Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Make Up} Halloween: Vampire Diaries Look

I love vampires. There. I said it. I freaking love vampires. I loved them before it became cool to love them (damn you Twilight). I loved them ever since I picked up my first vampire novel in elementary school. Oh Christopher Pike... little did you know that your Last Vampire series would set the course for an everlasting, undying (har har get it?) love. I don't love all vampires though. I fairly particular about the kind of vampires that I love... Anne Rice, of course, being one of the top on my list and Twilight being not even going to consider it. Lately my favorites have been the vampires in The Vampire Diaries (TVD). Not the books, to be honest I rather dislike the books, but the TV show. I absolutely love the TV show. And of all the vampire movies and shows I've seen, The Vampire Diaries has, to this day, had my favorite vampire transformation.

Surprisingly, through my many years of vampire love, I have never dressed up as a vampire for Halloween. I don't know why its taken me five seasons to do this. but here we are.. in all my Vampire Diaries glory.

I'm really happy with how these shots came out. This has been my second attempt at studio make up (and really my first attempt was so long ago I don't think it should count anymore). The first shot is what I call my "Stefan" look. If you don't watch TVD (you really should), Stefan is the serious character. He's the one that always tries to stay in control and doesn't really want to be a vampire. He's basically the sad one of the bunch. But of course that means he's super sensitive and attentive and has abs. Totally perfect right?

Eh! Not my cup of tea. I'm a huge fan of Damon, his brother. Twisted and dark with piercing blue eyes (and abs), and a very rebellious bad boy streak.. I would run away with him any day of the week (sorry FH!). Damon is the in between. He started off pretty bad, not really evil, but not exactly helpful. He's self centered, and is still fairly self centered but is (in true bad boy form) a total softie on the inside and just needs someone to show him love (really Hollywood, this is why girls are so delusional in real life).

On the more extreme end, there's Klaus.. who I absolutely love as well. He's all bad. He thinks of no one else but himself and he rather enjoys carnage and mayhem. He's got a lot of daddy issues. And oh yeah, he's also a werewolf. Otherwise known as a hybrid. When Klaus vamps out his eyes glow golden because the werewolf part of him comes to surface as well. Which is what you see in the photo below... my hybrid look, complete with blood.

FH is going to play one of my victims. Haha.. assuming we actually have some where to go tonight.. which I doubt. We've gotten quite old and boring. :)

Happy Halloween everyone! What did you dress up as?

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.23 Natural Beige
Everyday Minerals in Medium Beige Neutral
SmashBox "Artificial Light" Luminizing Lotion in Glow
BareMinerals Matte Foundation in Medium Ta
BareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil
Vampire "Costume Face" Tattoos! (blood spatters)

Wet 'N' Wild Fantasy Makers in 'Vixen Femme Fatale' Package
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (Venus, Wos, Crave shades)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Red Cherry #117 False Eyelashes
AngelContacts Circle Lenses in Geo Nudy Grey

Wet 'N' Wild Fantasy Makers in 'Vixen Femme Fatale' Package
Bed Head Girls Just Want it Palette (Passion Shade)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

{Outfit} Oxblood Pants and Autumn Leaves

Forever 21 is such a funny place. For the most part, I know what to expect from an F21 item. Its cheap, trendy fashion, good for a few wears at most. I don't ever expect items to hold their shape for very long, which is why I never considered buying jeans from there before. But every now and then Forever 21 surprises me, and this is one of those times.

I've been looking for a pair of oxblood colored skinnies since last year. Nothing I liked was within my price range, or the color was just a tad off. I wanted oxblood. A deep shade of red with hints of black/blue, not wine (which has more brown tones) or burgundy (which has more purple) or even maroon (which.. well isn't even close :P). Oxblood is a difficult color to find because the actual definition of the color seems to vary. I know a lot of stores use burgundy, oxblood, maroon, and even bordeaux interchangably, and I don't blame them. The colors are quite similar. But I knew I wanted that rich black hue in my red and I refused to settle.

Just when my search seemed hopeless, I came across these jeans on Forever 21. The color is actually listed as burgundy, but a quick trip in-store soon confirmed that the hue was more of a blue/black. And with a fantastic price--$15.90!! How can you beat that? I didI hesitate a bit. Its Forever 21. I didn't want to fall in love with the shade only to have the jeans stretch out and become completely unwearable, but at the price point I knew I had to give it a try.

I am so glad I did! Who knew these would be so amazing. I've worn them 3 or 4 times now and they have not lost their shape (please note that I do wash on cold and hang dry all of my jeans). These have been more than worth the $16 I spent and I am quite happy they have filled that oxblood hole in my closet.

