Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Make Up} Halloween: Vampire Diaries Look

I love vampires. There. I said it. I freaking love vampires. I loved them before it became cool to love them (damn you Twilight). I loved them ever since I picked up my first vampire novel in elementary school. Oh Christopher Pike... little did you know that your Last Vampire series would set the course for an everlasting, undying (har har get it?) love. I don't love all vampires though. I fairly particular about the kind of vampires that I love... Anne Rice, of course, being one of the top on my list and Twilight being not even going to consider it. Lately my favorites have been the vampires in The Vampire Diaries (TVD). Not the books, to be honest I rather dislike the books, but the TV show. I absolutely love the TV show. And of all the vampire movies and shows I've seen, The Vampire Diaries has, to this day, had my favorite vampire transformation.

Surprisingly, through my many years of vampire love, I have never dressed up as a vampire for Halloween. I don't know why its taken me five seasons to do this. but here we are.. in all my Vampire Diaries glory.

I'm really happy with how these shots came out. This has been my second attempt at studio make up (and really my first attempt was so long ago I don't think it should count anymore). The first shot is what I call my "Stefan" look. If you don't watch TVD (you really should), Stefan is the serious character. He's the one that always tries to stay in control and doesn't really want to be a vampire. He's basically the sad one of the bunch. But of course that means he's super sensitive and attentive and has abs. Totally perfect right?

Eh! Not my cup of tea. I'm a huge fan of Damon, his brother. Twisted and dark with piercing blue eyes (and abs), and a very rebellious bad boy streak.. I would run away with him any day of the week (sorry FH!). Damon is the in between. He started off pretty bad, not really evil, but not exactly helpful. He's self centered, and is still fairly self centered but is (in true bad boy form) a total softie on the inside and just needs someone to show him love (really Hollywood, this is why girls are so delusional in real life).

On the more extreme end, there's Klaus.. who I absolutely love as well. He's all bad. He thinks of no one else but himself and he rather enjoys carnage and mayhem. He's got a lot of daddy issues. And oh yeah, he's also a werewolf. Otherwise known as a hybrid. When Klaus vamps out his eyes glow golden because the werewolf part of him comes to surface as well. Which is what you see in the photo below... my hybrid look, complete with blood.

FH is going to play one of my victims. Haha.. assuming we actually have some where to go tonight.. which I doubt. We've gotten quite old and boring. :)

Happy Halloween everyone! What did you dress up as?

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  1. you did a great job! i wouldn't have thought it was your first (or second) time doing this!
    and i love Damon too. i haven't watched this season yet but I was starting to love Klaus as well.

    p.s.- i'm a huge Twilight fan lol


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