Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Outfit} You and I are a story that never gets told

My name is Kori and this is my human. She likes to wear dresses. And today she seems to think that I am a prop.

But I don't mind (much), since that means we get to go on a walk! And I get to explore the neighborhood. She think she's in control.. but little does she know. I walk when I want to walk!


Oh no wait... its just a pair of heels. My sister, Kaylee, she likes to eat a lot of these. My human gets pretty mad. I'm not sure why.. she's got so many of them. What's a few to occupy that annoying little brat? She's always stealing my lap time... and my toys!

But out here? Its just me and the human. The little brat had to stay home because I'm so much prettier than she is!

And really... I couldn't be happier.

ModCloth Azul You Like It Dress (Ixia Brand)
Fergalicious (c/o DSW) Elegant Sandal
NY&Co Bow Bracelet (similar here and here)



  1. Hello love!!

    SO happy I cam across your blog, This post made my day! Your dog is the cutest! I love how you wrote your post!

    Anywhooo...your OOTD is SO cute! I love your DSW heels, and polka dot dress, so effortlessly chic!

    GREAT post! :)

    xo KCN

    Inside Look At KCN <3

    1. <3 Thank you! I'm so glad I could brighten your day :)

  2. love your dress! so cute!