Monday, September 30, 2013

{Review} 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target - Bags and Scarves

I have a small confession to make. I didn't do the wake up at 6 AM and wait outside of Target until it opens die hard usual that I'd done for the previous collaborations. You see.. there was a wedding, and lots of driving, and then the fact that Target didn't launch any of the bags online until around 1 AM PST.. and then lagged another 30 minutes before launching the rest (oh Target.. you take lessons from Gordon Ramsey don't you?). By the time I finished purchasing all that I could purchase it was past 2 AM and there was just no way I was going to make it. I had planned for the chance that this unknown Target wouldn't be carrying much.. after all it was in the middle of no where. I purchased everything I wanted to review online, which made the whole I'm too tired to wake up after 4 hours of sleep and battle crazies excuse all the more reasonable.

So I didn't go. I didn't even go in at 9 AM. In fact, I didn't show up until 10:30 AM, expecting to pretty much find absolutely nothing.

Instead... I found this...

And panic set in. There was suppose to be more photos of the layout. Really, there was. But I totally forgot. I saw that there were still bags--YELLOW bags, mind you--still sitting on the wall. I saw that there were still Boom sweaters still hanging about. So, I panicked and began grabbing ALL THE THINGS.

On a side note... I love my FH so much. Why? Because after three (well really four once NMxT went 70% off) major collaborations, he still wants to marry me.

Unfortunately I literally spent almost all of my money the night before so I couldn't pick up too much more. It did give me a chance to get ahead on the reviews, however. And this time, I have a rather special treat for you! I asked FH if he would do a small mini reviews for the men's clothing.. and after some begging, pleading, bargaining, telling him how totally awesome he is, he agreed. I'll be breaking up my reviews into three segments this time.


I'll be starting with the bags and scarves, because, well lets face it. Of all things, it was the bags everyone cared about the most. I'll start with the scarves in this post, however, so that they don't get lost in a puddle of drool after you've finished looking at the bags. The bags, I can tell you, you will be most happy with. They are executed with great quality (better than what you would expect from Target) and design. Quite possibly my favorite items out of the entire collection!

For the bags all the photos are shot with the shortest length available, unless otherwise indicated. For capacity references, I used the following:

❤ 15" Macbook Pro (Height: 1", Width: 14.3", Depth: 9.8") ❤
❤ Kindle Keyboard in Leather Case (Width: 4.8", Depth: 0.335", Height 7.5") ❤
❤ Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in Case (Width: 7.1", Depth: 0.4", Height: 10.3") ❤
❤ HTC One in Plastic Case (Width: 2.68",Depth: 0.36", Height: 5.4") ❤
Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats (life saver - gold bag) ❤
❤ Coach Sunglass in Case ❤
CamelBak Waterbottle (0.75L) ❤
❤ Zara Cardigan ❤
❤ Fossil Wallet ❤

The names of the bags are super confusing. I'll be using what is on the Target website, but also using AKA's referencing my bag guide in a previous post.
Jump to:
Mini Satchel with Gusset (aka Pashli-doppelganger mini) ❤
Tote with Gusset (aka Pashli-doppelganger tote) ❤
Mini Satchel (aka Braided mini) ❤
Medium Satchel (aka Braided tote) ❤
Large Carryall Tote (aka Braided carryall) ❤
Top Handle Crossbody
Medium Satchel (aka Carryall satchel) ❤
Canvas Drawstring Travel Bag

Scarf in Boom and Leopard Print

The Good: Both of these prints are fantastic. The leopard is a great neutral shade and I think it’ll work with warm and cool tones. Its not over the top so I think its a nice way to add a bit of print to your outfit. On the flip side, the Boom is very vibrant and kind of amazing. It’ll be a great scarf for when you’re feeling bold and colorful.

The Bad: The polyester is visibly cheaper than the scarves from the Jason Wu line. These scarves are bigger, and because the price points are the same, I’m guessing Target went with a lower grade polyester to compensate for the larger size.

Worth the Cost? I’d say yes for the Boom print, but not so much for the Leopard. Its fairly easy to find a decent leopard print scarf, but the Boom print is definitely unique in a scarf. I don’t think I’ve seen one like it. That being said… I’m keeping both of mine. :D

Looks like a rolled hem

Mini Satchel with Gusset in Taupe, Yellow, and Black (aka Mini Pashli-doppelgangar)

The Good: I love this bag. Like, just adore it beyond belief. My love for this bag goes so far that I am actually keeping all three colors. What? I know. Two would’ve been bad enough, but three? Three makes me kind of crazy pants. But I really like wearing these pants. This bag is the perfect size “mini”. I can easily fit all of my day to day items with room to spare for those days when I want to put extra in. The material of this bag (well really all the bags) is quite excellent. I know there was a lot of hope for leather bags with this line, but I’d have to say this is a nice second. The material is soft, like really soft. It’s also thick and structural. There’s a good amount of flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the bag design. While my original plan was to only keep the black and yellow, the taupe has risen to the top as my favorite. The shade is a perfect balance of warm and cool tones so I have literally been using it with everything.