If you are interested in picking one of these jeans up (since there are some amazing colors available, and they're always adding more!), here are some sizing notes:

❤ The material is more of a twill than a denim. It also seems to catch lint easily, but hasn't been too bothersome for me.
❤ I have a 26" waist and picked these up in a 26" and found them to fit perfectly after one wear. They were initially tight in the waist but have stretched out after one wear to the perfect width.
❤ The waist is 30.5" after wear (I forgot to measure before wear.. sorry!), and I'd say the rise hits me right below my belly button. They're a low-rise jean, but not ass-crack low rise.

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for reading. :)

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Peplum in Floral
Kate Young for Target Polkda Dot Mesh Bodysuit (old - similar)
Forever 21 Skinny Jeans
BCBGeneration (via TJMaxx) Leopard Wedges (similar here and here)


Thursday, October 17, 2013

{DIY} Fox Applique for Sweaters

I figure by now everyone needs a break from Limsanity. And what better way to take a break than to learn how to create your very own little fox! (Though I can't promise I don't have a few more Lim outfit posts in the works). By now most of you have seen my DIY Fox sweater... What? You haven't? Well.. here it is! :P

I spent a really, really long time looking for a fox sweater last year and I couldn't find one that suited my taste. So eventually I decided to make my own! This project is actually pretty quick and simple... even though it took me almost a year to complete (Shush Anna, I know I still owe you a Gingy Sweater). Once you have the applique finished, all you need is a hot iron and some iron on adhesive and you'll be good to go!

So lets begin shall we?

For this project you'll need...
❤ A sweater (close or tight knit) ❤ Scissors (I recommend two: one for paper, one for fabric) ❤ Sketch Paper ❤ Pencil ❤ Sharpie or Fabric Pen ❤ A few sheets of felt (depending on your color choice) ❤ Needle & Thread ❤ Iron-on Adhesive (optional) ❤

Total time needed:
❤ 1 day ❤

Step O1: Create your pattern
Make sure to draw your furry creature as simple as possible. Details that are too fine will be difficult to cut out.

Step O2: Cut. It. Out.
Har har get it? Or did I totally just date myself?

Step O3: Flip over and trace.
Its important to trace the mirror image of what you want your applique to look like. It'll insure that you won't have any ink showing in case you cut a little off.

Step O4: Repeat steps 02 and 03
Slowly disect your poor little furry creature. Do not cut it all out at once! Some of your patterns will overlap and if you cut out too soon you could ruin one of the patterns.

Step O5: Sew! Sew! Sew!
Now its time to recreate your fox. Its best to hand sew this portion (and this is where the majority of your time will go to) since there could be a lot of sharp/fine corners. I used a back stitch for all of the big pieces and then a blanket stitch for all of the smaller ones.

I also used a backstitch to create an "outline" for the tail.

Ta-da! Mista Fox is alive!!!

Step O6: Find him/her a home!
When I sew on any type of appliques, I like to use an iron-on adhesive to fix my product into place. I like to sew by hand (though, to be fair, I also don't know how to use my sewing machine) and I just find it easier since the iron-on adhesive reduces the amount of fabric movement. Its important to note that you should never iron on felt directly. The cheap kind is made up of mostly synthetics which means it can burn if left under direct heat for too long, where as the more expensive kind can be ruined by too much heat.

Once I have my applique ironed on, I finished up the edges with a blanket stitch to reduce fray.

And that's it! Your animal sweater has now been created and is ready to wear out.


Please share your creations if you decide to give this a try.

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading!

P.S. I can no longer look at this sweater without having "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!?!" screaming in my head.... T.T


Thursday, October 10, 2013

{Outfit} Cat Tee and Oxblood Booties

I honestly cannot believe its October already. This year has seriously flown by. Even after living in the Bay Area for 10 years I'm still not use to this concept of an indian summer. Growing up it was always warm and sunny on my birthday and now its not the case. In fact, July is pretty bipolar in the Bay (especially San Francisco). But September and October? Amazing. Gorgeous. Which I admittedly kind of love being able to pair short sleeves and shorts with scarves and boots. Its for reasons like this that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to leave California.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

H&M Cat T-Shirt
Express Sailor Shorts
Tommy Hilfiger Hera Booties
Q Fashion Skull Scarf (similar)
Hello Kitty x Forever 21 Bracelet


Friday, October 4, 2013

{Outfit} Happy Plaidurday

Yes, you heard me. Happy Plaidurday.. or Happy National Plaid Day. If there's anything I've learned by now, it is that literally everyday is a celebration of something and today, is Plaidurday.

Plaidurday happens the first Friday of October. Actually, this only the third year of this holiday, but as it were, plaid is raging to come back from the 90's this season so I thought it would be fun to celebrate. However, doesn't Plaidurday sound like it should be on a Saturday and not a Friday? I mean really, it should be Plaiday, but I guess thats not nearly as fun to say as Plaidurday. Today also marks one of the few times in which I am actually wearing the same outfit that is being posted! A true outfit of the day post.

