don’t like it, in fact, I love the print. It was only because it was yet another graphic sweatshirt that Target put out. And yes, I get it. Graphic sweatshirts are in! But, hi, hello… this is a designer collaboration is it not? Shouldn’t the items have more to it? In any case, of course I put it on, and of course I loved it. Of the three designer sweatshirts that Target has put out, this one has fit me the best. Prabal is super boxy and has a very tight crew cut, while the Proenza emphasizes my hips more than I like (not that that has stopped me from wearing either of them religiously). I also like the weird fold in the front. It lets me do an actual half tuck that is as effortless as it looks (yes, style revelation, half tucks are freaking complicated).

The Bad: Of the three, it is also the thinnest in terms of material. Which personally, I don’t mind because it lets me layer more comfortably, but I can see it being an issue for others. Its also not as soft because of that, and because they used a screen print technique for the graphic. The ink causes the fabric to stiffen up, and also bleeds through making the front inside not as soft as the rest.

Fit: I’d say this fits true to size. Its not super boxy, but loose enough in the body to feel comfortable.

Worth the Cost: This is really debatable. Comic book graphics have been around for quite a while now, and there is definitely not shortage of options. A sweatshirt like this, with a similar graphic, will cost you around $18-$22 at Forever 21, so obviously there’s a little bit of designer up charge. However, for me I will say that I think its worth it because of all the prints I’ve seen out there, this one has been my favorite.

FH Reaction: Yeahhhhhhhh........ I don't like it.

Sparkle Sweater in Cream and Navy
$39.99, Size XS

The Good: I love the fabric! I was expecting some itchy cheap acrylic mixed with nylon, but this is a 100% cotton. The material is heavy and has a very comfortable cozy feel to it. I also liked the way the collar was twisted and had sparkle peaking out. Had it not been for some fit issues, I would’ve taken this home.

The Bad: I think its cut badly. There’s high low hem with a ribbed knit so the hem curls inward and adds a weird bulge. I think if it had been cut a bit longer it would’ve been better. I also wish this wasn’t a crew neck. I personally don’t like them, and I think a wider neckline would’ve let the embellishments stand out more.

Fit: Runs large, especially at the hem/hip area. However, I do think that sizing up may make this more flattering (though I haven’t had a chance to try it).

Worth the Cost? Not for me, but for others. All in all its a very nicely done sweater.

FH Reaction: Too loose. I like the white one better. You look really lost in the blue one.

$59.99, Size XS

The Good: Hands down, this is probably the best blazer I’ve ever seen Target made. Quality wise, I’d say its right under Express’ blazers (which we all know I love and adore). The fit is comfortable and the material is really nice and not too stiff. The fabric (a heavy poly) moves with you and not against you. And.. and… the jacket is lined!! Fully lined and nicely done. I also love the length of this. Despite being a petite person, boyfriend lengths are my favorite and this is just perfect.

The Bad: More fake pockets. And a fake button on the sleeve, but hey considering how well everything is done, who cares? :P Ok, ok… on a more serious note, the one thing I do hate about this jacket is how thick the shoulder pads are. I feel like, and I’m pretty sure I look like, a linebacker… especially with the added flare lapels.

Fit: TTS… Which means it is a touch too big for me.

Worth the Cost? Yes, but not for me. I need to remove the shoulder pads and unfortunately they are sewn in between the lining and the outer fabric. It will cost a decent amount to get it removed, so I can only hope that I find this again at 50% of.

FH Reaction: I like the blazer. Looks classy.

$39.99, Size XS

The Good: It is.. exactly.. what its suppose to be?

The Bad: Obviously this "shirt" looks better once styled (open, pushed up sleeves), and should never, ever be worn closed. I kind of hate it, and I kind of like it. Its definitely a unique piece and I don't actually think its too over the top, but I feel like it could've been cut better. I actually thought this piece had fake pockets, only to realized they had sewn them shut so tightly that it just seems like a fake pocket. If you do purchase this top, please be careful when you open up your pockets so that you do not over stretch the thread and create a hole!