The Bad: Quality issues - I’ve seen several instances (and experienced for myself) the magnets coming unglued on the front pocket clasp. In my case, the magnet had not only come unglued, but it actually broke. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry when I noticed this and forgot to take a photo. Sorry! Blame Target and their torturous game of keeping us up until 2:30 AM waiting for bags to load.

Hardware: The hardware on this bag is pretty awesome. The side zippers are functional so you can expand and unexpand as you like. In fact, all the zippers and clasps work smoothly. The crossbody clasps go a full 360* so your strap won’t ever get twisted and buckle is easy to adjust. The magnet closure on the front pocket doesn’t always close straight, but its not super noticeable when it doesn’t. The feet on the bottom are cute and keep the bottom of your bag from touching the ground.

Fit: The handle is 3” tall and 3.5” wide. The removeable strap adjusts from 24-27.5” long. Even on the shortest length its a bit long for me to wear on one shoulder, however, I switch back and forth from crossbody to one shoulder so frequently it isn’t worth tying a knot in the top. I found for my height this bag was the perfect size; it doesn’t look too “mini” on me or bulky. There’s two inner pockets, one for a cell phone, and one with a zip closure, and a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-shaped). There’s also a functional external pocket that fit three lipsticks/glosses and a travel size Purell.
  • Tech: I was able to fit my Kindle Keyboard with the leather cover in the body of the bag, while my HTC One with plastic case fits in easily to the mobile side pocket (win! how often does that happen?).
Worth the Cost: And then some! I would’ve easily paid $50 for this and felt that it was worth the cost.

Photos shown below: Left shortest strap length, right longest.

Tote with Gusset in Taupe (aka Pashli-doppelganger Tote)
Also comes in Purple and Black

The Good: This has all the beauty and quality that the Mini Satchel with Gusset has, but in a Honey I Blew Up the Kids version. This bag is huge. No seriously. Anna is convinced she can fit both her poodles inside the bag (I’m trying to convince her this is a picture worthy attempt). The handles feel strong and sturdy. I think it will be able to put with a decent amount of abuse.
The Bad: I personally think this bag is too big. At least for someone like me who is all of 5’2”. I guess in a zombie apocalypse or something I can use it to shield my body, but for everyday, or even for travel, I can’t see myself using a bag this size. I also have shoulder issues, so the fact that there is no crossbody to help support the weight of an overloaded bag (and we’re all so guilty of this! The bigger the bag the more crap we throw in) would probably cause me to never use it. 

  Hardware: The side zippers are functional so you can expand and unexpand as you like, and all of the zippers work smoothly. The magnet closure on the front pocket doesn’t always close straight, but its not super noticeable when it doesn’t. The feet on the bottom are the same size as the mini, so while its a nice bonus, I don’t think it keeps the bottom of the bag from touching floor as well. 

  Fit: The handle measures 7” tall and 6.5” wide. There’s two inner pockets, two cellphone sized, and one with a zip closure, as well as a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-sized). There’s also a functional external pocket that fit three lipsticks/glosses and a travel size Purell.
  • Tech: Um. Like everything, including the kitchen sink? My 15” Macbook Pro fit in here, along with the Kindle Keyboard and Samsung Galaxy Note, with plenty of room to spare. HTC One with plastic case fits easily into the phone pocket.
Worth the Cost? I think its a good value in general, especially if you need a nice bag for work or travel that can fit a laptop.

Mini Satchel in Grey (aka Braided Mini)

Also comes in Brown

Size comparision

The Good: The material, again, is great. The design is not super unique, but it has a charm about it. I also enjoyed the grey color and the dark edges mixed in. I think it keeps the color from being boring.

The Bad: I’m personally not a huge fan of the size of this bag. It actually can fit more than the Mini Pashli-doppelganger, but it doesn’t look it. I think it has something to do with the style. If it had been made just a touch bigger I think the overall design of it would have flowed better.. especially with size of the metal tag. This did not change between the three different sizes offered in this style, and so it does look a bit awkward with the mini.

Hardware: I love the metal tag that it comes with. The ability to etch in a monogram or designer (or even just your name) adds a nice touch of elegance. All of the zippers and clasps work smoothly. The crossbody clasps go a full 360* so your strap won’t ever get twisted and buckle is easy to adjust. Feet to keep the bottom of the bag from touching the floor.

