Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Outfit} From zero to my own hero

Sometimes I think about creating something and I'm just so driven to finish it that I stop everything in the world finish.

This was not the case with Mista Fox.

I think I started this project towards the end of last year and well, while creating Mista Fox was pretty quick and easy, finding him a home and actually putting him on his home? That took a while. But here he is! And I must say he looks rather content in his new surroundings. I suppose I could've bought about 10 fox sweaters in the time it took me to finally finish this one, but I just didn't see one that I actually liked. All the foxes out there seem to lack cute factor. And c'mon.. its a fox. Its just meant to look all cuddly and cute!

I'm pretty proud of myself. There's always that chance that what you envision falls short of reality. He makes a pretty good summer to fall transition piece huh?

DIY Fox Sweater

Happy Thursday!

DIY Fox Sweater
C/O Ahai Shopping Double Collar Shirt
Target Crochet Shorts
Nine West (via DSW) Convertible Crossbody Clutch (White sold out - Black available)
Target (currently on clearance)/NY&Co/Express Bracelets
Target Shayenne Sneaker Wedge


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