Fit: Runs large. Go down two sizes if you want something more fitted, down one size if you still want a loose look.

Worth the Cost? No.

FH Reaction: Um... No. This is really hideous, especially when you close it. Too much of this pattern is not a good thing.

$249.99, Size XS

The Good: I… liked the concept?

The Bad: The leather on this jacket is cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Its not soft or flexible, its actually pretty rigid and feels like a paper. The faux leather on the purses feels more like real leather than this ones does. I was pretty disappointed when I saw it in person. The cut is a bit boxier than I would like, especially given the stiffness of the material, I didn't feel like the jacket lay nicely against my body.

Fit: Runs a touch small.

Worth the Cost? Nopes, not at all.

FH Reaction: Jacket looks too short and that stitching looks awful. Also.. I really don't like how you styled it here (Me: Its a fitting room photo! This is what I was wearing).. Yea no, just bad styling (SMH).

Silky Skirt in Animal Print and Navy
$29.99, Size 2

The Good: This is what is known as a knock you off your feet kind of surprise. I had absolutely no interest in this skirt, but the minute I put it on, it was instant love. Of all the skirts I’ve tried from Target collaboration lines, these have had the best fit. They are super flattering and my waist just seems to disappear. The material is fantastic despite being 100% polyester. This is the good kind of poly. The kind that isn’t going to cling to you on a dry day. Its silky and at the same time feels a little heavy. The skirt moves beautifully as you walk. While the leopard print is more trend, the navy is going to make a great wardrobe staple for my closet (though it's arguable that anything leopard isn’t a wardrobe staple too!).

The Bad: Nothing! No, just kidding. I did notice a few manufacturing defects in the skirt I purchased. With the leopard version, the lining was actually longer in front than the actual skirt! Luckily the one I had ordered online didn’t seem to have this issue. I also noticed some weird stains on the inside, maybe the dye from the leopard print bleeding through? I’m really not sure. The navy skirt I have there was some puckering where the zipper meets fabric, but it isn’t enough to bother me.

Fit: I’d say this skirt runs small if you compare it against other collaborations. With Prabal and Wu, the skirts ran large in the waist, but these hit my natural waistline perfectly, and comfortably (meaning I can go to all you can eat place and still feel comfortable). The actual waistband is elastic, so there’s a bit of wiggle room between sizes,but not a lot. I really love this waistband. It doesn’t pinch my skin and cause pudgey hips!

Worth the Cost: Heck yeah. I went from wanting none to owning two!

FH Reaction: I don't think this fits your hips right (me: WHAT?). I don't like it. (Opinion Fail..)

$29.99, Size XS

The Good: I almost don’t want to tell you about these pants. Like really. I want them, but I want them for half the cost. I absolutely love these but I refuse to pay $30 for a pair of sweatpants! Even if they do fit great and have a cute pocket zipper. So I want to keep these a secret so that I can get them on clearance. Shh. Don’t buy them OK? The waistband is super comfortable and once adjust to the right length with lie flush against your skin and won’t dig. I do think these look best when scrunched up.

The Bad: Nothing! Just the price.. which is actually pretty reasonable. I admit I’m fairly biased in my opinion of these because I want them.

Fit: TTS. The waistband is adjustable. I do think these may be more flattering on individuals with slimmer hips because of the “skinny” style.

Worth the Cost? Yes! Especially considering Victoria’s PINK sweat pants cost so much more, and these are just as cute if not wearable outside… But I still can’t get myself to pay $30 for a pair of sweatpants. Judging by the online inventory, not a lot of people can either.

FH Reaction: Hellz no. Where did the front of your pelvis go!? Its gone!!