Fit: The handle measures 3.5” tall and 4” wide. The removeable strap adjusts from 21.5” to 25”. The crossbody length on this one suits me better. I can leave it on the shortest adjustment and it hangs nicely off my shoulder. There’s two inner pockets, one cellphone sized, and one with a zip closure, as well as a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-sized).
  • Tech: Kindle Keyboard with cover fits in easily and my HTC One with plastic case fits in the inner side pocket with room to spare.
Worth the Cost? I’m on the fence about this. Overall, quality of the materials is great and its really functional as a bag. It has a nice look, but again, I do wish it was bigger. I’d say if you love it and it fits your lifestyle, this is probably worth the full cost. For me, I need to go one up in size to really appreciate this design.

$44.99 Also comes in Grey

The Good: I love this bag. This is the kind of bag I like to use when traveling. Its large, but not too large and lets me fit all of my traveling essentials. The zip closure lets me keep everything secure, and I don’t have to worry about items falling out if I’m running to catch a flight (this has happened numerous times). The removable crossbody strap frees up my hands and lets me use my body to help support the weight of a heavier bag. The material is great. Soft and pliable--doesn’t feel cheap.

The Bad: I wish I had purchased this in the grey! #colorregret Not that I don’t love the shade of brown, I really do… But its just the right shade of cognac where I keep thinking football. And the horizontal stitches going down the front really don’t help. Hardware: Comes with an etchable metal tag. All of the zippers and clasps work smoothly. The crossbody clasps go a full 360* so your strap won’t ever get twisted and buckle is easy to adjust. Feet to keep the bottom of the bag from touching the floor, but again, not as functional with a larger size bag.

Fit: The handle measures 5.5” tall and 6” wide. The removeable strap adjusts from 22” to 24” long. The strap is comparable to the Mini Satchel with Gusset, but because the bag is bigger, it actually hangs better. It doesn’t swing around like the Mini Satchel does, so I’m OK leaving it on the shortest length. There’s three inner pockets, two cellphone sized, and one with a zip closure, as well as a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-sized).

  • Tech: My 15 in Macbook fits in here snuggly. There’s a little wiggling that needs to be done to zip the bag close, but there isn’t any strain put on the actual zipper. I was able to fit all three of my electronics, plus phone into the bag. I was not able to fit my Camelbak in at the same time, but wanted to include it into the photo so that you can see that it will fit height wise.
Worth the Cost? Yes! Very much so. Especially when compared to the Large Carryall Tote that is $10 more, but fits just the same amount of items!

$54.99 Also comes in Brown

The Good: The shade of black is amazing. Just amazing. Its pure deep black, not a little grey or a little blue or even a little brown, just black.

The Bad: This bag was really just OK for me. Size wise, you can technically fit more, but not really because the bag closes using magnets. Your risk things falling out if its over stuffed. There are expanding sizes, but I honestly didn’t think it added much to the overall capacity.

Hardware: All the zippers are functional and run smoothly. Feet on the bottom of the bag, same size as the mini, so not totally effective, but still nice to have. Fit: The handle measures 6.75” tall and 7” long. There’s three inner pockets, two cellphone sized, and one with a zip closure, as well as a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-sized).

  • Tech: I was able to fit the 15” Macbook Pro, Kindle Keyboard, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and a Nikon D7000. HTC One with case in the side pocket.
Worth the Cost? This one is a no because it really isn’t that much bigger than the Medium Satchel, even with the expandable pockets. It also doesn’t have the same functionality as the Medium Satchel (no crossbody straps or secure closure).

Top Handle Crossbody in Taupe and Black
$34.99 Also comes in Yellow

The Good: Lots of capacity in this bag. Overall, looks great, feels great (same material as the other bags), and is very on trend, but at the same time, a classic enough piece to continue using. The bag will still closed even after its been stuffed into a rolly polly, front pocket expanded.

The Bad: This is the only bag in the entire collection that does not have feet! I don’t know why because of all the bags, this one would’ve benefited the most. Because of the expanding front pocket, the bag will not stand up on its own without a significant amount of weight in the main body. It just topples over (which was really annoying for photos btw). Also the expanding front initially looks like a two pocket expansion, but its not. The divider isn’t sewn in at the base, so whatever you put in the front area will probably fall through to the back.

Hardware: Not too much hardware on this bag. The crossbody is not removable, but can be tucked in so there is still some versatility to it. I would’ve prefered them to be removeable, however. The expanding front pocket zips nicely, and the top flap is a magnetic closure similar to the Pashli-doppelgangers.

Fit: The top handle measures 3” tall and 6.5” wide, while the crossbody strap adjusts from 20.5” to 23” long. Like the Mini Satchel in Grey, I prefer this crossbody length over the rest. There’s three inner pockets, two cellphone sized, and one with a zip closure, as well as a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-sized).

