Thursday, September 5, 2013

{How to} Shop at Marshalls!

**Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Marshalls as part of Project FAB. All words written are of my own opinion and ideas, and have not been influenced by Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc.

I was basically raised inside of a Marshalls. Unfortunately the same could be said of my poor brother. Every weekend our mother would take us to Marshalls and we would find the most amazing things at incredible prices. Its no wonder I have an addiction to deal shopping, but that history has really made me into the great shopper I am today. And in the true course of any great teacher to apprentice story, my shopping skills have evolved beyond that of my beginnings. I've created my check list of things that I look for when I'm out shopping.

Luckily for me, Marshalls fits it to a tee.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to be chosen to participate in ProjectFAB. I think there was a lot of screaming and jumping up and down, and the eventual realization that I was given an opportunity to shop.

I figured the best way to kick off my ProjectFAB experience would be to do a post on how to shop at Marshalls! Now, I know what you might be thinking. Its shopping, how hard could it be? Not hard at all, really, but with these tips and tricks you'll find even better deals than you did before and get more bang out of that buck. Which is what Marhalls is really about anyways, right? Finding fabulous items at more than affordable prices.

❤ Always hit up the clearance section first! Quantities are limited and despite what some may tell you, clearance is not always filled with past season/trend items. Things are what you make of it!

I personally like to look at shoes before clothing because there tends to be less quantities available in my size. Its also easier to go through... sort of like a warm up run before the big game!

❤ Don't put anything down until you've had a chance to try it on or really think about it! Marshalls isn't your typical mall type of store. There aren't massive size runs of everything; sometimes there's not even a complete size run. The minute you put your item down, there is a chance that someone else will snatch it up. Don't be a risk taker when it comes to shopping.. it'll haunt you to the end of your days (Oh $90 Prada sunglasses. How I wish I'd bought you when I had the chance.)

If you have to.. get a cart.

I probably should've gotten a cart.

❤ Always check for flaws and defects. This applies to any store that you shop in, but especially in stores like Marshalls. The level of customers here are different, and they aren't always respectful of the clothing they try on. Most of the time the flaw is small enough to ignore, or if it is the last item and it is not already marked down, you can ask a store associate if they'll do an additional discount. This can be hit or miss, but most of the times I have asked, I've been given 10% off.

Photo on left: Lipstick stain on the collar - full priced item; Photo on right: Broken zipper - already discounted

❤ Know your brands! If you know where your brand normally sells at (i.e Hydraulic jeans can be found inside Macy's, Nordstrom and Charlotte Russe) it will give you a good idea on quality, and help you decide if the item you are purchasing is worth the current price or if its better to wait for clearance. Side note: A yellow tab means final clearance. Normally the item will be priced so low that you won't need to think, but if you do... don't! There won't be any more mark downs after something hits yellow.

❤ Try every thing on. I know, its a pain. Especially if you are in a hurry. I only recommend buy then try at home if you're in a real rush because fit will always change your mind on something. Even if it looks so adorable-you'd-give-up-your-first-child-to-have-it on the rack, it may look like a potato sack once it is on.

You can go about this a couple of ways. I like to try on as I complete each section, leaving clothing for last since it involves going into a fitting room. If I have jackets, I like to try them on before I even get into a fitting room since they tend to be bulky and heavy to carry. This way you eliminate as much as possible before you head in and reduce the chance of maxing out your take in number.

Its amazing how badly this shirt went with my shorts..

I love how Marshalls has revamped their fitting rooms. The adorable signs and number tags really add to your shopping experience. Plus.. some strategic marketing in how the "no" tag is really a "tomorrow" tag. ;)

❤ And my last tip? If you don't find something during your first visit, don't despair. That's one of the best things I love about Marshalls. its forever changing. They get in new inventory almost every day and what you see one week can be totally different from the next!

I hope you'll find these tips helpful on your next trip to Marshalls! Be on the look out for some upcoming ProjectFab outfits ;) and maybe even a shopping challenge?

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading.



  1. this was very helpful. i rarely find anything i like in Marshalls and maybe it's because im broke most of the time lol. these tips wil definitely work my next trip!


  2. I love finding deeply discounted brands at Marshalls! I get this really accomplished feeling! lol :)

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