$79.99, Size XS
Also comes in Navy

The Good: This photographed kind of cheap in Target’s lookbook, but in person, my initial reaction was that yes, this is an $80 coat. The material is really nice and structured, but has a very soft feel to it. This is a heavy coat and will do well in fall and spring temperatures. When its belted tightly the material doesn’t puff out, but instead creases down for a nice crisp look.

The Bad: I wish they had made this in petite sizing. The length is really long and the arms need to be slimmed down quite a bit. Also, I like the idea of a color pop collar, though I do wish it was a deeper shade of blue. This light blue makes me think I can only wear it in spring. Fit: TTS, but runs large in the arms/chest.

Worth the Cost? I’m sad! I really want to keep this but the amount of tailoring needed makes this at least a 50% off item, if not 70%. If this fits you, keep it! It’s another wardrobe staple that last you quite a while.

FH Reaction: It looks too big for you...

$29.99, Size S
Also comes in Animal Print and Black/Tan

You can see the Target tag through the tank

The Good: So the idea behind these Grab & Go packs is that you can wear them as sleepwear or going out wear. The tank and shorts are suppose to be able to double as their own separate piece. Its a really great idea and wish it had been executed just a bit better. The prints are great, as usual, and there is this awesome elastic cloth on the back that I love.

The Bad: The bust for the tank should’ve really been cut higher if they wanted people to be able to wear it out. I had to size up to a Small to make myself decent. Its also not cut so that you can wear a bra with it. The material pinches out with a bra and you look like you have prunes for a chest. Also, the material is thin and a bit sheer in certain areas, which makes it hard to wear with shorts unless you layer with tights or leggings.

Fit: Bust runs small if you plan on wearing it out, I advise sizing up.

Worth the Cost? No. This is $20 sleepwear. I get that they tacked on an extra $10 because you are suppose to be able to wear it out, but really its $20 sleepwear.

FH Reaction: Oh yea!! Thats what I'm talking about. Its about time you showed off some skin! Everything is always covered up to your neck (me: -.-). (Regarding wearing out as separate pieces) I think this can be worn outside of the house.

That's it for the clothing! I hope you enjoyed. Stay tune for FH's review on the Menswear tomorrow!



  1. ok!
    the Powerline dress looks great on you. sorry the material sucks!
    the animal skirt AND dress look amazing. i actually tried the dress on and loved it! i love the colors.
    hopefully stuff i want is still available friday.
    you look so cute in everything!


  2. I so wanted to love the Powerline dress. It looks the same on everyone - baggy and shapeless and the belt is horrendous. I wondered if I had gotten a 2 instead of 4 would the asymmetrical collar lie flat? Alas, you've answered all of my questions. H to the No, LOL.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you are selling one of your Phillip Lim mini Satchel (gold)> I miss out my chance to buy one and they are sold out everywhere!!!

    1. please email me ? lynn9834@gmail.com

  4. Just want to say...this is a really great guide! I love how you go over so many details of each piece. Plus you've covered practically everything in the collection, save for the purses and shoes. And you made this guide easy to navigate with all the links. I tried a few pieces on the first day the collection came out and like you, I was really impressed by the peplum top. Went back today to see if they restocked on anything and actually found a couple of things I really liked. I just bought the dress online and wanted to see how it fits on other people. I'm very very skinny so I'm worried about that the dress will be too large around the armpit area (that was the problem with the shift dress for me). Looks like that shouldn't be a problem though since it's got a more form-fitting silhouette. *fingers crossed* Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks for the feedback :) You can actually find a review on the bags here: http://www.justpandippo.com/2013/09/review-31-phillip-lim-for-target-bags.html

      Unfortunately there weren't any womens shoes in this line (which i really cannot phathom why not since everyone was wanting the pointed loafers from the lookbook), but I do review the men's shoes in another post.

      I hope the dress works out for you! :)

  5. Just came across this because I may be purchasing a dress second hand from someone and wow VERY HELPFUL! =)