  • Tech:I was able to fit my Kindle Keyboard with cover in the body, and my HTC one with case in the mobile pocket.
Worth the Cost? No, definitely not. I feel like Target tried to sneak this one in and cut some corners hoping that the 3.1 Phillip Lim name would overlook the short comings. Why didn’t this bag come with feet? It really wouldn’t have been that much more to add it in, especially since the crossbody isn’t removeable. Target has sold similar bags at $19.99, and while the material isn’t as nice, this is almost double the cost. Also the fake double expanding pocket is a bit bothersome. I’d rather they just not bother with the cloth divider to begin with.

Medium Satchel in Purple and Taupe
$44.99 Also comes in Black

The Good: Had it not been for this bag, I would have been tempted to keep the Tote with Gusset (aka Pashli-doppelganger Tote :P). This is more fitting for the my body, however, and will be great for business settings or light travel days. I think the bag looks fantastic. Its very clean and classic, and the purple shade is just perfect. It works well as a crossbody and shoulder bag, so there’s lots of versatility here.

The Bad: The way the zip closure is done makes me think bowling ball bag, though I still love it. Unfortunately my Purple came with a small scratch on the front. Target was nice and gave me a partial refund for the damage, and the scratch is small enough where I’m going to try to ignore it, or maybe fix it later.

Hardware: The bag zips starts and ends ¾ of the way down the sides of the bag. It is not a double zipper, which is unfortunate since it means one side of your bag will always be more exposed when you’re trying to access items. The zippers work smoothly and the front flap closes with the same magnet snap as the other Gusset bags. This bag also has feet, and while its a larger size than the minis, I feel like it does have more functionality than the other medium to large bags. It maybe because this bag has more structure than the Medium Satchel with the horizontal stitch.

Fit: The top handle measures 6” tall and 6.5” wide, while the removable strap adjust from 25.5” to 27” long. This is the longest strap out of the entire collection, and even though the bag is bigger, the shortest length still doesn’t work for me. I’ll need to punch another hole or tie it up if I want to hang it off my shoulder. There’s two inner pockets, two cellphone sized, and one with a zip closure, as well as a loop to hold a pen (or something pen-sized). There’s also a functional external pocket that fit three lipsticks/glosses and a travel size Purell.

  • Tech:I was able to fit the Samson Galaxy Note 10.1, my Kindle Keyboard and my Camelbak water bottle. The HTC One with case fit into the mobile pocket easily.
Worth the Cost? Yep! I think its a great buy for less than $50. This bag can be taken to more settings than the rest because of its design and structure. It can easily be an everyday bag to a business bag to a travel bag.

$49.99 Also comes in Olive (really Target? You call this Animal Print in everything else, but here its orange?)

The Good: Y’know sometimes these review posts are really bad for my wallet. It was super bad during Prabal, and it is especially bad with this bag. Seriously. I need a new overnight bag like I need a hole in my head. I have so many from freebies over the years and I really had no intention of keeping this bag. But then… look at it. Its amazing. I think it may actually be my favorite after the Mini Satchel with Gusset, and thats only due to usage amount. I am going to rave about this bag so get ready. Its a nice thick canvas. Will be great for traveling since it can easily become an overnight bag or a weekend bag or even a week long bag (assuming you don’t pack like me anyways). The inside mesh pockets are delightful. The mesh is this thick springy material. My friend Jen and I gushed and touched it quite a few times and eventually shoved it into FH’s face asking how it was made. And yes, this would qualify as a carry-on size for flights.

The Bad: I wish this had a removable crossbody strap (though I secretly wish all bags came with crossbodies!). And I do wish that they had extended the metal tag to this bag. I realize that everyone does move and so getting your address engraved isn’t exactly practical but I feel like it would’ve give the bag another level of designer. Also, the faux leather material is smoother here, but not as buttery feeling as the other bags.

Hardware: Its a travel bag, so there’s not a whole lot of hardware. Strangely this bag has feet. Yes, those little tiny feet that are on all of the other bags, they’re here, too. There are five of them instead of the standard four, but… really? Of all the bags, this did not need feet. I’m pretty sure the feet are totally useless, they’re just there to look pretty. The luggage tag does have a buckle to it. The top of the bag is a drawstring closure, though its only secured with a cloth loop and not actual cord stops.

Fit: The top handle at lowest capacity (semi full, but not empty) measures 8” tall and 5” wide. This height of the handle will of course vary as you fill it. I was able to fit quite a lot in this bag. I “packed” my toiletry bag and my make up travel bag, as well as a pair of heels, two sweaters, two tops, a dress, and sleepwear (apparently where I am going pants are not required). I’d say this was about mid-capacity and I probably could’ve fit more in. With less bulky clothing, you could easily pack a week’s worth of clothing. There are three inner pockets, two mobile size ones and one zipper, and two loops for pen-sized items. My HTC One does fit in the mobile pocket, but the reality of actually using those pockets for such is pretty slim.

Worth the Cost? Heck yeah!