Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target - Bag Sizes and Colors

We're T-minus 4 days away from what my friends and I are now calling "The Bagpocalypse". Otherwise known as "BOOM! Buy all the bags." Unfortunately, Target has been pretty stingy with information this time around. There's a lot of debate going on regarding bag sizes, types, colors, etc. There's been no lack of photos, that's for sure, but actual confirmed information? Hard to come by.

However, me being the super researcher that I am, have compiled a list for you lucky readers! This is not official information (at least most of it isn't). This is simply information that I've managed to gather over the past month and have confirmed for myself its actuality. The whole purpose of today's post is to hopefully help out any confused future purse owners out there (and I know there has to be many!).

So here we go.. Lets start with the bag sizes and types. I've been able to so far determine that there are 5 bag types and 4 different sizes (7 different types of bags). *Edit* There are actually 8 different bag types! 3 types for the braided bag (a mini, a carry-all, and a tote). I will update the image later tonight! Updated!

Again, this is not official.. especially the names. Its just what I've come up with to help me distinguish between the different types of bags. Laid out like this, I think its easy to see how it gets confusing.

Things that I've found/observed.

❤ The Carry-All Satchel zips from half way down the side, goes around the top and ends half way down the other side. Plenty of mouth opening to go digging for your keys which always seem to fall and bury itself underneath everything. This bag is smaller than the Pashli-like Tote and Braided Carry-all.
❤ The Pashli-like Mini is rumored to be 10x10, so while its definitely a mini, its not horrible small (at least I don't think so). Where as the Pashli-like Tote is rumored to be a whooping 14x20.
❤ The side zips on the Pashli-like bags are completely functional... which means you're basically getting a 2 for one type bag! It also means that when full extended, there will be gap openings on the top of your bag and it closes with a separate zipper.
❤ None of these bags are leather. Sorry. Lol better to dash the dream now than to cry day of launch?
❤ The Pashli-like Mini, Braided Mini, and Flap Satchel are all about the same size, give or take an inch or two. From what I've seen, I believe the Pashli-like Mini to be the smallest of the three.
❤ The Braided Carry-all is the same size as the Pashli-like Tote, so I'm going to hazard a guess and say that the Braided Tote is about the same size as the Carry-all Satchel.

Now, as far as bag colors go. I've been able to confirm 5 colors. The 6th, "Neutral", is a rumor and based of the names of the other colors, not entirely sure its true. However, I can say for certain, that the other 5 are true.

Now, please keep in mind that this is only what is currently out there in that vastland we call the Internet. Target has a knack of springing surprises on launch day. If anything, I hope this helps narrow down your decisions (or possibly complicate them).

Will you be lining up on September 15th? I will. Or I hope I will be! I'm unfortunately out of town (damn this wedding season) and Target has confirmed that not all of their stores will be carrying the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target line (everyone say WTF with me please). I can only hope that this random town I'm going to, which does have a Target about 10 miles from my hotel, will be one of those lucky Targets.


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