Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{Review} Fysiko Lashes Eyelash Serum - Part 01

**Disclaimer** Influenster and Fysiko Lashes provided me with one Fysiko Eyelash Serum product for review. I have not received any type of compensation other than the actual product. All words written are of my own opinion and have not been influenced by Fysiko or Influenster.

I was one of the lucky few chosen by Influenster to trial/review the Fysiko Eyelash Serum. It took a while for me to get my package (thank you slow mail forwarding), but its finally here!

Fysiko Lashes promises to double the length and volume of your lashes in just 6 weeks. I'm really quite eager to see how quickly the results come about. As you guys recall, last year I reviewed the LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner, which caused my lashes to grow quite considerably. I stopped using the product not long after that review posted because, well, I ran out and decided not to purchase more due to the cost. Its been over a year now since I used the LashFood product, and while I've lost a bit of the length and volume to my lashes, they are now, naturally longer than they were before. I mention this to make it clear that I'm pretty much starting over with the trial period, and that my results won't be affected by my previous use.

The great thing about having done a review like this before is that I've lived and learned. I promise better photos this time around, with both under and over views. So here I am, at Day 0:

This is a really freaky view of my eye O.o

As you can see my lashes are a bit longer than when I first started using the LashFood Conditioner. Its nice to know that the effects don't totally wear away even after months of no use.

I'll be providing monthly updates on my Tumblr so that I don't congest the blog too much, however, will provide one full update/review once my 16 weeks are up here.

But! Since this is a review post, I will give you my initial impressions on the product. I've been using it for about a week now. The serum is super easy to apply.. quite similar to putting on eyeliner except you don't have to worry about making it look nice. It does sting a bit if you accidentally get some in your eyes, so I think the formula is a little more aggressive than the LashFood one was. I haven't noticed any real progress yet, but there does seem to be a difference to my skin. Its not an allergic reaction (or at least I don't believe it to be), but the skin on my eyelids actually feels thicker than it did before. I'm not sure if thats the best way to describe it, but its what it feels like. There have been a few mornings where my lids felt so thick that I almost... almost had an eyelid crease going (which to be honest is kind of exciting for me :P). This typically only happens when I've been crying to much and my skin is super swollen, or I haven't gotten enough sleep. This reaction doesn't bother me, and its not effecting my vision in any way, so I'm going to keep using the product. I think that if you have sensitive skin, despite the fact that this uses natural products, the serum may cause some irritation.

As luck would have it (or the fact that I'm a terribly delayed blogger), there is a Twitter party going on today at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PST. Just search for #LongerLashes or follow @InfluensterVox or @FysikoLashes.

See ya there!


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