Plaid is actually kind of difficult to wear without feeling like a punk-rocker or like you're working on the farm. Its a really fun pattern and over the years I've gone through my share of items. This shirt is one of the few to last. The black and white combination really keeps it classic. I've always loved a bit of punk-rock to my outfits, so I did throw in some faux leather and moto boots, but in general I kept my silhouette pretty tailored and the base of my outfit is all neutral. Add in a few pops of colors a la Phillp Lim and I think I have one helluva Plaidurday outfit!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for reading.

And... P.S... I promise next week's post won't include a single thread of Phillip Lim. ;)

Express Plaid Short Sleeve
Rampage Faux Leather Shorts (Old - Similar)
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Satchel with Gusset in Yellow
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Boom Scarf
Fergalicious Footwear (c/o DSW) Erin Bootie
Tobi Sunglasses


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{Review} 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target - Menswear

I cannot believe that FH agreed to do this. I dare say I think he had quite a bit of fun doing this as well. Since this is the first time he is doing a review of this sort, I thought I'd give you a bit of a background. FH is 5'9" and typically wears a size Small or 30x30 in most brands. His measurements are: Chest 37", Waist 30.5", Shoulders 17".

FH typically purchases from stores like Banana Republic and Abercrombie. He likes his fabrics thick and soft and fairly effortless. He does purchase from Target occasionally, but definitely not even near the same level as I do (I don't think most people purchase on the same level as I do). He's also fairly picky about his clothing, so do not be surprised if his reviews are rather harsh. He comes from a higher expectation of clothing than I typically do.

With that being said! On to the review! We started off small, and only did 5 items. We actually had 6 for FH to review but unfortunately one never made it to our door (Target, however, more than made up for it).

You can find my previous reviews here:


$19.99, Size S

The Good: The material is soft and the fit isn’t too tight. The sleeve length is good.

The Bad: I’m not crazy about the print and I can actually feel the screen through the shirt material. The cut of the shirt is a bit off. The shoulders are cut towards the back instead of forward so it causes this weird pinch of material.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? I’d pay $10 for this shirt.

My Reaction: I like how this shirt looks on him. Of course I love the crazy tiger print and would almost keep this for myself, however I do agree this should be more of a $10 shirt than $20.

$34.99, Size S

The Good: This cardigan is great to hid a belly! The material is soft and not itchy. In general fits well in the shoulders and has a nice pocket depth. I do prefer this unbuttoned to buttoned.

The Bad: The pocket is attached with a loose string, which cheapens the look, and looks like its going to fall apart soon. I wish they had just sewn it into the cardigan so it laid flat when closed.

Fit: TTS, but runs a little large in the mid-section.

Worth the Cost? I’d probably pay $30 for this, so its about on par.

My Reaction: I actually dislike the material of this. I didn’t think it was that soft but I do really like the unbuttoned look on him.

Superman flex? Check. Zoolander pose ability? Double Check

$69.99, Size S

The Good: *crickets*

The Bad: The material is super cheap. It actually crinkles when you move around in it. I feel like I’m wearing a plastic bag. The inside is not lined and the padding in the shoulders is too stiff, causing the material to bunch. This type of material picks up lint very easily and because it is a dark navy, shows up very easily as well. Also because the material is so stiff, when layering it with a cardigan it becomes extremely tight. The pockets here are real pockets, but also sewn shut very tightly.

Fit: True to size if you typically wear a Regular length. I normally wear Short, so this is obviously too long for me in the sleeves.

Worth the Cost? No, you can get much better quality suits around the same price at Men’s Wearhouse.

My Reaction: I think this jacket photographs well, but it is definitely a very cheap jacket. I’m very surprised considering how great the women’s version is.

You leave me no choice.. Here comes the smolder. And then.. Karate Chop!

$39.99, Size 30x30

The Good: *even more crickets*

The Bad: I hate these pants. The crotch sits way too low and the waist is too high. I feel like I have about an inch of air passing between my legs. Again, the material feels super cheap and is very loud when you move.

Fit: TTS.

Worth the Cost? No.

My Reaction: I really dislike these on him, especially how the leg tapers at the end. The slim cut is almost like as skinny cut instead. And really.. it doesn’t do much for his butt. :P

$44.99, Size 9
Also comes in Black

The Good: These are very comfortable, nice padding.

The Bad: Really poor construction. The seams are cheap and badly done. The shoes did not come individually bagged so some of the black sole rubbed off onto the white surface.

Fit: I normally wear an 8.5 and these are just a touch too big in the 9. I’d say these run TTS if a 8.5 would’ve been available. If you’re in between sizes like me I recommend going with the larger size.

Worth the Cost? More like a $20 shoe, so I guess 70% off kind of item.

My Reaction: I think these shoes make his feet look super flat. I think

Apparently Kori didn't get the "Put your paws up" memo.

And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the reviews and FH's special segment. ;)

What were your favorite pieces? What did you end up keeping? Now that I'm done with all these reviews I can go and figure it all out!

❤ Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading! ❤